geography - better fundraising ideas .the song “hopelessly devoted to you” is sung ... 7. who

Download Geography - Better Fundraising Ideas .The song “Hopelessly devoted to you” is sung ... 7. Who

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  • Geography 1. If you leave Britain with LAX on your luggage to what airport are you


    Los Angeles

    2. On which continent are the Atlas Mountains?


    3. What is the most famous city in the African country of Mali?


    4. This Moroccan citys name is Spanish for White House. Where is it?


    5. East Pakistan is the former name for which country? Pakistan

    6. What is the capital of South Korea?


    7. Weve all heard of the Kyoto Agreements on climate change but in which country is Kyoto?


    8. The Wombles famously choose their names from an old Atlas in Great Uncle Bulgarias study. What continent was Orinoco looking at when he chose his name?

    South America (Venezuela)

    TV (UK) 1. On which TV show do the characters watch Itchy and Scratchy?

    The Simpsons

    2. Byker Grove was set in which UK city?


    3. Which character did Arnold Ridley play in Dads Army?

    Private Godfrey

    4. Which character did Catherine Zeta Jones play in The Darling Buds of May?


    5. Benny, Judy, Trisha and Tucker were characters in which new series in 1978?

    Grange Hill

    6. What is the name of the Vicar of Dibley? Geraldine Grainger

    7. Who is Ricky Gervais normal writing partner? Stephen Merchant

    8. In Happy Days The Fonz was played by Henry Winkler but what was character Fonzies first name?


  • Film 1. Film star Nicholas Cage is the nephew of which Oscar winning

    Director? Francis Ford Coppola

    2. Which 4 times Oscar winner founded Aardman Animations?

    Nick Park

    3. What was the name of Hans Solos ship in Star Wars? The Millennium Falcon

    4. Which Native American tribe features in the film Dances With Wolves?

    The Sioux

    5. What character said Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what youre going to get.?

    Forrest Gump

    6. The song Hopelessly devoted to you is sung in which movie?


    7. Who played opposite Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge?

    Nicole Kidman

    8. Which of the 7 dwarfs had the longest name?


    Pot Luck 1 1. Name any one of the red properties on a traditional Monopoly

    board? Fleet St. Trafalgar SQ. The Strand

    2. In which sport to players try to catch the Golden Snitch?

    Quidditch (Harry Potter)

    3. Giraffes are renowned for being able to put into their ears something that most animals cannot. What is it?

    Its tongue

    4. What is hippophobia a fear of?


    5. What famous 60s singer died when he skied into a tree in 1998?

    Sonny Bono

    6. In the song -Sing a song of sixpence where was the queen and what was she up to?

    In the parlour eating bread and honey

    7. Whose motto was all for one and one for all? The Three Musketeers

    8. What was the name of the dog that looked after the Darling children in Peter Pan?


  • Food 1.

    What is the main ingredient of guacamole? Avocado


    What type of cake is traditionally baked for Easter Sunday? Simmel cake


    The fruit of which plant were originally called Love Apples? Tomatoes


    What is the principal ingredient of Hummus? Chickpeas


    What is sake wine made from? Rice


    Who was originally known as The Naked Chef? Jamie Oliver

    7. Can you name any four of the five flavours found in a packet of Rowntrees fruit pastilles?

    Blackcurrant, orange, lemon, lime, strawberry.

    8. What drink was advertised with the slogan Watch out. Watch Out Theres a Humphrey about!?

    Milk Unigate mid 1970s

    Pop Music 1. Joseph and His Techniclour Dreamcoat is an incredibly popular

    musical but who had a hit in 1991 with Any Dream Will Do?

    Jason Donovan

    2. Who had a hit with Ill be there for you Better Known as The Theme From Friends?

    The Rembrandts

    3. 3 Lions was a hit for David Badiel, Frank Skinner and which band? The Lightning Seeds

    4. Siobahn Fahey formerly of Bananarama formed a new band and had a series of hits in the early 1990s including a number 1 hit Stay What was the name of her new band?

    Shakespears Sister

    5. Take me Im yours for a bit of Slap and Tickle I ask you Is that Love?- Well Only if youre Cool for Cats name the band.



    Who wanted Harold to get a move on as a local hostelry was open?

    Sham 69 (Hurry Up Harry)

    7. She was the face of Chanel perfume Coco. She is married to Johnny Depp and her first hit was in 1988 with Joe le Taxi. Who is she?

    Vanesa Paradis

    8. Vince Clarke was once a member of this band. Writing one of their hits Just cant get enough. Whats the name of the band?

    Depeche Mode

  • Sport 1. Which Swimmer famously won all seven swimming golds at the

    1972 Munich Games?

    Mark Spitz

    2. Who fought Muhammad Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle? George Foreman

    3. Which American soccer team did Pele leave Brazil to play for in 1975?

    New York Cosmos

    4. After her double Olympic Triumph in 2008 swimmer Rebecca Addlington was given the freedom of her home town. Where ?


    5. Great Britain fielded one of the youngest competitors ever at the Bejiing Olympic games 2008. Who was it?

    Tom Daley (diver)

    6. In which sport would you come across a peloton?


    7. Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal is from which country


    8. Which city will host the Olympic Games in 2016? Rio de Janeiro Brazil

    Pot Luck 2 1. The beer Red Stripe comes from which country?


    2. Who created and provided the voices for The Clangars, Bagpuss, Ivor The Engine, Noggin the Nog and several other childrens favourites?

    Oliver Postgate

    3. In Italy how would you travel on a vaporetto by road, through the air or on the water?

    On the water ( Venetian waterbus)

    4. Who was the first English monarch to travel by train? Queen Victoria 13th June 1842

    5. Who is Melchester Rovers most famous striker?

    Roy Race (Roy of The Rovers)

    6. Chronus was the Greek god of what?


    7. Which plants name means lions teeth?

    Dandelion (Dent-de-lion)

    8. What would you do with a scotch bonnet?

    Cook with it (type of chillie)