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  • 1. Genres in FictionCheryl YouseColquitt County High School

2. Narrative writing tells a story or part of a storyFiction means thestory is NOT true Genre means a type or style of writing 3. FantasyHas elements that are not realistic:1. Talking animals2. Magical powers3. Mythical beings 4. Fantasy can be divided further into:1. Science fiction AND2. Folklore, which includes:FantasyFolk TalesTall TalesFairy talesFablesMythsLegends 5. Science Fiction Like fantasy, butgenerally includesMACHINES Partly true scientifictheories Settings: space, thefuture, a differentworld, universe May be possible someday 6. FOLK TALES Fictional stories handed down by retelling No known author Once upon a time Repetition Numbers 3 or 7 Transformations Trickery or magic 7. Fairy Tales MagicRapunzel Enchantment Royalty Supernatural Original or have named authors 8. Fables Very short storieswith a moral orlesson Characters areanimals that act likehuman They do not changebut do learn 9. Myths Stories told as if they were fact Usually involve gods, goddesses, sup ernatural powers Happened a long time ago Often deal with creation of the world 10. Legends Set in historic, less-remote past Based on real lifehero and his/herdeeds Not generallyreligious Humans, notgods, are maincharacters 11. Possible Fiction Events that might or might havehappened 1. Historical Fiction 2. Realistic Fiction 3. Some Science Fiction 12. Real person with imagined accounts of what happened Real event with imaginary personHistoricalFiction 13. Stories that take place in here and now Characters are involved in events that could happenRealistic Fiction 14. Mystery 1.2. Has: Strangeness Solving a puzzle3. Solving a crime4. Centered around a person who investigates problems5. Centered around person whose job is to get secret information 15. Genres in fiction can be: Fantasy Science Fiction Folklore Possible Fiction Historical Fiction Realistic fiction (contemporary) Mystery Some Science Fiction


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