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  • Genres in FictionCheryl YouseColquitt County High School

  • Narrative writing tells a story or part of a storyFiction means the story is NOT trueGenre means a type or style of writing

  • FantasyHas elements that are not realistic:Talking animalsMagical powersMythical beings

  • Fantasy can be divided further into:Science fiction AND Folklore, which includes:Folk TalesTall TalesFairy talesFablesMythsLegends Fantasy

  • Science FictionLike fantasy, but must include MACHINESPartly true scientific theoriesSettings: space, the future, a different world, universe

  • FOLK TALESFictional stories handed down by retellingNo known authorOnce upon a timeRepetitionNumbers 3 or 7TransformationsTrickery or magic

  • Fairy TalesMagicEnchantmentRoyaltySupernaturalOriginal or have named authorsRapunzel

  • FablesVery short stories with a moral or lessonCharacters are animals that act like humanThey do not change but do learn

  • MythsStories told as if they were factUsually involve gods, goddesses, supernatural powersHappened a long time agoOften deal with creation of the world

  • LegendsSet in historic, less-remote pastBased on real life hero and his/her deedsNot generally religiousHumans, not gods, are main characters

  • Possible FictionEvents that might or might have happenedHistorical FictionRealistic Fiction

  • Historical FictionReal person with imagined accounts of what happenedReal event with imaginary person

  • Realistic FictionStories that take place in here and nowCharacters are involved in events that could happen

  • MysteryHas:StrangenessSolving a puzzleSolving a crimeCentered around a person who investigates problemsCentered around person whose job is to get secret information

  • Genres in fiction can be:FantasyScience FictionFolklorePossible FictionHistorical FictionRealistic fiction (contemporary)Mystery