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1. HISTORY OF GENREAlternative Rock Music The cultural origins are the late 1970s and early1980s. Alternative Rock music is a genre of Rock musicthat emerged from independent music from the1980s. Alternative Rock music became popular within thetime period of the the 1990s. Although, the historyof alternative rock goes back further. The typical instruments used are vocals, electricguitar, bass, drums and keyboards. Alternative rock is a broad umbrella term consistingof music that is greatly different in terms of sound,social context and regional roots. Many alternative Rock bands leave theirindependent record labels and sign to major recordlabels (Sony, Universal and Warner) 2. Alternative Rock music changed from being individual, but currently it ismostly mainstream now. A new genre of alternative rock was created known as indie music whichhas a softer and calmer sound than alternative rock. This resulted inbecoming really popular with bands such as The Kooks and TheLibertines. There was no coverage of alternative rock music during the 1980s, andthe music was unrecognizable to the audience, before the awareness ofthe genre started to spread. In the 1990s, there was a huge change, as bands had moved fromplaying small venues to big time concerts, this was the beginning ofcommercialism (excessive emphasis on profit) and popularity. Originally, alternative rock artists were signed to a small independentlabel or no label at all (1976). Now they are mainly signed to major labels(2014). Also, beforehand alternative rock was loosely arranged, and agenre/movement that just existed on the sidelines of music.