generosity: the first of the six perfections in mahayana buddhism

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From a talk given at Jamyang Leeds & London, July 2014. See more:



2. what needs to be overcome aspiration practicesof that scope 3. what needs to be overcome aspiration practicesof small scope future lives happiness manifest negative afflictions refuge & 10 virtuous actions 4. what needs to be overcome aspiration practicesof middle scope liberation from samsara afflictions that are the root 3 higher trainings 5. what needs to be overcome aspiration practicesof great scope enlightenment for others welfare subtle imprints left by the afflictions 6 perfections & 4 means 6. Generosity Ethics Patience Joyous Effort Concentration Wisdom 7. generosity what is it? why give? how to give how not to give? 8. What is the nature of generosity? It is the intention accompanying bodhisattvas' disinterested non-attachment to all their possessions and their body, and, motivated by this, the physical and verbal actions of giving the things to be given. Bodhisattva Levels, LRCM II, p. 115 9. If the perfection of generosity Were the alleviation of migrating beings poverty, Then since there are still starving migrating beings, In what manner did the previous Protectors perfect it? Shantideva, Bodhisattva Deeds vs 5.9 10. The perfection of generosity is taught to be The mind intending to give all things, As well as its result, to all beings; Hence it is simply the mind. Shantideva, Bodhisattva Deeds vs 5.10 11. Therefore, the physical and verbal aspects of generosity are not the main thing; the main thing is the mental aspect. Lama Tsongkhapa, LRCM II, p. 115 12. this is because you perfect generosity after you destroy your stingy clinging to all that you own - your body, resources, and roots of virtue Lama Tsongkhapa, LRCM II, p. 115 and you completely condition your mind to giving them away to living beings from the depths of your heart 13. GIVING material things 14. KARMIC RESULTS material things 15. GIVING Dharma 16. KARMIC RESULTS your mind continuously improves in the future you will easily gain realisations 17. GIVING protection 18. KARMIC RESULTS long and healthy life free from anxiety & fear 19. What if we decide to give something to others, and then use it for ourselves: is this stealing? 20. why give? 21. Meditate on the faults of holding onto things and the benefits of giving them away Lama Tsongkhapa, LRCM II, p. 115 22. Not wanting to share is the root of many problems throughout the world from small scale arguments to murder and warfare. Geshe Sopa, Steps on the Path to Enlightenment, Volume III, p. 258 23. The wise praise giving wealth away, Childish persons like to hoard it; No wealth is kept by holding on to it; From giving it away excellence always arises. Compendium of perfections, LRCM II, p. 117 24. Body, life and resources fluctuate like water gushing down a steep mountain. Lama Tsongkhapa, middle lamrim 25. resources body merits Geshe Sopa, Steps on the Path to Enlightenment, Volume III, p. 262 Result is attainment of nirvana We want emancipation We have to give up all of it in the end anyway 26. By abandoning and giving away attachment to all, I can pass to the sorrowless state, And my mind achieves the non-abiding sorrowless state (the state of omniscient mind). Since I [have to] give up everything all together (which is similar to that) It is supreme to give it away to the sentient beings, because that way buddhahood is attained. Shantideva, Bodhisattvas Deeds 27. generosity what is it? why give? how to give how not to give? 28. generosity who to give to motivation for giving how to give things to give 29. (1) focus on purpose based on this I will complete the perfection of generosity, a precondition for unexcelled enlightenment 30. (2) focus on the thing to be given the material things Im giving belong to others 31. (3) focus on the recipient they are my teachers since they help me complete the perfection of generosity 32. the giver must compassionately make gifts 33. practicing generosity with the six supremacies 34. supreme basis give after generating a bodhicitta motivation 35. supreme things gift should be of the best possible quality 36. supreme aim for the sake of their immediate happiness and ultimate benefit 37. supreme skilful means conjoin the action with the wisdom realising emptiness 38. supreme dedication dedicate the virtue to supreme enlightenment 39. supreme purity give with the wish to be free from the two obscurations 40. Golden Light Sutra, chapter 18 41. how not to give 42. a motivation that believesin the supremacyof wrong views 43. a motivation that is arrogant 44. a motivation for getting praiseor fame 45. a motivation of discouragement 46. a motivation in which you turn your back on someone 47. a motivation of expectingsomething in return 48. a motivation of expectingsomething in return 49. MENTAL OFFERING 2.5 Lakes and pools adorned with lotuses And the beautiful cry of wild geese, Everything unowned Within the limitless spheres of space; 2.6 Taking these with my mind, I offer them To the supreme beings, the Munis, as well as their Sons Shantideva, Bodhisattva Deeds 50. Bodhisattva vows related to generosity Root vow 2: Even though you are able, not giving material aid to others through miserliness; or not teaching Dharma to those who are suffering and without a protector because you want to amass knowledge just for yourself. 51. Bodhisattva vows related to generosity Secondary vows 1-7: (1) Not making daily offerings of the three doors to theThree Jewels (2) without trying to oppose your greed or dissatisfaction with what you have, following the mind that strives to accumulate more. [see FPMT booklet for more] 52. Tantric pledges related to generosity Ratnasambhava: to counteract stinginess, pride & arrogance - the samaya of giving material things, giving Dharma, giving protection & giving love. [see FPMT booklet for more] 53. As long as people still value self-sacrifice and extend a helping hand to one another, life on this earth will always have meaning. 54. Moral virtue is effectively a barrier that prevents people from abusing or destroying each others material and spiritual wealth. 55. Your supremely generous right hand dispels the hunger and thirst of the hungry ghosts; 56. practice of generosity Generating in various ways the intention to give Steadily increasing this generosity Even though you may not be actually giving away something to others 57. Abiding in the mind of a Bodhisattva Beautifying with light this excellent base, The Joyful, like a water crystal jewels, Destroys and overcomes all heavy darkness. Chandrakirti, Engaging in the Middle Way 58. Music: Give Freely ByThe X-Structure 59. For more info email


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