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The world of marketing is changing fast. In this presentation, we describe the role of marketing in the Facilities Services sector and how the marketing team can make a real difference.


Working with Fine Tubes to manage customer retention

Delivering Inbound Marketing Servicesusing Hubspot to help our clients generate more leadsApril 2014BSG Marketing Services

The Lead Generation Challenge Marketing is changing 2

Suppliers need an integrated marketing and sales engine to deliver against sales targets.3OpportunityProposalShort ListNew BusinessQualify & Route LeadIdentify & Nurture Lead 5% Suspects qualified as Marketing Qualified Leads & passed to Sales for follow-up50% Win Rate 33% of New Relationshipslead to a Proposal10m /40 Wins40 wins at an average of 0.25m/contract= approx 3+ wins per month80 Sales Qualified Leads(ie. Proposals)= approx 6-7 proposals per month242 Sales Accepted Leads= approx 20 new meetings per month1% Suspects areidentified per month4850 MarketingQualified Leads= approx >400 marketing qualified leads per month= Database of 40,400 prospects(replenished with additional 930/month)Illustrative - based on 10m target and average contract value of 250k AROMarketingSalesProspectsTo understand how to SELL, we need to start with an understanding of how people BUY.Whats important to the FM Manager changes along the buying cycle4

Contract ExpiryExpiry minus 6 months?Expiry minus 12 months?RFPSupplierSelectedPQQPossibility of market test/tender?Current supplier service issues?Questionable value for money?Poor supplier relationship?ContractlifecycleBuying processResolving daily issuesKeeping abreast of changes & industry trends ResearchingUnderstandingRelationship-buildingPotential suppliersRelationship-buildingExploring needs & solutionsDecision to market test/tenderBuyers issuesContractHandoverMobilisationCompliancePriceThe right supplier Viable suppliers

Service providers face various Sales & Marketing challenges along the buying cycle.Sales challenges along the buying cycle5Buying processHow to FIND enough of the right prospects?How to CONNECT with, be NOTICED?How to STAY CONNECTED, NURTURE the relationship with, and IMPRESS, the buyer?How to UNDERSTAND the buyers CHALLENGES & PRIORITIES (better than competition)?How to INFLUENCE the requirements?How to submit a WINNINGRESPONSE?How to develop a TRUSTED ADVISOR relationship?1234576Buyers journey the old way. Marketing create brand awareness and Sales do the prospecting.

Branding &awareness Sales reps found buyers, helped diagnose pain and prescribe solutions

SalesRep6If youre more than 40 years old and sold technology and services like me, youll remember the days when marketing helped create awareness with trade shows, print media and direct mail. Then it was up to sales reps like me to call prospects and get a conversation going. Now Im not saying that buyer really liked dealing with sales reps back then, but buyer did NEED sales reps to share industry best practices, dig in and diagnose business problems, map out a thoughtful evaluation process and even, when you had a good relationship, architect the solution.671% of all buyers start with Google as they begin researching their purchases.(Source: Base One)Now Buyers find Sellers, not vice versaBuyers shop anonymously until the .formal process starts

SalesRepIn 80% of purchases, the BUYER finds the SELLER. (Source: Sirius Decisions)77The way buyers discover & research products has fundamentally changed

44% of direct mail is never opened86% skip TV commercials91% unsubscribe from emails200 million say Do Not CallRecent BSG research also demonstrates that buying behaviour is changing CommentsPersonal referrals rate as the most important source of information early in the buying cycleHow to create referrals for a new product?Online sources rate as the next most important primary sourceFor a new product, this is arguably more important

9Source: BSG research, 2014Which sources of information do you use when deciding which suppliers to include in a supplier selection?Traditional interruption marketing isnt working10In fact, interruption marketing may be REDUCING your chances 11Suppliers need a cost-effective marketing engine to find prospects and build trust12.. HOW?Use inbound marketing (supported by telemarketing) to attract, convert and nurture leadsHandover over to Sales only leads that are worth pursuing and that are already warmEnsure Sales are properly equipped (sales skills, bid mgt, proposal development, estimators, sales tools) to build Trusted Advisor relationships & win the businessDotted lines show what will happen if the relationship is neglected at any stageTrusted AdvisorRELATIONSHIP STRENGTHPredisposedTransactional / IndifferentAntagonistic / UnknownTIME TO PURCHASE DECISION (months)THE SWEET SPOTDANGER ZONELOST / NO HOPE-36-24-120ABCSuppliers need to develop Trusted Advisor relationships with (currently unknown) prospects in target segments, so that they are in the Sweet Spot when the client is ready to buy .ABCThe Solution?Inbound Marketing13What is Inbound Marketing?


BloggingSocialSEOTools to Attract Visitors

Tools to Convert LeadsTools to Nurture Prospects

Landing PagesFormsEmailMarketingAutomationAnalyticsSalesforceSyncCalls-to-actionLeadManagementAll the tools you need to do marketing all in one place.

What is Hubspot?Traditional vs Inbound marketing

16BSG offers an end-to-end service to define and run your inbound marketing using HubSpot17 Plan (2-4 weeks)Prepare (4-6 weeks)Agree target segment(s)Research market segmentsDefine lead gen. & new business targetsDefine Ideal Client ProfilesDevelop Value Proposition by SegmentDefine Content Creation & Campaign PlanNeedsSolutionsPropositionUniquenessReview existing marketing assetsPrepare & load prospect dataSetup systemsMarketingAutomationWebsiteCRMDevelop content for launchResearch reportsWhitepapersBlog posts Execute (on-going)Measure & OptimiseResponse Analysis CommunicateConvertLanding pagesProfilingCalls-to-ActionAttractBlogKeyword SearchSocial MediaNurtureEmail campaignsLead nurturingLead scoringHandover to SalesExec WorkshopBriefing for Sales & Operations teamsWeekly status updatesMonthlyreviewsRepeatReviewLead Source AnalysisSearch Term ReportingCompetitor ReportingSales Activity ReportingCampaign ResultsSales Pipeline Reporting1234 It takes much more than software


18 it takes a fractional village of people

50,00065,00012,00015,00030,00015,00030,00025,00080,00019It would require an annual investment between $240K and $350K to do it right. If you can find, train and retain talent!19

We start by defining the ideal prospect, assessing the market and building a prospect database.20

20We then define the content strategy and help you develop the necessary content.

2121We run outbound campaigns using a mix of tactics, as appropriate for the audience.

Marketing Qualified Lead22All interactions and responses are tracked, managed and scored in Hubspot


We also provide support materials for Sales to ensure they are fully briefed to follow-up.Sales Qualified Lead24

Finally, we provide a real-time dashboard to help you track results.Sample metricsOpen ratesClick-Thu rate# Market Qualified Leads Generated# Sales Accept LeadConversion rates# Leads GeneratedSample Lead to Close:


25Lead generation and nurturing using HubspotProgram ManagementIdeal Prospect Profile developmentDaily/weekly account managementMonthly playbook development with clients Sales leaderMonthly executive reviewContent DevelopmentKeyword researchContent development planTop of Funnel content (15 Articles re-purposed into 60 unique marketing assets)Premium content: (3 White papers, 3 Infographics, 3 Sales Videos, 1 Sales Avatar)Demand GenerationDevelop editorial calendar with seasonal content themesContent integration w/clients websiteUp to 1,000 new leads/month that receive a content offerMonthly eNewsletter (aggregated content)Monthly targeted persona based campaigns (up to 3/month)Social Media postsAd-retargetingTopic based lead nurturesReal time dashboards (

Why us?27

Business Services is all we do. We understand your business and the issues faced by firms across the sector.#1Sector Focus#2Profitable GrowthWe are committed to working with you to identify and overcome obstacles to growth.#3Business ModelOur Inbound Marketing Services will deliver results using best practice tools and techniques.

delivering profitable growth for clients in the business services industryFor further information, please contact:Andrew ShawManaging DirectorT +44 845 116 2700M +44 7921 363 104E ashaw@BusinessServicesGrowth.comW www.

Marketing Software Based On Your Goals#

Learn How to Turn Strangers into Customers & Promoters of Your Business

Create Content to Generate LeadsMake data-driven decisions on what content to create to fill the top of your funnel with qualified leads.

Sources: See which channels drive the best visitors, leads, and customersSmart Content: Personalize content for each viewerConversion Assists: Understand which content pushes leads through your funnelKeywords: Optimize your content with built-in SEO tools.

Landing PagesYour Content


Publish optimized social media message easily Get recommendations for the best time to publishPublish across channels and accountsImprove Your Social Media MarketingTake social media marketing to the next level to identify and leverage influencersSee how your message performedClicks, Retweets, Favorites, Replies, Likes, CommentsTarget highly-engaged contactsView which of your contacts clicked on your messages


Measure your social media ROIAnalyze how many visitors, leads & customers social media generates

TIP: Build and leverage a list of