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  1. 1. Generalized atherosclerosis: result ofcardiac and peripheralrevascularizzationAntonio Micari, MD,Director Laboratory of Invasive CardiologyMaria Eleonora Hospital, Palermo, Italy
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  6. 6. Gender: FemaleAge: 69 yearRisk factors: Active Smoker, HTN, IDDMClinical History: Bilateral intermittent claudicatiosince 8 monthsMain clinical Problem: Critical Limb Ischemia (Left Foot Calcaneal Ulcer, rest pain,Ankle pressure < 70 mmHg).Duplex: Left popliteal occlusion (Fibro-lipid plaque). Collateral flow in the BTK arteriesAssociated clinical conditions: Chronic renal failure (eGFR 43 ml/min/1.73 m2), Thalassemia (Hb: 9.6)Therapy: ASA, Lercadipine, SimvastatinCChheesstt P Paainin w whhiliele H Hoossppititaalilzizeedd ! !
  7. 7. CX and Om Lesion
  8. 8. LAD-Diag Lesion
  9. 9. Long RCA Lesion
  10. 10. Popliteal Occlusion
  11. 11. CClliinniiccaall pprroobblleemmss Do we need to re-vascularize the Limb? How we should re-vasularize the Limb? What about concomitant CAD (Syntax Score:24)?
  12. 12. When we have to perform PCI/PTA we need aDAPT having:1)Proven efficacy relatively independent frompatient genetic backgroud2)Good results in terms of long term outcomes3)Is not harmful for patients with advanced age
  13. 13. 151050K-M estimate of first primary efficacyend-point (composite of CV death, MI or stroke)Clopidogrel0 30 60 90 180 270 360 450HR 0.81(0.73-0.90)P=0.0004PrasugrelDays Endpoint (%)12.19.9138eventsNNT = 46Wiviott et al N Engl J Med. 2007
  14. 14. 2.521.510.50DDeeffiinniittee//PPrroobbaabbllee SSTT:: AAnnyy SStteenntt ((NN==1122884444))52%STENT Analysis0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450% of SubjectsHR 0.48 [0.36-0.64]P5 days post discontinuationCourtesy of Sanjay Kaul
  15. 18. PTA of the Popliteal artery1) Predilation with an undersized balloon2) Prolonged dilation with a Drug Coated Balloon
  16. 19. Final result
  17. 20. Clinical outcomeDischarged at home on day 4 (Serum creatinineBack to baseline)Medical therapy was tuned for CADDAPT for 30 daysHealed Ulcer after 3 weeks
  18. 21. 66 MMoonntthh FFoollllooww uupp
  19. 22. CCoonncclluussiioonnss1.CAD is frequent In PAD Patients2.CAD Managment is crucial to allow goodacute and long term results3.The appropriate drug seletcion canreduce ischemic/bleeding risk4.Use of stent should be limited to bail-outsituations


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