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The Foundations of Chemist ry

OUTLIN E1-1 Matter and Energy 1-2 States of Matter 1-3 Chemical and Physical Properties 1-4 Chemical and Physical Changes 1-5 Mixtures, Substances, Compounds, and Elements 1-6 Measurements in Chemistry 1-7 Units of Measurement

OBJECTIVE SAfter you have studied this chapter, you should be able to Use the basic vocabulary of matter and energy Distinguishbetween chemical and physical properties and between chemical and physicalchanges Recognize various forms of matter: homogeneousand heterogeneousmixtures, substances,compounds,and elements Apply the concept of significantfigures Apply appropriate units to describe the results of measurement Use the unit factor method to carry out conversions among units Describe temperaturemeasurementson various common scales, and convert between these scales Carry out calculationsrelating temperaturechange to heat absorbed or liberated

housands of practical questions are studied by chemists . A few of them are How can we modify a useful drug so as to improve its effectiveness while minimizing any harmful or unpleasant side effects? How can we develop better materials to be used as synthetic bone for replacement surgery? Which substances could help to avoid rejection of foreign tissue in organ transplants? What improvements in fertilizers or pesticides can increase agricultural yields? How can this be done with minimal environmental danger? How can we get the maximum work from a fuel while producing the least harmful emissions possible?


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