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Carvings on any things catches our eyes, and carved jewelry in amongst it. Catch a glimpse of the couture carved jewelry manufactured at Gemco Designs. These jewelry are chic and elegant you will find all kinds of the ornaments from head to feet studded with diamonds and gemstones.


  • 1. Chic and Classy Carved Jewelry

2. CARVED JEWELRY Carved Jewelry- Carved Jewelry refers to the immaculate and intricate designing done on metals, stones, wood, or any other material, that is worn as an ornament. Gemco Designs have been crafting Carved Jewelry on almost all the precious as well as semi precious and stones. The perfect blend of authenticity and modernity has been kept in mind while creating ornaments. So heres a little experience into the world of carved jewelry in Gemco Designs where all kinds of jewelry crafted and made with precision and perfection. 3. CARVED EARRINGS Precious and Semi precious stones are crafted by skilled craftsmen, who meticulously add details and the designs on the stones. 4. PALM BRACELTSPalm Bracelet is the current vogue in the jewelry designing, and we at Gemco Designs make the best possible efforts to put in all the novel designs and make our jewelry stand out form all, in terms of quality and designs. 5. COCKTAIL RINGSRings are a beautiful ornament that adds grace and beauty to your hands, these beautiful cocktail rings are embellished with melee diamonds and impeccably carved gemstones which are based out on Silver or Gold metal that shines out from the rest. 6. ASSORTMENT OF RINGSCocktail, Slave rings, Long Rings are some more types of rings, with circles of diamonds, prongs of gold and the base of Sterling silver, these statement rings are a perfect bliss of luxury! 7. PENDANTS AND FINDINGS Fastidiously carved and detailed gemstone pendants are a major hit among the people.These findings can be selectively opted by you, so that you can wear it and match it up with almost any kind of other assorted jewelry. 8. HEAD JEWELRYThe authentic and the most underrated type of assortment is the hair jewelry. Back are those eras of Tiaras and crowns, not signifying the Queen and the King but as a fashion accessory. Head bands, with a distinctive touch are studded and designed with precious stones. 9. REACH US OUT VIA SOCIAL MEDIA Any queries? Drop a mail!Tweet us!You can also check us onwww.gemcodesigns.comLike us!