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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>GLOBAL COIN COMMUNITY HELP</p> <p>INTRODUCTIONGCCH is a community.</p> <p>of like-minded people all over the world who help each other financially in this unfair financial apocalypse. </p> <p>OUR BELIEFWe believe that poverty is not lack of resources but lack of sharing and caring. </p> <p>We give you a basic platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who need help, and those who are ready to Provide Help at no cost.</p> <p>WHAT IS GCCHWe are a member to member donation exchange network. All funds donated directly to members are free will donations.</p> <p>The Community is designed to allow members to give financial help when they are able and to receive financial help when they need it.</p> <p>It is within this spirit that members participate in faith and unity towards helping their fellow members as often as possible.</p> <p>MISSIONTo bring about a generation of financially free members.</p> <p>According to our president, it is easier to make money.</p> <p>He intends to make billionaires out of this platform.</p> <p>What gcch is notGCCH is not a bank nor a business enterprise nor a company nor a HYIP nor Investment, nor do we provide any financial service.</p> <p>GCCH does not provide any financial services. All financial assistance are done between members out of free will.</p> <p>Voluntary donation of money to others is not illegal in any part of the world.</p> <p>How it works</p> <p>The math- Plan AYou donation attracts a growth rate of 3.3% per day, i.e. for a 30 day growth period, you will have 99.9 multiplied by your principal help provided. </p> <p>E.g. If you provided help of $1,000, 3.3% of this sum is $33 daily. In a typical 30 days, it will attract an additional sum of $990.</p> <p>Minimum growth period here is two months and maximum is five months.</p> <p>The math- Plan ARecommitment Fee is required in plan A after the second month, and it is advised one pays in time.100% Monthly Plan Table.Months$50$100$200$500$1,000$5,000First$100$200$400$1,000$2,000$10,000Second$200$400$800$2,000$4,000$20,000Third$400$800$1,600$4,000$8,000$40,000Fourth$800$1,600$3,200$8,0000$16,000$80,000Fifth$1,600$3,2006,400$16,000$32,000$160,000</p> <p>The math- Plan BPlan B works basically with crypto currency. No recommitment required. </p> <p>RegistrationA member must register a free account with the referral link of his sponsor. </p> <p>After registering and confirming your account, you must set your payment gateway.</p> <p>PH Maths naira communityYou can then commit to Provide Help (PH) from an amount of $50 (19,500 Naira) to $10,000 (3,900,000). Note that $1 has been fixed to the rate of 390 Naira.Example $50 = 19,500 Naira. $100 = 39,000 Naira.</p> <p>You will receive a link to send your PH amount to another participant within 24 hours.Once your Payment is approved, you will be eligible to earn 3.3% daily (100% monthly) on your committed amount for up to five months.</p> <p>NOTE: $1 fixed rate is 390 Naira </p> <p>RecommitmentParticipants are to recommit the same amount of their PH in order to be eligible to Get Help (GH).</p> <p>NOTE: Re-commitment amount does not grow.</p> <p>Example; If you PH $100 and it grows to $800 in three Months, to GH the $800, you must recommit the same amount of your initial commitment which is $100. </p> <p>recommitment</p> <p>Getting helpYou can only request for GH Once you make a re-commitment of your initial PH. With GCCH, we give you the opportunity to access your funds in two ways:</p> <p>SYSTEM GET HELP (GH)</p> <p>EARNINGS AT YOUR PERSONAL OFFICE PLUS SYSTEM WALLET TO REGISTER NEW MEMBER</p> <p>Getting help -2 Daily 3.3% is calculated on your Available Get Help Wallet. For example supposing your PH of $200 matures to $400 in one month and you take out $100, Your growth will be on the balance of $300. </p> <p>If you GH all your $400, your balance will be zero and there will not be any growth on zero. It is therefore advisable to leave some funds in your wallet to continue growing sine you have up to five months.</p> <p>Getting help - 3You can request for GH one at a time once your re-commitment has been Confirmed. Maximum GH is $1,000 at a time.</p> <p>Though we guarantee that your GH will be granted, we dont promise any time frame since this is purely peer to peer. Your GH will be granted once other participants are doing PH and re-commitments.</p> <p>Getting help 4 system walletYou can use 50% of your earnings plus 50% of system wallet (By creating a key) to register new members.</p> <p>Example: you have $5,000 in earnings. Maximum GH is $1,000. If a new member wants to fund his account with $5,000, you can take the cash, use 50% which is $2,500 to buy system wallet and use $2,500 of your personal earnings to register him. You will then have taken out $2,500 without any re-commitment.</p> <p>Getting help 5 system walletThis is recommended for participants who PH large amounts so that they can get their monies out faster due to the $1,000 system GH limit.</p> <p>Earnings referral bonusEven though GCCH is classified as a passive platform, inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development therefore you will earn a REFERRAL Bonus income of 5% on whatever amount your referrals PH.</p> <p>NOTE: Referral Commission is only earned from your first level downlines.</p> <p>Earnings managers bonusBecome a manager by having at least 5 referrals that do a minimum of $500 PH each and earn binary of 1% on your weaker leg to infinity. </p> <p>Earnings managers bonus NOTE: You cannot GH your manager earnings, but you can use your manager earnings to create a system key to register new members. </p> <p>Example: you have $2,000 in manager earnings. If you refer a new member who wants to come in with $2,000, you can use your manager earnings of $2,000 to register the new member. This means the new member will pay you $2,000. You just got $2,000 into your pocket.</p> <p>Payment gateways.</p> <p>Payment gateways - 2You can only Get Help (GH) with the processor you Used to Provide Help (PH) with. Example if you PH with Naira, you can only GH in Naira. If you PH in Bitcoin, you can only GH in Bitcoin.</p> <p>Security &amp; sustainabilityALL PH PAYMENT PASSES THROUGH GCCH ADMIN BEFORE THE RECEIVER GETS IT, IT MEANS PH GOES TO ADMIN FIRST AFTER ADMIN PROCESS GH. THIS HAS PREVENTED FAKE PROOF IN GCCH.</p> <p>THE SYSTEMS PAYS A MAXIMUM OF $1,000 PER TIME ON PLAN A AND $200 PER TIME ON PLAN B.</p> <p>ALL GH THROUGH THE SYSTEM 20% GOES TO CHARITY.</p> <p>conclusionThe success of the community depends largely on Its members. </p> <p>It is very important for participants to know that this is a Social Financial Network and members participate because they resonate with our Ideology. </p> <p>By helping each other, we can help develop a new society.</p> <p>Welcome to our familyWELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SHARING AND CARING</p> <p>For Registrations, please use the link below.https://www.globalcoinhelp.com/index.php/registration/view/fannix234</p>