gasifier for crumb rubber drying ideal crumb rubber factory sreekrishnapuram, mannarkkad

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  • Gasifier for crumb rubber drying Ideal Crumb Rubber Factory Sreekrishnapuram, Mannarkkad
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  • Present Scenario in operation Optimisation of working results Increase in Productivity. Reduction in cost of Production. Reduction in waste. Cost components Raw Material cost - Not controllable Cost of drying the rubber Cost of Electrical energy Other costs of wages, Maintenance etc.
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  • Drier Cost Component Type of drier: Continuous trolley type tunnel dryer Fuel Consumption : 22 lts / Hr of HSD or SKO Specific fuel consumption: 36.6 Lts per Ton of crumb rubber Average fuel cost: Rs. 18 per Ltr Cost of operation of dryer : Rs.396 /hour of operation Rs.659/- per ton of rubber dried Fuel cost reduction in the drier was the primary objective to reduce the overall cost of final product
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  • Process towards cost reduction Non conventional energy ? Consultant in the area? Seminars by MNES / Agencies Manufacturers of gasifier Site Visits Technology provider
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  • Analysis of technology Economy of operation. Safety of installation as well as people working. Ease of Maintenance. Trouble free performance. Continuous operation. Lower down time for maintenance. Low emission of tar or any other pollutants. After visit to IISc, Bangalore and various installations the order was placed on Bioresidue Energy Technology (P) Ltd.
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  • Positive features we noticed Flame trap to arrest flame flash back. PP valves to ensure long and trouble free operation. Brick lined inner and SS construction. Servicing platforms to facilitate easy servicing. Audiovisual alarms for critical parameters. Oxygen sensor-Offline to ensure safety of oxygen ingress. Screw conveyor for ash removal & Biomass flexibility. Technological back up from the premier institution Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore
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  • Maintenance of the gasifier Total hours of operation: 5000 Hours Total No. of stoppages: 6 Continuous operation: Up to 1250 hours Replaced components: Air nozzles Cost of maintenance: Rs.28,300/- till date Post supply additions: Flame failure system Timers for screw operation Post supply replacements: Valve 1 No. Cost of maintenance: Rs. 5=66 per hour
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  • Economics of operation Operation of the gasifier: 5000 Hours (98% up time) Average cost of biomass: Rs. 2=50 per kg Biomass consumed: 347279 kgs Fuel oil replaced: 109846 lts HSD Cost (W/O Gasifier): Rs. 19,77,228 Biomass Cost: Rs. 8,68,198 Additional power cost: Rs. 79,888 Net Saving: Rs. 10,29,143 Savings as percentage: 52%


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