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  • www.garveylundy.com2Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Born in Haiti, Garvey Lundy came to the United States in 1985 and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a child Garveys vast imagination and artistic tendency led him to painting. Using pastel, oil and watercolors, Garvey created postcards featuring beautiful landscape themes, which he sold to enthusiastic schoolmates and teachers. His work won an award from Thirteen/WNET New York Public Media for his artistic abilities.In 1995, Garvey became an apprentice to a highly skilled Master Jeweler who he looked up to. This apprenticeship allowed Garvey to master the technical skills required for crafting hand-made jewelry, but it was his creativity and imagination that moved him beyond the crafting, towards true design. Over time Garvey began to design original pieces. He found inspiration all around him. The city spoke to him: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, the lights, the sights and sounds they all became his palette. His perspective of jewelry making changed and his design aesthetic led him to create unusual pieces and to start his own company.

    Launched in 2003, Garvey Lundy fine jewelry celebrates beauty of all facets and forms. Visionary, multi dimensional designs are the defying characteristic of the artists philosophy and style. Garvey Lundy custom-made pieces express the inexpressible or unimaginable, intrepid and defiant world where art transforms into jewelry, with a bold and unique design that personifies its changing perspective. The distinctiveness of Garvey Lundys creations reflects the avant-garde style of the modern client. At Garvey Lundy we believe in creating artistic jewelry thats revolutionary, yet classically elegant and breathtaking. We create jewelry to celebrate every triumph and every success in life.

    The Artist

    The Company

  • www.garveylundy.com3Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    1.0ct round and baguette cut diamond bangle bracelet set in platinum.

    Beaut Classique Classic Beauty Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com4Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    18kt fine gold bracelet accented with handpicked, color matched exquisite opal stones.

    Naissance dun solaires Birth of a Solar Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com5Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Elegant 18kt gold custom emmental design cuff bracelet.

    Emmental Fromage Cheese Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com6Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    17.5ct handpicked diamond tennis bracelet set in 18kt fine gold.

    Beaut Classique Classic Beauty Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com7Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    15.5ct diamond necklace set in a fine 18kt yellow gold custom setting.

    VEVA Woman of the People

  • www.garveylundy.com8Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    2.5ct diamond drop earring set in a fine 18kt yellow gold custom setting.

    VEVA Woman of the People

  • www.garveylundy.com9Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    18kt white gold round 1.0ct star-like diamond bangle bracelet.

    Astin Star-Like Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com10Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Gorgeous 18kt white gold 18in necklace accented with .50ct fancy diamonds.

    Astin Star-Like Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com11Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    2.5ct round brilliant cut diamond star-like earrings set in fine 18kt gold with varying sizes of handpicked diamonds.

    Astin Star-Like Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com12Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Gorgeous 3.0ct brilliant round center diamond encompassed in 1.5ct custom tapered baguette setting.

    Alice Looking Glass Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com13Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Gorgeous fancy center diamond accented with a Royal Pave diamond Basket setting.

    CamilleLa Royale / The Royal One

  • www.garveylundy.com14Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Brilliant 3.0ct round center diamond ring, accompanied by a fancy 1.0ct Micro Pave designer setting.

    Jzabel A Bold and Vicious Woman

  • www.garveylundy.com15Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    EtienneLa Couronne / The Crown

    Brilliant round center diamond in a Royale Pave setting accompanied by fancy diamonds, accented with canary diamonds.

  • www.garveylundy.com16Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    DiannaLa Divine / The Divine

    Brilliant fancy Asscher cut center diamond, accented with an elegant Micro Pave basket setting.

  • www.garveylundy.com17Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    CamilleLa Royale / The Royal One

    Gorgeous fancy center diamond accented with a Royal Pave diamond Basket setting.

  • www.garveylundy.com18Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Orabelle Golden Beautiful Gorgeous Emerald cut canary center diamond, encompassed in a modern triangle setting accented with baguette diamonds.

  • www.garveylundy.com19Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    JulietteJeunesse / YouthfulElegant cushion-cut fancy center diamond, encompassed in a brilliant Pave diamond basket setting.

  • www.garveylundy.com20Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    ZoeLa Vie / Full of Life

    Brilliant four-prong round center diamond engagement ring, accompanied by a band of fancy round diamonds in a classic setting.

  • www.garveylundy.com21Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    SachaLe Dfenseur de Lamour / The Defender of Love

    Beautiful brillant Emerald cut center diamond accented with two half moon diamonds in an elegant setting.

  • www.garveylundy.com22Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    EsmeeAim / BelovedElegant brilliant oval center diamond, accompanied by a round diamond in Pave setting.

  • www.garveylundy.com23Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    David BelovedGents custom designed jewelry band set in 18kt fine white gold.

  • www.garveylundy.com24Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Brilliant 2.0ct Diamond round stud earrings in platinum.

    Beaut Classique Classic Beauty Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com25Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Elegant 2.0ct round diamond stud earrings in a hand-carved basket setting in platinum.

    Beaut ClassiqueClassic Beauty Collection

  • www.garveylundy.com26Garvey Lundy Jewelry

    Elegant 2.5ct fancy diamond cluster earrings in 18K white gold.

    Fleur BlancheWhite Flour