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  • 1. Garden Gallery This PowerPoint is by Leanne Nguyen.

2. Im designing a garden of my own. 3. I am putting the weed in the wheelbarrow. 4. I am standing in front of the garden bed. 5. I just love standing on the mulch. 6. This is hard work because I had to pull out something heavy. 7. I am designing a garden bed and I am partners with Caitlin. I am in the Banana group. 8. I love mulching Group Photo. 9. This is weeds that grow in the garden. 10. Me and Janette are squishing out the lemon. 11. This is when we were squizzing the lemon out. Me, Janette and Helen! 12. This is me and Janette cooking with a frying pan. 13. This is me, Janette and Helen putting the Vegetables in the frying pan.


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