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  1. 1. The study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.
  2. 2. It is a locus of DNA that encodes a functional protein product, and is the molecular unit of heredity. B. Allele D. Chromosome A. Gene C. Genome A. Gene
  3. 3. The allele of a gene that masks or suppresses the expression of an alternate allele. D. Recessive A. Homozygous B. Dominant C. Heterozygous B. Dominant
  4. 4. It is the physical appearance of an organism. C. Genotype B. Genotypic ratio D. Phenotype A. Phenotypic ratio D. Phenotype
  5. 5. A Mendelian law which states that every individual organism contains two alleles for each trait, and that these alleles separate during meiosis. C. Independent Assortment D. Dominance B. SegregationA. Unit Factor B. Segregation
  6. 6. Problem: 1 In Squarepants family, yellow body (Y) is dominant against brown body (y). If SpongeBob which is a purebred married SpongeJane which is recessive for the trait what would be the genotype of their kids?
  7. 7. Problem: 1.1 What if the F1 generation married another sponge with the same trait. Find the genotype, phenotype, G.R and P.R of the F2 generation.
  8. 8. Problem: 2 Patrick recently married Patti, a cute girl he met at a local dance. He is considered a purebred for his tall head shape (T), which is dominant over a short head (t). If Patti is a short-headed woman, what type of heads would their children have?
  9. 9. Problem: 2.1 What if the F1 generation married another starfish with the same trait. What percentage of the F2 will be phenotypically tall? short?
  10. 10. Problem: 3 SquidWard and SquidLiza, have the longest nose in the family. SquidWard is believed to be heterozygous for his long nose shape, while SquidLizas family brags that they are a pure line. Show the possible trait of their
  11. 11. Problem: 3.1 What if F1 is crossed to homozygous short nose squid. Determine the phenotype of the F2 generation. What fraction of the F2 will be phenotypically long? Short? Give the P.R and G.R .
  12. 12. Problem: 4 Barnacle boy is blood type A(IA). He married a girl whose blood type is B(IB). If they are both heterozygous(having an allele i) for the trait determine the possible blood type of their children.
  13. 13. Problem: 4.1 If Barnacle boy is afflicted to a pattern baldness (XbY) and his wife is a carrier for the trait (XBXb). What are the percentage of having normal, carrier, and afflicted children?
  14. 14. Problem: 5 Elizabeth who is a carrier of hemophilia (XHXh) married Mermaid man which is normal (XHY). What are the chance of having Normal? Carrier? and Afflicted children in fraction.
  15. 15. appropriate answer for every questions. 1.Give one importance of genetics. 2.Choose one law in Mendelian law of inheritance then illustrate and explain it as brief as
  16. 16. points) SpongeBob is known for his big round eyes (R), which is dominant over an oval eye shape (r). If he is heterozygous for his round eye shape and marries a woman with oval eye shape, what type of eyes might the kids have? Give the phenotypic ratio of the F1