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  1. 1. GAMECHAT Gamified Instant Messaging Gaming over Instant Messengers
  2. 2. Messages Share Video Share Audio Share Files Video Calls Audio Calls Security Etc. IS NOT
  3. 3. IS
  4. 4. MORE LIKE THISMORE LIKE THIS We Like People Better After we Play a Game with Them, Even if They Have Beaten us Badly Jane McGonigal
  5. 5. ALICE is bored and wants to play Crossword with BOB ALICE & BOB can switch between the game and their current Instant Messenger
  6. 6. GameChat as a Platform GameChat cares about enabling user interactions If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants (WhatsApp, Wechat, Telegram etc.) Isaac Newton Engage the User Commitment (Share of app users who access it weekly) Frequency (Average number of days app users use it) Time Spent (Time spent using the app) Reward the game developers (Content Creators) Make the users happy (Content Consumers)
  7. 7. Why GameChat Eliminate Boredom Improve Cognitive Skills (Brain Power) Reduce Stress Levels As a result, HAPPINESS is guaranteed Escape Real World Suffering Reality Sucks but Don't Get Lost in Limbo Play with someone you know in Real-Life and Create a Deeper Connection with them.
  8. 8. Milestones Virtual Currency Gambling (with possibility of cash-out) Gaming Tournament/Competition (Monthly run) Participants Spectators
  9. 9. DRAFT Anyone Can Develop Games for GameChat The Frameworks Real-Time and Turn- Based Two-Player Tournament Tic Tac Toe Chess Checkers etc. Real-Time and Turn-Based Multi-player Ludo Real-Time and Turn- Based Two-Player Tic Tac Toe Chess Checkers etc. Mupuntu.js Proposed Frameworks not implemented yet
  10. 10. Game Life Cycle
  11. 11. Mupuntu.js Games made with mupuntu can use backbone, underscore and jquery + any other javascript library out there such as d3.js, snap.svg and kinetic.js.
  12. 12. Mupuntu.js: State Machine namespace: The game's ID as registered on mapping_id: friendship between two gamers. gamestate: A storage section accessible to developers for storing the state of game. scoreboard: A storage section accessible to developers for storing user scores, game configuration etc. getModel(waitCallback, [context]) waitCallback : function(gamedata){ _gamestateModel = gamedata.gamestate _scoreboardModel = gamedata.scoreboard } _gamestateModel.set('turn', { player: 54036ffd3bd6d4cb7ce21b9d }) _scoreboardModel.set('totalgames', 53) Client Side JavaScript Server Side Model
  13. 13. Mupuntu.js: Listeners and Triggers Alice triggers Event directly on Bob's without passing through the server. Alice changes a value in gamestate or scoreboard. Bob is notified. Alice Bob Alice Bob _scoreboardModel.set('totalgames', 53) _scoreboardModel.onChange(scoreboard.totalgames, callback, [context]) trigger(reset-game, data) listenTo(reset-game, callback, [context])
  14. 14. Mupuntu.js: Critical Notifications Alice is online. Alice and Bob are notified. Alice is off-line. Alice and Bob are notified. Alice Bob on(remote-offline, callback, [context]) on(user-online, callback, [context]) on(remote-online, callback, [context]) on(user-offline, callback, [context]) Alice Bob
  15. 15. Mupuntu.js: Testing & Debugging Android Emulator with Support for Remote Debugging. Web Based Development Environment.
  16. 16. Made with Mupuntu.js
  17. 17. Mupuntu.js: Technologies Node.Js
  18. 18. THANK YOU What Do You Think? Please keep in touch. Retnan Daser, ,,,,