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  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    POSTER COLLECTION Gippsland Art Gallery - Education For Loan enquiries, contact the Education Coordinator 03 5142 3372


    ANDREWS, Benny Champion 1968

    ANNIGONI, Pietro Sue

    APPEL, Karel The Encounter 1951

    BENNETT, Gordon The Nine Ricochets (Fall Down Black Fella, Jump Up White Fella) 1991

    BIERSTADT, Albert The Buffalo Trail, the Impending Storm

    BLAKE, Willliam Beatrice Addressing Dante from the Car 1824-27

    BOSCH, Jeroen The Prodigal Son

    BOTTICELLI The Birth of Venus

    BOYD, Arthur Figure Crossing a River 1962 BOYD, Arthur Wimmera Landscape 1950-51

    BRAQUE, Georges Woman with a Mandolin (Study after Corot)

    BRAQUE, Georges Still Life with Purple Plums 1935

    BRAQUE, Georges Nature Morte a La Table de Marbre

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    BRONZINO Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo and her Son Giovanni

    BRUEGEL, Pieter Elder Snow Scene

    BUVELOT, Louis Winter Morning near Heidelberg

    CANALETTO Venice

    CASSATT, Mary In the Garden 1904

    CEZANNE, Paul Madame Cezanne

    CEZANNE, Paul Mont St Victorie - Seen from Bibemus Quarry 1897

    CEZANNE, Paul Still Life with Basket 1895

    CEZANNE, Paul Landscape

    CEZANNE, Paul The Basket of Apples 1895

    CHAGALL, Marc The Blue Violinist 1947

    CHAGALL, Marc Chambon Sur Lac

    CLOUET, Jean Portrait of Francis I 1524

    CONDER, Charles Springtime, Richmond NSW 1888

    CONSTABLE, John Wivenhoe Park, Essex 1816

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    DAVID, Jacques-Louis Oath of the Horatii 1784

    DAWS, Lawrence Alcheringa 1963

    DAWS, Lawrence Sungazer 1927

    DAWS, Lawrence Mandala IV 1962

    DDUNDIWUY, Wanambi Wuyal Creation Story with Gundimuik Ceremonial 1996

    DEGAS, Edgar Dancers Adjusting their Slippers

    DEGAS, Edgar Dancers at Rest 1898

    DEGAS, Edgar Two Dancers on the Stage 1874

    DEGAS, Edgar Ballet Rehearsal 1873

    DEMUTH, Charles I Saw the Figure Five in Cold 1928

    DJALU, Gurruwiwi Bol'ngu, the Thunderman

    DOBELL, William Margaret Olley 1948

    DOBELL, William Chez Walter 1945

    DOUGLAS, Neil Dust to Dust

    DRYSDALE, Russell The Country Woman 1946

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    DUCHAMP, Marcel Nude Descending a Staircase

    DURER, Albrecht Self Portrait 1498

    DURER, Albrecht The Hare 1502

    DUSAN, Merek Perpetum Mobile 1948

    ELLIOT, Adam Mary & Max Poster

    ERNST, Max Flying Geese

    FEININGER, Lyonel Sight of a Village

    FEININGER, Lyonel Arch Tower 1

    FOUJITA, Tsuguhara The Little Cavalier

    FOX, Emanuel Phillips Promenade c. 1910

    FRANKENTHALER, Helen Blue Atmosphere 1963

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    FRIESZ, Othon The Garden at Cap-Burn 1930

    GAINSBOROUGH, Thomas Blue Boy 1770

    GAUGIN, Paul Ta Matete 1892

    GAUGIN, Paul Les Meules 1889

    GOYA, Francisco The Bullfight

    GOYA, Francisco Self Portrait 1815

    GRAHAM, Anne Marie The Fountain of the Universal Housewife 1993

    GRECO, El Saint Martin and the Beggar 1597-1599

    GRUNER, Elioth Spring Frost, Emu Plains

    GRUNER, Elioth Murrumbidgee Ranges, Canberra 1934

    HERBERT, Harold Blue Hills 1930 HERMAN, Sali Near the Docks 1949

    HEYSEN, Hans Summer's Morn

    HEYSEN, Hans The Clearing, Early Morning 1919

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    HICKEY, Dale Untitled

    HOFFMAN, Hans Song of the Nightingale 1934

    HOKUSAI, Katsushika The Great Wave off Kanagwa 1820

    HOLBIEN, Hans Portrait of Erasmus 1523

    INNESS, George Hillside in Etretat 1876

    INO, Pierre The Traveller 1909

    JAWLENSKY, Alexei Von Girl Wearing an Apron

    KAREDADA, Lily Wandjina 1990

    KLEE, Paul Head of a Man 1928

    KLEE, Paul Girl with a Flag 1929

    KLEE, Paul Viaduct - Kunsthalle Hamburg

    KLIMT, Gustav The Park 1910

    KOSON Birds in Bamboo Tree

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    KYOTO SCHOOL Deer, Stork on the Wing and Plum Blossom

    LAMBERT, George Across the Black Soil Plains

    LAMBERT, George Weighing the Fleece 1921

    LAWRENCE, Alma-Tadema The Vintage Festival 1872

    LAYCOCK, Donald Star Cycle 1972

    LEGER, Fernand Three Musicians 1944

    LEGER, Fernand Nude on a Red Background 1927

    LICHTENSTEIN, Roy Interior with Waterlillies 1991

    LONG, Leonard Lagoon Reflections

    LONG, Leonard Bush Track, Snowy Mountains Country

    LOWRY, L.S. Untitled (Industrial Scene)

    MACKE Landscape with Cows and Camel

    MAES, Nicolaes The Prayer

    MAGRITTE, Rene The Empire of Light 1954

    MAGRITTE, Rene Le Mariage Du Miniut

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    MAGRITTE, Rene The Return 1940

    MANET, Eduoard The Fifer 1866

    MARC, Franz Two Cats 1912

    MARINI, Marino Man on Horse 1901

    MATISSE, Henri Margot 1907

    MATISSE, Henri La Fleur 1937

    MATISSE, Henri Pasiphae 1944

    MATISSE, Henri Interior with Yellow and Blue 1946

    MATISSE, Henri Nu Bleu IV 1952

    MATISSE, Henri Interior, Flowers and Parrots

    MATISSE, Henri The Red Studio 1911

    MCCUBBIN, Frederick Bush Burial 1890

    MCCUBBIN, Frederick The Lost Child ac3?%C2%A9s

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    MCCUBBIN, Frederick The Broken Fence 1907

    MEMLING, Hans The Presentation of the Temple 1463

    MINGELMANGANU, Alec Wandjina

    MODIGLIANI, Amadeo Gypsy Woman with Baby

    MODIGLIANI, Amadeo Lolotte 1916

    MODIGLIANI, Amadeo The Two Lovers

    MODIGLIANI, Amadeo Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne 1919

    MONDRIAN, Piet Windmill in the Sunlight 1908

    MONET, Claude Tulip Fields at Sassenheim 1886

    MONET, Claude Waterlillies 1906

    MONET, Claude The Doges Palace, Venice

    MONET, Claude Parisians Enjoying the Parc Monceau 1878

    MORISOT, Berthe The Cradle (Le Berceau) 1872

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    MUNCH, Edvard The Storm 1893

    MUNCH, Edvard The Scream 1893

    MUTSAERS, Frank Morning Light

    NOLAN, Sidney Escaped Convict 1948

    O'BRIEN, Justin The Virgin Enthroned 1950-1951

    PICASSO, Pablo Nature Morte Au Citron Et Aux Orange 1936

    PICASSO, Pablo Lobster and Cat 1965

    PICASSO, Pablo The Old Guitarist 1903

    PICASSO, Pablo Woman with Cape

    PICASSO, Pablo Portrait after Greco

    PICASSO, Pablo Woman with Tambourine 1925

    PICASSO, Pablo The Aficionado 1912

    PISSARRO, Camille Avenue de L'Opera in Paris, Snow Effect

    PISSARRO, Camille The Red House

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    PISSARRO, Camille Louveciennes (Snow Landscape) 1872

    POYNTER, Edward The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon 1890

    RAUSCHENBURG, Robert Rebus 1955

    REES, Lloyd The Verandah, Old Home, Potts Point 1936

    REMBRANDT Rembrandt's Mother

    REMBRANDT Philosophes En Listant

    REMINGTON, Frederick Dismounted - the 4th Troopers Moving 1890

    RENOIR, Pierre Auguste Two Children in White Dresses

    REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua Master Hare

    ROBERTS, Tom The Splitters

    ROHLFS, Christian Sunflowers 1935

    ROUAULT, Georges A Clown

    ROUAULT, Georges The Old King

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    ROUAULT, Georges Nocturne Chretien 1871

    ROUSSEAU, Henri Portrait of Pierre Loti 1891

    SAENREDAM, Pieter Interior of St Bavo's Church, Haarlem 1660

    SHAHN, Ben Still Music

    SIGNAC, Paul Pinewood Tree, Saint Tropez 1896

    SISLEY, Alfred Autumn Landscape 1886

    SMART, Jeffrey Autobahn in the Black Forest II 1979

    SMART, Jeffrey Reflected Arrows 1974

    SMART, Jeffrey Truck and Trailer Approaching a City 1973

    STREETON, Sir Arthur Near Heidelberg 1890

    STREETON, Sir Arthur Heidelberg 1890

    SULLY, Thomas The Torn Hat

    TINTORETTO, Jacopo Battle Between the Turks and the Christians

    TOBEY, Mark Broadway 1936

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, Henri de Jane Avril

    TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, Henri de Title Unknown

    UCCELLO, Paolo The Battle of San Romano

    UTRILLO, Maurice Rue De Montematre

    VAN DER NEER, Aert Skating on the Dike

    VAN GOGH, Vincent Untitled (Man in a Field)

    VAN GOGH, Vincent Bridge at Arles

    VAN GOGH, Vincent L'Homme a' L'Orielle Coupee

    VAN GOGH, Vincent Untitled (Haystacks) 1888

    VAN GOGH, Vincent Fishing Boats at Sea

    VAN GOGH, Vincent Wheatfield with Sheaves and Mower

    VAN GOGH, Vincent A Group of Cottages

    VAN GOGH, Vincent Mulberry Tree

    VAN GOGH, Vincent Olive Orchard 1889

    VAN GOGH, Vincent The Olive Trees 1889

  • GAG Education Poster Collection 2013

    VASARELY, Victor Tridem-K

    VELAZQUEZ, Diego Prince Baltasar Carlos on his Pony

    VERMEER, Jan Young Woman Reading a Letter

    VERMEER, Jan The Milkmaid 1660

    VERMEER, Jan The Seamstress

    VERMEER, Jan The Guitar Player

    WALCH, C