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FYS 101: Words & Ideas Literature of Travel. Kristen L. Young, MLIS, AHIP Denison University Thursday October 18, 2012. Assignment. Students need to choose one of the authors Montagu Trollope Darwin Dickens Twain D. H. Lawrence Kerouac Naipaul - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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FYS 101: Words & IdeasLiterature of TravelKristen L. Young, MLIS, AHIPDenison University Thursday October 18, 2012

Introduction: Thank you; excited to be here; who I am - past work.

Good Afternoon Everyone and welcome. I am Kristen Young, a current candidate for the Reference and Instruction position here at Denison University. I am very excited to be here and in this presentation, in a nutshell, will tell you more about who I am and what I do.

In the past, I was the Liaison and Outreach Librarian to the School of Nursing at the University of Maryland, Baltimore under the directorship of previous MLA President MJ Tooey. While there I had the opportunity to:*compile the librarys portion of the accreditation report for the SON; serve on their curriculum committee *and add information literacy and EBP components to create a building curriculum.

Most recently, I worked as a Liaison Services Librarian with the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and many clinical departments at Taubman Health Sciences Library under the directorship of MLA President Jane Blumenthal.

1Assignment Students need to choose one of the authorsMontaguTrollopeDarwinDickens TwainD. H. LawrenceKerouac Naipaul

Prepare a bibliography of critical sources on that author that relate to their travel writing

Using Academic Search Complete and the CONSORT Catalog, demonstrate to the students how to go about creating such a bibliography. ..So our objective for today then is to go into the CONSORT Catalog and demonstrate how to use it; Go into Academic Search Complete and demonstrate how to use it and Talk about how to create a Critical Bibliography. 2http://www.denison.edu/library/

The Library This is a picture of the William Howard Doane Library taken from our academic quad at Denison University.The library is located next to the Steely Mudd Learning Center (which is connected to the library) and coming from the Slayter Union you pass Fellows Hall on your left and Higley Hall on your right. Why would you want to come physically to the library when lots of things are online? Well, our library here on campus is seen as a gathering center where students go to study; work on group projects; locate different types of information and meet with information professionals. Its better to meet with a librarian and make sure youre on the right track for your project than wait, or not meet at all.

However, if you dont want to visit us at the library or dont have time because youre working on a big project: You can go to: http://www.denison.edu/library/ To access our resources: *Specific Subject Guides created specifically for your courses*Electronic resources: Catalog, books/ebooks, Databases

How you can get assistance? *make an appointment with specific librarian *come into library during reference desk hours *Chat via this page from 9-5 m-f; Sunday 1-5; and Sun-thurs also 6:30-10 p.m.

EVERYONE go to the library homepage: www.denison.edu/library/ 3Steps to researchDefine your topic or question Create a search strategy What type of information is needed? Scholarly journal articles, books, magazines, newspapers, websites What keywords/headings will you need in databases? Search the literature & collect sources Evaluate the informationCite the sources

Creating a search strategy List main topics and alternate terms Initial: Mark Twain, travel, writing Related: Samuel Langhorne Clemens, tourism, explore, vacation, literature, diary. Gender, age, year of publication, language Creating a search strategy and/or Making your PICO database friendly..Initial Terms

with the pyramid, depending on what type of information you are looking forWill assist you in determining where to search.

There are many different ways to search

5Selecting your terms Travel*





Wildcard character (or truncation $ or * can be used to search for multiple words that share the same root).


6Connector WordsConnect words with ANDConnect words with ORto find articles that include both wordsto find articles that include either or both of the wordsTravelWriting Travel ANDwritingWriting OR Diary WritingDiary7BibliographyAnnotatedCriticalBibliographic informationExplain the qualifications of the author Scope/purpose of workAny biases?Intended audience, reading levelWhy it is useful to your topic (evaluation) DESCRIBE a work How the work relates to other works on the specific topic Evaluate the usefulness of a work for a specific audience/situation (others exploring the topic) EVALUATE a workIn an annotated bibliography you cite the source and then you describe what it is about. In a CRITICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY you write a small paragraph on: how the work relates to other works on the specific topic.How or weather the work would be useful to others exploring the topic Evaluate the usefulness of the work for a particular audience or situation. Critical annotations evaluate a work; summary annotations describe a work.8CitationsMLA StyleChicago Book: Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Medium of Publication.Scholarly Database: Junge, Wolfgang, and Nathan Nelson. Nature's Rotary Electromotors. Science 29 Apr. 2005: 642-44. Science Online. Web. 5 Mar. 2009.

Book:Yow, Valerie Raleigh. Recording Oral History: A Guide for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Walnut Creek, CA: Alta Mira Press, 2005.Scholarly Database:Frank, Alison. "The Petroleum War of 1910: Standard Oil, Austria, and the Limits of the Multinational Corporation." American Historical Review 114, no.1 (Feb. 2009): 16-41. doi:10.1086/ahr.114.1.16.MLA Style (sample)Works Cited"Blueprint Lays Out Clear Path for Climate Action." Environmental Defense Fund. Environmental Defense Fund, 8 May 2007. Web. 24 May 2009.Clinton, Bill. Interview by Andrew C. Revkin. Clinton on Climate Change. New York Times. New York Times, May 2007. Web. 25 May 2009.Dean, Cornelia. "Executive on a Mission: Saving the Planet." New York Times. New York Times, 22 May 2007. Web. 25 May 2009.Ebert, Roger. "An Inconvenient Truth." Rev. of An Inconvenient Truth, dir. Davis Guggenheim. rogerebert.com. Sun-Times News Group, 2 June 2006. Web. 24 May 2009.

Citation guide!

http://www.denison.edu/library/research/citation_guides.html http://www.denison.edu/library/research/citation_guides.html11The Consort Catalog


The Consort catalog is the combined library catalog and holdings of 4 colleges within Ohio in Ohio (It is normally called the 5 colleges but Oberlins materials are not within this catalog). Denison University; Kenyon College; Ohio Wesleyan University and The College of Wooster. It is brought to us/put together by innovative interfaces and web pac pro. Books; journals; government documents; Anything that they WANT you to be able to find. As youll notice, the interface is tabulated across the top we have options for: Basic Search: keyword; subject (charles dickens; sports medicine); etc. Advanced Search:My Consort: enter your name and barcode on ID. My consort allows you to: renew materials; make requests; save searches etc. Reserves; New Books; and Help/Feedback: Not available. ** ALL LIBRARIES BY DEFAULT***Click on the second tab over advanced search


Mark twain alone 252 resultsMark twain and travel with no asterisk 131With Mark twain and travel* writ* I got - 41 results 14

Bibliographic record

Getting to Academic Search Complete http://www.denison.edu/library/

17Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete



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