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Part of the FutureWorld Social Media Masterclass series. Real Time Everything deals with the impact of real time data and real time behavior on business and society. Instant everything is a scary... and exciting place.


  • 1. The Social Imperative Real Time EverythingThe Social Media MasterClass 2011
  • 2. Real Time Everything!Most stats from Arthur Goldstucks World Wide Worx Research. Precious few are made up.
  • 3. @pfeiffer44: POTUS to address the nation tonight at 10.30pm eastern time - 1 May 2011, 9.45pm, Dan Pfeiffer, Communications director at the White House
  • 4. Twitter explodes. Debate ragesabout whether Qaddafi had beenkilled or Bin Laden tracked down.
  • 5. 22h002900 Tweets per second.
  • 6. @keithurbahn: So Im told by areputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn. - 1 May 2011, 10.25pm Keith Urbahn Chief of staff for Donald Rumsfeld
  • 7. The rumour turns out to be true. - approximately 10.45pm
  • 8. @nytimes: NYT NEWS ALERT:Osama bin Laden Is Dead, White House Says.
  • 9. @foxnews: FoxNews ChadPergram confirms Osama bin Laden is dead usama osamabinladen
  • 10. @cnnbrk: Osama bin Laden isdead usama osamabinladen
  • 11. 22h453200 Tweets per second.
  • 12. Just before Obama makes his address at 11.30pm
  • 13. 23h255106 Tweets per second.
  • 14. From 10.45pm 2.20am on1st and 2nd May 2011, there was anaverage of 3000 Tweets per second. The highest sustained rate of Tweets. Ever.
  • 15. Everything is going real time.
  • 16. Why?Because the mobile has squashed time and space.
  • 17. This is changing everything
  • 18. From the way we discoverinformation, to the way we share information, to the way we consume information and mostimportantly, the way we connect with others.
  • 19. Its changing journalism...
  • 20. Its changing public figures...
  • 21. Meme. Noun. An idea, behaviour or style thatspreads from person to person in a culture.
  • 22. And some Mr Visagie...
  • 23. The Real Time World can be a scary place for brands
  • 24. #VodacomMovies #MemePower! Dude! Wheres my signal! You Havent Got Mail The Hunt for Red ReceptionHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallo...Hallo!..Hallo? The Unsocial Network Crouching Tower, Hidden Signal Dial Hard Nick and Norahs Infinite Disconnection How Cell C Got Her Groove Back The Phantom Of The Operator
  • 25. #VodacomMovies #MemePower!
  • 26. But if we think about itstrategically, it can offer immense power to business
  • 27. http://twitterfall.com/
  • 28. http://twitter.com/
  • 29. Now. With real time data, were alsostarting to see different methods of data visualisation
  • 30. Now imagine real time data in a business context...
  • 31. What would you like to know about your customers right now?
  • 32. What can you tell your customersabout your business that will help them, right now?
  • 33. Real time information alsocauses its own set of problems.
  • 34. Customer: If data is realtime, why isnt service?