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TRENDTrendsAgriculturalIndustrialComputer & IT Next 10++ years?


1. Carlos Slim Helu [Mexico]$53.5 bil (UP $18.5 bil) Age:70 Chairman and CEO, Telmex, Telcel and Amrica Mvil Amrica Mvil Latin America

2. Bill Gates [United States]$53 bil (UP $13 bil) Age: 54 Chairman of Microsoft Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $800 million

3. Warren Buffett [United States]$47 bil (UP $10 bil) Age: 79 Chairman & CEO Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire Hathaway 70% Paul Zane PilzerEveryone got Mobile phone in Y 2010 (1980)Wellness industry cost 1,000,000 million : 2010From 2006-2016 : 10 new millionare from Wellness IndustryBiotechnology, Antiaging

TrendsWellness industry: > 10 times Automobile




Health CareAgePharmaHealth

(Major Causes of Death) (World Population) (Cardio and Cerebro-Vascular Diseases: CVD) (Cancer) (Diabetes Mellitus: DM) (Obesity) (Medical practice) (Drugs side effect)Fast FoodCarbohydrate FatProteinContaminations

010203040506070809010020-3435-4445-5455-6465-7475+% ()


Balloon:By Pass

$ 83,919$ 38,203$ 24,893$ 41,075$ 41,075$ 118,656Coronary Artery BypassPercutaneous Coronary InterventionStentingCardiac catheterizationPacemakerValves

????????20Medication statin drugs are the most prescribed drugs in the world. Drugs like: Liptor, Mevacor and Zocor. Lipitor is the highest selling drug in history achieving $7 billion in sales for the year 2000. Statin drugs cause a host of side effects in fact, the drug, Baycol, was withdrawn from the market because it was linked to 31 deaths.

The prescribing information for statin drugs clearly states, Lipid-altering agents should be used only when the response to diet and other nonpharmacological measures has been inadequate.

In other words, a physician should not prescribe a statin drug until he is certain that the patient is not responding to adequate dietary and lifestyle changes. (Specific Side Effects) (Statins): (Rhabdomyolysis), , , Q10 , , ,

(Fibers) (Nutrients) ()

1234. , , Bios Life Complete: Bios Life Complete


Famous brand for 100 clinically-proven vitamin and nutritional in USA, with a history of over a century.Rexall Showcase began to sell through network marketing channels in 1990, Resulting in skyrocketing sale US$ 173 million.Fortune Magazine names Rexall the 28th Fastest-growing private company in 1999




Unicity International Product Listing in thePhysicians Desk Reference Edition 2002-2010




Cleveland Clinic Canada

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Great Lakes Science Center Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Cleveland Clinic Medical Center. Brunswick, Ohio

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical


Active Income / Passive IncomeWellness Industry 2011-2020

Marketing model: ProsumerManufacturer => Distributor => Retailer => Consumer

Manufacturer => Prosumer

Uncontrollable factor Modern Trade


Single Market and Production Base


Larger market, new trade and investment platformRealignment of production chainRegional sourcing67 575 513,115 .. 4,464,322 ..45www.themegallery.comASEAN + 3ROK()China ()Japan ()

(ASEAN+3 Cooperation Work Plan (2007 2017)) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Change Agent

50 Vision is the art of seeing things invisibleJonathan Swift5151Jack Welch Change before we are forced to change52 (Paradigm) X = Y = (Investment) (Return) ? (Happiness) 050100



SEBIThe CASHFLOW Quadrant By Robert Kiyosaki Business owner Employee Investor ClassSelf-Employed.Rich Dad Poor Dad ranks as the longest-running bestseller on all four of the lists that report to Publishers Weekly The New York Times, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today and has held a top spot on the famed New York Times list for over five years. The First Move Starts By Moving Into The B Quadrant

Active Model


PASSIVE MODELFinancial FreedomThe Best Solution is Network Marketing

Network MKT /

VS VS VS Direct sell VS Network marketing65

Network Marketing

Charles W. KingD.B.A., Harvard UniversityProfessor of MarketingDepartment of Marketing, College of Business University of Illinois at ChicagoHistory has proven that if you get in early with a network marketing company that lasts a long time you can make a fortune.

Success = Success

Y (Active income) 1,000,000 X X X X X X ROS

Active income

Y (Passive income) 1,000,000 X Financial Asset X Intellectual Asset X Real EstateX Franchise

200-300 M Rarely300 M Rarely

Semi Passive income

Network Marketing Passive income by Unicity

Global Partner

Y (Passive income) 1,000,000 X

Unicity Network Marketing Passive income

Y Time Freedom

Unicity Passive income

Active incomeSemi Passive income

Yesterday is a history Tomorrow is a mystery Today is a gift why it call Present & 77


HOW TO GET STARTBelieveActionResult 1.500 Franchise Unicity

2. VIP Program 60

3. 6 ()