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Future Vision Plan. Vocational Training Team Replaces Group Study Exchange. GSE Teams. Similarities. Educational program of the Foundation Exchange with another District International travel At least one month in duration Expenses paid by the Foundation. Similarities. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Future Vision Plan

    Vocational Training TeamReplaces Group Study Exchange

  • GSE Teams

  • SimilaritiesEducational program of the FoundationExchange with another DistrictInternational travelAt least one month in durationExpenses paid by the Foundation

  • SimilaritiesStay with RotariansVisit Rotary ClubsExperience the culture of the exchange countryFoster goodwill, peace, and understanding

  • DifferencesDistricts must apply for a Global Grant to cover expensesTeams enhance their own vocational skills or provide professional training to othersMust be a focus in one of these six areas: - Peace and conflict prevention/resolution - Disease prevention and treatment- Water and sanitation - Maternal and child health- Basic education and literacy - Economic and community development

  • Differencesin conjunction with a sustainable projectFocus for inbound and outbound does not have to be the same May be multi-vocational but must in support of the area of focus Minimum one Rotarian team leader and three non-Rotarian team members with at least 2 years of work experience in area of focus

  • Differences

    Rotarians and relatives allowedNo maximum limit of participants No restrictions on participant age or length of time for training Permit one or more teams to travel under each grant

  • 2010-2011Programs

  • District 7020Outbound March 6 April 10, 2011Focus on Economic & Community DevelopmentEco-tourismInbound April 10- May 8, 2011, from HaitiFocus on Disease Prevention and Treatment together with Maternal and Child Health

  • District 7020

  • District 7020Applications DueTeam Leaders August 28, 2010Team Members September 15, 2010Applicant Interviews Team Leaders September 11, 2010Team Members October 9, 2010

  • District 9200Inbound from Uganda - April May 2011Outbound to Uganda, Region of Mukono March April 2011Focus - Disease Prevention and Treatment with Maternal and Child HealthMedical Camp - 10 Health Stations

  • District 9200

  • District 9200Applications DueTeam Leaders August 28, 2010Team Members September 15, 2010Applicant Interviews Team Leaders September 15, 2010Team Members October 16, 2010

  • Thank you!Sarah Owen Gledhill sarah.o.gledhill@rotaryfoundation6970.org 956 Oak Arbor Circle, St Augustine Fl 32084 (904)347-6490 http://www.rotaryfoundation6970.org/Select Vocational Service Grants

    We had another successful year with Group Study Exchange. An outstanding team from Germany was here in November and December. I hope you saw their presentation at the District Conference or your club, or just had the chance to meet them. Our exceptional outbound team will be leaving in May for Germany to spend a month learning about the culture of Germany and their vocations there. With the new future vision plan, GSE will change to vocational training team. I will tell you what that means for all of us.**First the similarities of the two programs. VTT is still an educational program of the foundation in which we exchange with another district. It involves international travel for the teams of at least one month duration, with expenses paid by the foundation. And a goal is to foster goodwill, peace and understanding among nations.**Our district will apply for a global grant to cover expenses. The focus will be more on providing service or training to another country or receiving training so not as many cultural activities as before though teams are still immersed in the culture.Rather than traditional exchange where members could have any occupation, there must be a focus in one of the 6 areas that you have been hearing about all day.The VTT can be providing service with a new or existing sustainable project, such as the water project in Gyana or sustainable Cambodia. The focus of the inbound and outbound teams does not have to be the same. Whatever the focus is, there might be several occupations represented. For a water project, we might need an engineer, a biologist, a physician, and an environmentalist. Their must be a Rotarian team leader and 3 non-Rotarians bu the rest of the team can be composed of more Rotarians or relatives of Rotarians, which was never allowed with GSE.*


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