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John Brandt Information Systems Planner UNM CRTC. "Future Trends in IT Technology in Buildings". Overview. Building an IT system that can connect to a national data sharing grid. Wireless infrastructure EVDO Point to Point technology. Data Sharing Grid. CaBIG Cancer Bio-Informatics Grid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • "Future Trends in IT Technology in Buildings"John BrandtInformation Systems PlannerUNM CRTC

  • OverviewBuilding an IT system that can connect to a national data sharing grid.Wireless infrastructureEVDO Point to Point technology

  • Data Sharing GridCaBIG Cancer Bio-Informatics GridShare discreet data points from Clinical Trials, Genomic Research, and Tissue repositories nationally to decrease bench to bedside treatments.Obstacles are regulatory ie HIPAA CFR 11 part 21 and infrastructure oriented.

  • InfrastructureCaGRID NodeClinical trials databaseWeb PageLocalLocalNational

  • Facilities NeedsWilling participants!!!Locked, chilled, and cabled server room.Excess conduit for future growth.Electrical to support cooling.Chilled water access.Fire suppression.

  • Wireless Infrastructure802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n? Whats the difference?802.11g offers up to 100mbps whereas 802.11b only offers up to 10mbps. 802.11n offers the ethereal speed of up to 240mbps.Wow!! That means you can send pictures and music and work at the same time!

  • Wireless InfrastructureSo why do we still use so many cables to connect computers?Wireless technology is effective accept with high numbers of users.Wireless access points aka WAPS need to be programmed to coordinate signal and number of users connecting.Remember that the consummate phrase up to. Wireless connections can vary wildly with speeds as low as 2mbps.Cable cat5e or cat6x hard connections are still the gold standard for secure data connections.

  • Wireless InfrastructureWireless capability requires the same cabling to the WAP as a hard connection.Wireless should be offered as an extra data connection perk and should not be used as a sole connection point.In general always over-engineer IT infrastructure and that includes IT cabling and connection points.

  • EVDO Point to Point technologyEvolution data optimized or EVDO is a telecommunications standard that allows data to be transferred by radio signal.It allows users access to high speed internet access in areas where no other options exist.Cellular companies are scrambling to offer high speed internet services traditionally sold by Internet Service Providers.

  • EVDO Point to Point technologyBut where would I use it?

    Really old buildings where there is no existing data infrastructure.

  • EVDO Point to Point technologyWhere else?When you need a quick deployment of big data pipes or you need to combine multiple networks.Remember Point to Point implies just that! Line of site. Generally antennas reside on building tops so you will need conduit or cable protection all the way up. Generally a downside to this type of deployment.

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