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<ul><li> 1. MemetticaOutsourcing Model </li> <li> 2. www.panidea.comOur Story Panidea is a global network of senior managers with extensive experience in business and technology. We provide technology commercialization services to organizations seeking expertise from the marketplace. We believe the evaluation of technology is the beginning of the business development process. </li> <li> 3. Definition of the ProblemR &amp; D Facilities are being outsourced Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Contract Services Patent Challenges to Collaboration Process Where does the talent go? </li> <li> 4. The Result of the Problem Loss of internal R &amp; D resources and priorities Loss of risk takers in corporate environment Focus on short term problem horizon Avoidance of disruptive ideas People will risk their department, but not their careers </li> <li> 5. Evaluating Technologies Four Examples Clothing TireSaving Device IV Device TB Test Device </li> <li> 6. Systems Open innovation is more than finding technologies to commercialize Determination of a problem to solve Creating alliances and relationships to solve long term problem Match technologies to combine research and ideas </li> <li> 7. Where is the ROI? Collaborative Strategies Risk Management Process and Services Product / Pipeline Development Disruptive and Sustaining Technologies Open Innovation </li> <li> 8. Memettica Advanced crowdsourcing Collaboration use of ideas and technologies to present advanced problem solving techniques </li> <li> 9. Be disruptive Our problems are complex Our solutions must also be complex And you should always be disruptive, its the only way we get things done </li> <li> 10. www.panidea.comPanidea Inc.2802 Flintrock Trace, Suite 260Austin, TX 78738+1 (512) 522-0033Trey Gramann - CEO tgramann@panidea.comEarle Hager - COO ehager@panidea.com </li> </ul>


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