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  • 1.Sport For more information please contact Nick Chiarelli Email: nickc@futurefoundation.net

2. 2Impact of exercise on age self-perceptions On a scale from 1 to 10, how old would you say you feel, where 1 is very young and 10 is very old | Mean by regularity of physical exercise | 2012 7Those who exercise at least once a weekOnce every 6 months at most654316-2425-3435-4445-5455-64Source: nVision Research | Base: 5,000 online respondents aged 16+, GB, 201265+ 3. 3Reasons for last visiting the outdoors Which of the following, if any, best describe your reasons for this visit? | 2012 For health or exercise To relax and unwind For fresh air or to enjoy pleasant weather To enjoy scenery For peace and quiet To spend time with family To be somewhere you like2011/2012To entertain children2010/2011To enjoy wildlife2009/2010To spend time with friends For other reasons To challenge yourself or achieve something To learn something about the outdoors Don't know 0%20%40%60%Source: Natural England/nVision | Base: 4,421 respondents aged 16+, England, 201280%100% 4. 4What helps reduce your level of work stress? % of employees who agree with the following | 2012 Socialising with friends Drinking alcohol Getting out of the office and exercising Walk the dog Exercise in the gym Chatting with colleagues during the day to make them aware of my stress Socialising with colleagues Nothing helps reduce my level of work stress Working longer hours so I get everything done Run outdoors0%10%20%30%40%50%Right-click on chart and select Edit Data for demographic dataSource: Nuffield Health/nVision | Base: 1,500 employees (including 826 line managers) aged 16+, UK, 2012 5. Trends in Action Sport Future Foundations trend manifestations give real-life colour to the themes we track by capturing best-practice and innovative commercial examples of how trends are being applied in the marketplace. Here we present recent highlights from the Sport sector. nVision users have access to more than 2,500 trend manifestations - with more added each week thanks to our network of trendspotters based in key global markets. For more information please contact Jason Mander Email: jasonm@futurefoundation.net 6. 6My ASICS App that creates personalised training programme | Global, 2013 My ASICS is a smartphone app that allows fitness enthusiasts to create individual, bespoke fitness plans with an algorithm constantly evolving it during a workout so that it matches the needs and performance of the individual.GlobalThe app responds to the performance of the person using it, and can also make successive workouts progressively harder in order to help people improve their fitness levels and meet personal goals. The Quantified Self Totally Bespoke End of Inefficiency Concierge LivingRelated SectorsConnected TrendsAccording to the website : My ASICS is a free service for runners. You can create a custom training plan, keep a logbook and analyse your performance. Whether you're looking to improve your marathon time or just starting to train for your first race, My ASICS will help you achieve your running goals. SportLink: http://myasics.us/ 7. 7AchieveMint Platform that rewards users for healthy behaviours | USA, 2013 Launched in 2013, AchieveMint is a platform which aggregates data from selected apps - such as Twitter, MapMyFitness and FourSquare - in order to reward users for healthy behaviours.USAPoints are awarded for activities that are health- and wellbeing-related, from tweeting a healthy article to checking-in at a health food shop or a gym. Users can then exchange their points for cash, with 1,000 points being equal to $1.The rewards are funded through a combination of sponsors and through selling the anonymised aggregated health data generated by users to third parties. Consumer Capital The Quantified Self The Hyper Individual Healthy Hedonism Society of SobrietyRelated SectorsConnected TrendsAt time of writing (September 2013), the company claimed to have 82,000 US users. Health and Wellbeing SportLink: http://www.achievemint.com/ 8. 8BluFit and CamelBak Thirst Smart tools tell users how much water to drink | Global, 2013 BluFit describes itself as the smart water bottle that works directly with your phone to record your water drinking habits, while keeping you healthy and hydrated.GlobalAccording to the website : Our app collects a variety of factors such as weight, age, temperature and humidity to determine exactly how much water you need. Next step, start drinking from your BluFit bottle! BluFit automatically records the time and amount of water consumed, sends the data straight to your phone and then to the cloud. The app shows your current hydration level, your goals, and graphs of your historical data so you can ensure your body is consistently operating at peak efficiency. .THNG Narrative Data Computers Learn Human The Quantified Self Healthy HedonismRelated SectorsConnected TrendsDesigned to achieve a similar outcome is Camelbak Thirst, an app for Google Glass which instructs people how much to drink based on current weather conditions. Health and Wellbeing Sport Digital MediaLink: http://www.blufitbottle.com/ and https://www.camelbakthirst.com/ 9. 9Nikes PHOTOid service Customise trainers via Instagram | Global, 2013 Nike PHOTOiD is an online platform that allows users to customise their trainers with help from their Instagram profile.GlobalIndividuals can connect to their Instagram account via the PHOTOid website and then choose a photo that they would like to see imposed on their trainers. Subsequently, Nike matches the shades from the photo and applies them to a pair of its Air Max 1, 90 or 95s. Cult of Creativity Concierge Living Unique Belonging The Visual Self Performative LeisureRelated SectorsConnected TrendsWhile their shoes are being made, users can also share their designs on various social networks. Retail Fashion SportLink: https://photoid.nike.com/ 10. 10Foresee Plan activities around weather, time of day and preferences | Global, 2013 Foresee is an app that its developers say can help people to plan their activities based on the current weather, time of day and their personal preferences.GlobalAccording to the website : By intelligently analyzing your ideal conditions with the latest weather data, Foresee provides you the best times for your activities. Simply put, Foresee is your personal activity forecast!. The Leisure Upgrade End of Adventure Risk-Free SocietyRelated SectorsConnected TrendsUsers can specify the types of weather conditions they are willing to put up with while undertaking certain activities such as playing sports or going for a walk, with the app then delivering recommendations and suggestions based on real-time information. Leisure SportLink: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/foresee/id597382937?ls=1&mt=8 11. 11Express Biker A vending machine for cyclists | USA, 2013 Express Biker is a vending machine in New York that dispenses cycling parts and accessories.USAPositioned as a self service bike shop kiosk, the machine is intended to appeal to stranded cyclists in need of a bike part when there are no shops either near or open. The vending machine is available to use 24 hours a day and contains parts that cater to the everyday needs of cyclists, including : lights, tubes, patch kits and more. To pay, cyclists simply swipe their credit card or phone; the machines are equipped with a special Sensit delivery system that ensures youve received your product or you will get your money back. Self-Service Redefined Culture of ImmediacyRelated SectorsConnected TrendsAs of June 2013, there were two such kiosks operating in New York, but the company said it had plans to expand its availability along major bike routes. Retail SportLink : http://www.expressbiker.com/ 12. 12Tweet and Shoot lets users play against Tsonga Tennis app launched by We Are Tennis and BNP Paribas | France, 2013 In May 2013, BNP Paribas celebrated the 40th year of its partnership with Roland Garros by teaming up with We Are Tennis to launch the Tweet and Shoot app - an online platform that allowed users to play in a virtual match against French star player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.FrancePlayers were invited to submit shots via Twitter (specifying their location, power and effect). If they were among those randomly picked by the system, the Tweets activated a robot which launched a ball on a tennis court where Tsonga was waiting to receive it. Connected Communities Game On The Celebrity Factor Native MarketingRelated SectorsConnected TrendsIn addition, Tweet and Shoot encouraged tennis fans to share positive messages to all Roland Garros contestants using the #tweetandshoot and #40a hashtags. Sport Digital Media Advertising, Branding and CommunicationsLink: http://tweetandshoot.wearetennis.com/ 13. 13Instabeat Tracking device attaches to goggles and monitors swimmers | Global, 2013 Crowd-funded and launched in May 2013, Instabeat is a tracking device which swimmers can attach to their goggles to monitor different aspects of their performance.GlobalDesigned to be an ultra-light and non-obstructive gadget, it helps swimmers to track heart rate, breathing pace, calorie burn level, laps and turns during their swimming routine. The Quantified Self The Hyper Individual Narrative Data .THNGRelated SectorsConnected TrendsThe device can also be connected with a computer so the swimmer can review their performance and analyse their long-term progress. Sport Leisure Health and WellbeingLink: http://www.instabeat.me/ 14. 14Pop-up gyms from AdidasVenues support the brands #mygirls zine | Global, 2013 Early 2013 saw Adidas promoting its #mygirls campaign by launching a series of pop-up gyms in a number of cities across the world.GlobalThe initiative was designed to support the brands e-zine that features stories from inspirational female athletes and other sportswomen - as well as a range of other content such as style se