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While buying a new furnace, one must consider the AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating that suggests the greatness of a furnace in terms of converting energy into usable heat.


  • There are many furnace installation companies in the USA but there are only a few that supplies quality products and provide proper maintenance services. One such company is New Furnace Installation which has been in this trade for quite some time and has made a mark already. Ventilation and air-conditioning are an integral part of any good office and one need to go for a good supplier in order to ensure quality services and New Furnace Installation is sure to provide you with that.

  • Gas Furnaces Gas ranges Fire places Air conditioners and Thermostats HVAC Boilers Heat pumps, regulators and dryers BBQs and patio heaters Hot water heaters Appliances Indoor air quality appliances Outdoor living appliances Ventilation appliances

  • New Furnace Installation installs all these products and even provides maintenance services. They even provide repair facilities and marketing options for all kinds of brands. They have an excellent customer service desk that is at your service 24/7 365 days a year. They sell the products of different brands and all get these products at the very best prices in the entire market.

  • Phone No: 1-888-934-2748

    Email ID: info@gasfitter.ca