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Funding Opportunities in the Arts & Humanities Office of Research & Commercialization Jo Ann Smith, Ph.D. Slide 2 How Do I Support My Research? Slide 3 Funding Opportunities & Research Development Dr. Jo Ann Smith Research Development Associate Marysol Murcia Grant Opportunity Development Manager Maddy Chokshi Information Specialist Slide 4 What we do Assist in identifying funding opportunities Assist in the limited submission process Guide faculty through the proposal submission process Individually Workshops Assist faculty in the development of proposals for submission and interpreting guidelines Assist in building collaborative research teams Slide 5 Slide 6 How we do it Funding Sources IRIS COS, Foundation Search Workshops Internal and external speakers Internal Programs In-House, Matching Funds Personal Consultations with Faculty Research Development, Grant Writing Slide 7 Identify Funding Sources Assistance to Faculty Identifying Funding Sources IRIS Data Base Community of Science Data Base Foundation Data Base Individual Searches Slide 8 or Agency website Federal agencies only Information provided: Title of program Deadline for application Eligibility Amount/Minimum Maximum range Number of awards Brief description Link to the application guidelines Slide 9 Illinois Research Information Service (IRIS) Serves the arts & humanities and private foundations Different from the iRIS database used by IRB Slide 10 Community of Science (COS) Two components Funding Opportunities over 400,000 grants Expertise 500,000 researcher profiles Automated funding alerts Serves faculty, students and staff Slide 11 Foundation Search Only our unit has access to this database not available to faculty and students Private, corporate, and government grant opportunities 122,000 foundations Profiles of each foundation Slide 12 Grant Day October 26th Slide 13 Grant Day Workshop Bi-annual campus-wide workshop Invited presenters from federal, state, and private funding organizations Discuss proposal preparation tips, strategies, suggestions, common errors Research Interests Modification and future directions Note: CAH is working on bringing NEH and NEA Program Directors to UCF (more to come) Slide 14 Internal Programs In-House Research Grants Research Incentives Matching Funds for Federal Agencies (MFFA) Undergraduate Research Initiative Florida High Tech Corridor Industry Matching Research Program Slide 15 Slide 16 Research Development Assistance to Faculty Preparation of Proposals Discuss Proposals / Research Develop Contacts Editorial Assistance Budgets Program Assessment & Evaluation Slide 17 Examples of Multidisciplinary Proposals NSF Informal Science Drs. Walters, Hughes, Ms. Smith Simulation of the1964-65 New York Worlds Fair History, IST Funded $1.4M NEH Scholarly Editions Dr. Kamroth Digital Media, University of Kansas, Ohio State Funded $170k NSF I3 NSF I3 Dr. Theo Lotz Art and Design students will create science-inspired art and design based on the STEM researchers Art, Engineering Pending $1M Slide 18 Research Development Series 1. Find Funding (COS & IRIS) 2. Grant Writing 3. Partnerships and Collaborations to Increase Grant Funding 4. Building a Budget, Indirect, Subcontracts, & Matching Funds 5. Protecting Human Subjects and the Review Process 6. Protecting Intellectual Property Slide 19 Slide 20 Contact Information Jo Ann Smith, Ph.D., CRA Research Development Associate 2-2223 Marysol Murcia Grant Opportunity Development Manager 2-1166 Maddy Chokshi Information Specialist 2-1141


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