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<ul><li><p>7/23/2019 FT151062 Atul Singh SectionB Heineken</p><p> 1/2</p><p>CASE: HEINKEN N.V. : GLOBAL BRANDING AND ADVERTISINGSubmitted by- Atul Sing</p><p>!T"#"$%&amp;</p><p>Ob'e(ti)e*:1) What are Heinekens strengths and weakness?2) Is Heineken a global brand?3) Evaluate research. What has been learnt?4) How can Heineken be develoed through !arketing co!!unication?") #ole o$ Heinekens head%uarter in shaing the !arketing o$ the brand</p><p>worldwide</p><p>S+luti+n:</p><p>1) Heinekens has alwa&amp;s been a s&amp;!bol o$ re!iu!ness' taste and tradition .</p><p>Heinekens beer had a suerior taste than an&amp; o$ its rivals' best ackage and</p><p>rich tradition o$ beer brewing. Even though Heinekens beer considered bestbut Heineken also !an&amp; shortco!ings like is their inconsistent brand i!age</p><p>across di(erent across it subsidiaries and !arkets where it is sold. In so!e</p><p>geograh&amp;' it was solel&amp; related with secial occasions while in !arkets like</p><p>atin *!erica Heineken was treated as +ust another i!orted Euroean beer.2) ,lobal -rand is one which has consistent i!age and uni%ue i!age a!ong it</p><p>consu!er and rovides single co!!unication globall&amp;. In case o$ Heineken' it</p><p>was !arketed across Euroe' *!erica' *sia*ustralia and *$rica. *lso'</p><p>Heineken brand was throughout acknowledged as a lighter beer o$ suerior</p><p>%ualit&amp; resented in attractive ackaging. /o' it can be said that Heineken is</p><p>a global brand.</p><p>3) 0he /urve&amp; was carried out over all the businesses and was si!l&amp; not</p><p>li!ited to a secic area. /urve&amp; gave eeriences on custo!er ersonalities</p><p>.It assu!ed two !ain consideration rior to undertaking the research taste</p><p>that aealed to the head and eressions o$ $riendshi that aealed to the</p><p>heart. 0he $ocus o$ the eloration was to know a) what the !ale drinkers</p><p>consu!ers i!lied b&amp; taste and $ellowshi in connection to re!iu! brew</p><p>drinking and b) which eression o$ taste and co!anionshi could be</p><p>utilied b&amp; the Heineken to be as a art o$ ro!oting.0he result was that taste eerience' new balanced taste' $roth and</p><p>drinkabilit&amp; were on the to $or roduct changes while ubliciing and</p><p>ackaging were i!ortant indiactors i$ there !arketing rogra! and toenhance the visibilit&amp;. 0his was authenticated with an alternate review where</p><p>it was discovered that the ite! ought to be indicated in !oderate ouring</p><p>shots where brilliant &amp;ellow shade' shining co!osition and reviving coolness</p><p>would be un!istakabl&amp; un!istakable. 0here ought to be re!iu!ness</p><p>included at each level o$ eecution. It ought not be deicted as either a single</p><p>brew or a !ass brewskie however as a lager to be delighted in a</p><p>ickedetraordinar&amp; gathering. 0he connections ought to be true' sel$</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 FT151062 Atul Singh SectionB Heineken</p><p> 2/2</p><p>assured' war!' and ad+usted' showing shared ad!iration and $ree $ro!</p><p>a!use!ent la&amp;ing.</p><p>4) Heineken brand can be develoed b&amp; success$ull&amp; i!arting an uni$or!</p><p>!essage o$ what Heineken stands $or. 0here are distinctive i!ression o$</p><p>Heineken in diverse !arkets. -&amp; distinguishing the ke&amp;s co!onents that isuni$or! over all the businesses vi. taste' $roth and drinkabilit&amp; while</p><p>$ocussing on the decision o$ event to drink 5with unco!!on close ones)' the&amp;</p><p>can bring consistenc&amp; and lainl&amp; ass on crosswise over diverse !arkets</p><p>about what Heineken re!ains $or.") 0he&amp; have to alwa&amp;s oversee the advance!ents o$ the business and their</p><p>advertising all over distinctive arts o$ the world and should guarantee that</p><p>0aste' 6re!iu!ness' 0radition' Winning /irit and 7riendshi are e!bedded</p><p>and assed on and not run over the edge with their ro!otion taking a</p><p>chance with the brand itsel$.</p></li></ul>