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<ul><li><p>8/10/2019 FS Steps to Success</p><p> 1/4</p><p>WhenImm al-Shfi complained to histeacher Wak of his difficulty in retain-ing knowledge, he was given profound</p><p>advice that would become famous lines continuously echoedcenturies later: Abandon sin. For knowledge is a light. Andthe light of God is not granted to the disobedient. Reflectedin the wisdom of this luminarys words, we find a commonunderstanding possessed by the scholars of the Islamic tradi-tion regarding the nature of learning. Namely, that knowl-edge is a divine gift whose acquisition is facilitated through</p><p> Copyright , Te Nur Foundation for Sacred Sciences</p><p>Steps to Success on the Path to Seeking Knowlege</p><p>Steps to Success on the Path to</p><p>Seeking Knowledge</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 FS Steps to Success</p><p> 2/4</p><p>meeting both spiritual conditions related to the heart as well aspractical conditions such as consistency in study. In an Islamictradition whose foundation was based on learning, there was</p><p>generally not considered to be a dichotomy between secular andreligious sciences. All of useful knowledge was regarded as sa-cred and its pursuit, an act of worship. Below is a summary ofsome of the practical steps which lead to success in the pursuitof knowledge based upon the wisdoms of our many great schol-ars, both past and present.</p><p>1. To maintain a consistent and continuous study schedule from the on-</p><p>set of ones coursework. In addition it is essential to be vigilant about</p><p>attending all of ones classes and exerting ones utmost effort in prepa-ration for these classes. It is as the common saying goes, no gain is</p><p>obtained without pain.</p><p>2. To organize ones time and to take advantage of the early hours of the</p><p>day to study, as it is the most productive time of the day due to its bless-</p><p>ing. It is also important to strive to benefit from every moment of ones</p><p>time, for it is the capital of the seekers of knowledge.</p><p>The early men and women of righteousness, and those who later fol-</p><p>lowed in their footsteps, were the most vigilant about ensuring that</p><p>every moment of their time was devoted to good acts. It is related that</p><p>someone once said to mir b. Abd Qays who was one of the pious</p><p>Successors, (tbin al-zuhhd) Converse with me. He said, Hold the</p><p>sun (i.e. halt it and keep it from moving) so that I may converse with</p><p>you. For, time is moving and passing and it never returns once it has</p><p>gone. Once lost, it can never be replaced or made up because for each</p><p>time period was what could have filled it with good works.</p><p>3. To abstain from sins and disobedience. This has a profound impact on</p><p>enhancing the intellects ability to understand and retain information.</p><p>Whereas, sins, bad character, and acts of disobedience serve as obsta-</p><p>cles to the minds ability to learn and absorb information.</p><p> Copyright , Te Nur Foundation for Sacred Sciences</p><p>Steps to Success on the Path to Seeking Knowledge</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 FS Steps to Success</p><p> 3/4</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 FS Steps to Success</p><p> 4/4</p><p>studies. Whereas, an individual who has anxiety and stress as a re-</p><p>sult of not fulfilling their duties will predictably have a more diffi-</p><p>cult time in finding the peace of mind necessary to focus on ones</p><p>studies.</p><p>8. To avoid bad company and squandering ones energy on frivolous</p><p>affairs that waste ones study time such as excessive talk and the like.</p><p>9. To respect ones teachers and maintain proper courtesy with them,if one desires to attain his aspired goals.</p><p>10. 10) To choose a field of study that is consistent with ones interests,</p><p>capabilities, and talents.</p><p> Copyright , Te Nur Foundation for Sacred Sciences</p><p>Steps to Success on the Path to Seeking Knowledge</p></li></ul>