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  • 1. Running head: MOBILE DEVICES 1 Article Review #1 Mobile Devices Jennifer Smith Jacksonville University February 23, 2014

2. Article Review #1 Mobile Devices Cavoukian, A. (2013, November). Encrypt Your Mobile Devices: Do It Now. Canadian Nurses Protective Society, 21(1). Technology is an ever evolving phenomena. The introduction of technology into the healthcare setting has increased overall patient outcomes and unfortunately has become avenues for failures. Mobile devices have the capacity to provide immediate diagnostic assessments and results, patient as well as practitioner education, and a direct line of communication between the medical staff. It is vital that patients personal health information (PHI) is protected from any type of invasion possible. According to the article Encrypt Your Mobile Devices: Do It Now (2013), Ann Cavoukian notes that nurses have a professional and legal obligation to protect the privacy of patients PHI. She also identifies several barriers that may present in terms of hospital and personal liability when utilizing mobile devices. I found the article extremely realistic for practice utilization. The article also incorporates examples of privacy breaches of PHI. The examples presented were down to earth and I could easily identify with them. PHI was compromised, but was of no purposeful fault of the practitioner involved. Henceforth, the importance of encrypting devices when using them for patient care. The issues of Infection Control was discussed briefly, she stated that studies have found high bacterial contamination including MRSA on mobile devices (Cavoukian, 2013). I can definitely appreciated this information, but I feel including some reference points as to which study would have been beneficial for practicing nurses for further research follow-up. 3. Overall, I found the article extremely valuable. Cavoukian listed several precautions to implement for the security of the mobile devices. All of the precautions were useful and appear to be easy to implement. The article was easy to read and comprehend. The information was thorough and straight to the point. I would absolutely recommend this article to any healthcare provider looking to increase the security and integrity of their organization.


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