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  • 1. 1 March 2012Task Force Knighthawk FRSA Flash F O R T D R U M A N N O U N C E S C O M M U N I T Y M E E T I N G U S S E N A T O R G I L L I B B R A N D & H O L L Y P E T R A E U SThe community meeting can consumers from unfair,with U.S. Senator Kirsten deceptive or abusive prac-Gillibrand (N.Y.) and Holly tices at the hands of finan-Petraeus, of the Consumer cial services providers -Financial Protection Bureau, banks, credit card compa-will begin at 3:45 p.m. in nies, mortgage and paydaythe Commons on Friday, lenders, and debt collec-March 2nd. So make sure tors, to name a grab a seat by 3:30when the doors will close! One group in particular isThe discussion will focus often at risk of being tar-on consumer protections geted by unscrupulous Kirsten Gillisbrandand financial issues facing lenders: service membersour military members. and their Families who findGillibrand and Petraeus will themselves in financialfocus their discussion on trouble and strapped forhow to best assist military cash to cover debts and ex-families who are facing fi- penses due to the uniquenancial issues. There also challenges members of thewill be a question-and- military face.answer session for thecommunity.The Consumer Financial Holly PetraeusProtection Bureau was es-tablished to protect Ameri-
  • 2. P a g e 2 Tricare chooses Metlife not United Concordia for dental coverage The U.S. Govern- vidual Ready Reserve, this was $1,200ment Accountability Of- their eligible family mem- Increase in the lifetimefice (GAO) upheld a deci- bers, and Survivors. orthodontic maximumsion to award a $3.1 bil- Beneficiaries will have ac- to $1,750lion Tricare dental plan cess to MetLifes network $1,200 per year forcontract to a different in- with over 161,000 dentist services related to den-surer, its first change in access points, and this tal treatment due to an15 years. number continues to accident as defined in Tricare Manage- grow. the TDP handbookment Activity agency at Additional informa- No cost shares forthe U.S. Department of tion about the contract is scaling and root plan-Defense decided to give available at ing (deep cleaning) forNew York, N.Y.-based Met- diabeticsropolitan Life Insurance TDPcontract and benefit Coverage of an addi-Co. a $3.1 billion dental updates are available at tional (3rd) cleaningplan contract rather than for women duringUnited Concordia Cos., pregnancybased in Harrisburg, Pa. PLEASE NOTE that Expansion of the survi- Tricare managers the change to MetLife is vor benefits to surviv-decided that the MetLife for the TDP program ing spouse and childprovider network suited only. The Active Duty (ren)the military insurance Dental Program will still If you would like toprogram better than be administered by check if your dentist isUnited Concordias net- United Concordia. already part of the Met-work, the Pittsburgh Post Changes to the TDP Life network, please clickGazette reported. will include enhanced Find a Dentist on theUnited Concordia, a divi- dental coverage at a lower right and search for asion of Pittsburgh, Pa.- premium share than be- DPPO provider. If the den- fore. MetLife will distrib- tist is not a member, den-based Highmark, was the ute program information, tists can easily request anTricare dental program provider network details application on our web-provider for 15 years. beginning in first quar- site for dentists, http:// ter 2012. Effective May 1, Highlights to the2012, MetLife will become benefits and enhance-the dental carrier for the ments are listed below:TDP. MetLife will begin Coverage of posterior Claims will continue toproviding dental coverage resin (tooth colored/ be processed as they areto over 2 million family white) fillingsmembers of uniformed now and changes in the Increase in the annualservice active duty per- mailing address, claims maximum to $1,300sonnel, members of the per enrollee (formerly processing, etc. will beSelected Reserve and Indi- provided in early 2012
  • 3. P a g e 3 Effective May 1, 2012 M e t L i f e w i l l b e c o m e t h e d e n t a l c a r r i e r f o r t h e T r i c a r e D e n t a l P l a n . MetLife and United General and Family Den- WATERTOWN, NY 13601Concordia, the current TDP tistry Tel 315 788 7070contractor, are working to- ** Please note that this isgether to complete the con- not a complete list just WESTSIDE DENTALtract transition activities for some within the Fort Drum 1116 ARSENAL ST STE 202MetLifes start on May 1, area. WATERTOWN, NY 136012012. TDP claims with a For a list of participating Tel 315 779 2222date of service prior to May Dentists or for specialists go1, 2012 will continue to be to THOMAS P MCCUEprocessed by United and click on the search box 2 S MAIN STConcordia until April 30, in the upper right. PHILADELPHIA, NY 136732013. All TDP claims with a Tel 315 642 0318date of service on or after CARTHAGE DENTAL CAREMay 1, 2012 will be submit- 35761 SAYRE RD SARAH LATIFted to MetLife. Please make CARTHAGE, NY 13619 STEPHEN A AHLGRIM Tel 315 493 6003 125 MULLIN STnote of these important WATERTOWN, NY 13601dates to ensure timely proc- CARTHAGE COMMUNITY Tel 315 782 2241essing of your TDP claims. DENTAL CLINIC The new TDP contract 3 BRIDGE STthat MetLife will be adminis- CARTHAGE, NY 14319tering is not to be confused Tel 315 493 3510with the separate TRICAREdental contract that covers LACLAIR FAMILY DENTALeligible uniformed service 111 S MECHANIC STmembers. The Active Duty CARTHAGE, NY 13619Dental Program (ADDP) will Tel 315 493 1184continue to be administered SUNSHINE DENTALby United Concordia. Met- 140 EASTERN BLVDLife is looking forward to WATERTOWN, NY 13601the opportunity to provide Tel 315 779 8080quality dental coverage andoral health educational pro- ASPEN DENTALgrams to the more than 2 20991 ARSENAL ST NYS RTE 3million TDP beneficiaries, WATERTOWN, NY 13601which include the family Tel 315 785 9620members of all active dutyuniformed services person- NORTH COUNTRY CHIL- DRENS CLINICnel, members of the Na- 238 ARSENAL STtional Guard and Reserves, WATERTOWN, NY 13601and their eligible family Tel 315 788 9834members. JEFFERSON DENTAL HEALTH 19333 US ROUTE 11
  • 4. P a g e 4 March 2012 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 F R G S C H E D U L E D M E E T I N G S & E V E N T SE Co F Co (Pathfinders)(Knightriders) Thurs., March 8 @ 5:30pmFri. 9 Mar: Pay your FRG Meetinggrade fundraiserThurs. 15 Mar: FRG Meet- G Co (Intruders)ing Sat. 17Mar: Meeting, St.Sat. 17 Mar: Bowling Patricks Day Theme, TimeWed. 21 Mar: PT Breakfast and