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  • 1. FRSA Flash May 23, 2012 FRSA FLASH FRG Meetings / Events HHT FRG Meeting 14 June 5:30pm Pine Plains Bowling Center A Troop FRG Meeting TBD A Co., 2-10 FRG Meatball Sub Fundraiser 1 June 1100-1300 at the Six Shooters Hangar B Co., 1-10 FRG Meeting TBD C Troop FRG Meeting TBD D Troop Spouses Dinner Out IHO Kim Hill 31 May 6pm Maggies on the River TF Six Shooters E Troop FRG Meeting TBD Squadron Steering Meeting 7 June 5:30pm Squadron Classroom 6-6 CAV This weeks issue includes Pg 2 = AnnouncementsFORT DRUM Pg 8 = Upcoming Events Pg 13 = Upcoming Training Pg 16 = Chapel Services Pg 17 = Things to Do Pg 19 = Youth Fun and Activities Pg 20 = Single Soldier Events Unit Events Pg 23 = FRG Corner 25-28 May Memorial Day Holiday 29 May 1030 HHT Change of Responsibility @ the Six Shooters Hangar 1 June Squadron Change of Command 2pm @ the Six Shooters Hangar Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Materials presented does not represent the views or endorsement of Task Force Six Shooters, 6-6 CAV or the Army. This material is for personal use of the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines.
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  • 3. Jefferson County Youth BureauVirginia Harrington, Director 175 Arsenal Street Watertown, New York 13601 315 785 3382 (phone) 315 785 3223 (fax) Notice 2012 Recreation Scholarships Available The Jefferson County Youth Bureau is pleased to announce the availability of recreation scholarships. These scholarships are for children and youth who do not have the opportunity to participate in recreational, social, or cultural events, and who are at risk for not developing to their fullest potential. The funding for the scholarships is provided by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and through an Adopting Healthy Habits grant from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County. Scholarships are available for recreational, cultural, educational, or social activities that have been demonstrated to be of value to increasing abilities, talents or positive relationships. Examples are: registration fees for sports leagues, fees for participation in karate or outdoor adventure programs, computer camps, dance, art or music les- sons. The maximum amount per scholarship for these skill building activities is $400, and may include equip- ment or clothing necessary to participate in the activity. Limited scholarships are also available for general camp experiences. Adopting Healthy Habits scholarships for camp cover expenses up to $400. Youth Bureau scholarships for camp cover expenses up to $200. Because of a change in NYS OCFS regulations, it is now permissible for parents to pay a portion of the cost. We are no longer able to fund YMCA memberships. Young people or their parents may contact the YMCA di- rectly to discuss possible financial assistance. To nominate a young person for a scholarship, please complete the enclosed application form and return it to the Jefferson County Youth Bureau by mail (175 Arsenal St., Watertown, N.Y. 13601, fax (785 3223) or e-mail ( You may duplicate the application for additional nominations. The agency or person making the nomination will be notified of the decision. It will be the responsibility of that person or agency to help the child and family with any necessary arrangements, if necessary (for example: regis- tration, transportation). Confidentiality of applications will be honored. Please contact the Youth Bureau (785 3382) if you have any questions or need additional information. FRSA FLASH Page 3
  • 4. Kindergarten Registration DatesPage 4 TF SIX SHOOTERS 6-6 CAV
  • 5. NY State Regents Exam DatesFRSA FLASH Page 5
  • 6. FORT DRUM THRIFT SHOP, Inc. Are you PCSing? Are your closets and storage rooms bustingat the seams? Do you have too much junk in the house that youwant to get rid of? Would you like to make some extra MONEYwhile cleaning it out? If you said YES to any of these questions,then you need to head on over to the FORT DRUM THRIFTSHOP! Or call 315-772-7189 to set up a PCS appointment! The Fort Drum Thrift Shop is your one stop shop to get rid ofall your unwanted items or to acquire more treasures! We take do-nations 24 hours a day in our front lobby or we offer consign-ments daily from 0930-1230. We also offer PCS appointments toanyone who is within 90 days of PCS/ETSing in or out of post.What is a PCS appointment you ask? A PCS appointment allowsyou to do 1 LARGE Consignment Drop Off and youll be assured your consignment check will be for- warded to you. The Thrift Shop is OPEN Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 0930-1400. We are located on old post, Bldg. P55 First St. & Quartermaster Rd. For Sale Specials, Consignment Info or Donation Info call 315-772-7189 or visit us on the WEB @ thriftshopinc.webs.comPage 6 TF SIX SHOOTERS 6-6 CAV
  • 7. Local Food Pantries PANTRY SITE ADDRESS PHONE NUMBERCAPC 518 Davidson St. Watertown 782-4900Faith Fellowship 131 Moore Ave Watertown 782-4421Urban Mission 47 Factory St. Watertown 782-8440Adams Rhode Center 2 E. Church St Adams 232-2621Alex Bay Reform Church Reformed Church 54 Church St. Alex Bay 482-9426Antwerp 45 Main St. Antwerp 13608 659-2419Cape Vincent United Church United Church of Cape Vincent 654-4555 260 E. Broadway, Cape Vincent 654-3302Carthage V.E,M. 452 S. Washington St. 493-1341Chaumont Naturally Yours Dried Flowers 649-2424Clayton St. Marys Church 686-5164St. Marys Church 521 James St, ClaytonDepauville A New Life A New Life 686-0227 32498 Rte 12, DepauvilleEvans Mills St. Marys Church St. Marys Catholic Church 629-4683LafargeVille Orleans Outreach Orleans Outreach Building 658-2642 LafargeVillePhiladelphia Indian River Baptist Church 628-3122Redwood St Pauls Fellowship Hall 482-2914 Redwood 482-4029Sackets