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AboutFrozen YogurtAustralia

At Frozen Yogurt Australia, they manufactures dessert bases of high quality and distribute it worldwide.They provides Frozen Yogurt Bases including Monalisa, YoDLite, YoFrost.Soft Serve Bases including Classic Vanilla, Traditional Vanilla, Nova Vanilla, Creme Freeze, Monalisa Soft Sorbet.Beverage powders, including Velvet Dairy frappe andCreativeyoghurt smoothie bases, ExquisiteWhite Chocolate, Aromatic Spiced Chai Latte and more.

Frozen Yogurt Bases

Soft Serve Bases

Beverage Bases

1976Frozen Yogurt Australia started manufacturing to launch its high quality taste soft serve ice cream1986Frozen Yogurt Australia started producing frozen yogurt for the first time to meet the market demand

2001Internalization successfully initiated this year & Frozen Yogurt Australia is now exporting worldwide2014Frozen Yogurt Australia set to launch its most unique beverage range in different flavours

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