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  1. 1. The Rise of mHealth in Asia-Pacific Asia-Trends Impacting Healthcare Business Models Rhenu Bhuller Vice President, HealthcareDecember 11th, 2012
  2. 2. Connected Health
  3. 3. Megatrends Impacting the Entire Spectrum of Care A modern health care system is on the horizon, demanding a paradigm shiftFrom......ToOne Size Fits AllAPPROACH Personalized MedicineFragmented, One-wayINFORMATION FLOW Integrated, Two WayProvider Centric FOCUSPatient CentricCentralized, Hospital-basedLOCATIONDecentralized, Community-basedFragmented, Specialized TREATMENTCollaborative, Shared InformationProcedure-based REIMBURSEMENTOutcomes-basedTreating SicknessOBJECTIVE Preventing Sickness (Wellness) Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
  4. 4. Shifting Emphasis From Acute Care to PreventionTrack, Predict, Intervene, Manage Prevention/Wellness Early identification and prevention New forms of care delivery to improve collaborationamong providers, patient knowledge, self-help andhealth Increase coverage for those services which preventGoal:Size of Impacted Populationdisease and improve health over long term;Keep Peopleincentivize better chronic disease management Healthy Longer Goal: Disease/Care Manage Managementor MitigateGoal:Risk DiagnoseandReduceGoal: Treatment Move toGoal: Delay More Manage Goal:Interaction and Informed Self-DecisionsMgmtHealthy/At Risk Undiagnosed Chronically Ill Chronically Ill EndWorried WellManagedUnmanaged of Life Continuum of CareSource: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
  5. 5. Settings for Care ProvisionDiagnostic Planned interventions SpecialistDTreatment centresEmergency care Specialist care centresSecondary care Complex diagnostic treatment Serving population of 250K, 500K Tertiary care& inpatient care and 1,000K on central city sitesResource centres Basic Diagnostic Services CommunityCCommunity hospitalsDay interventions Community care centresMinor injuries Serving populations of 100K Nurse-led inpatient care In the heart of the community Intensive rehabilitation Chronic care managementSurgeriesSocial care Health and SocialBDrop in centresPrimary care Health and social care centres Healthy living centres Outreach care Close to home, serving populationsInformation and advice Of up to 10KHome Self care HomeANursing home MonitoringPharmacy Automated treatmentCyber caf Information and adviceHealth kiosk NHS Direct
  6. 6. Healthcare Outlook for the Long-Term Savvy Consumers Regulations & CertificationGlobalizationBudgetary Restraints= Emerging Economies Economic Development= Provision Better Health & Longer LifespanBeing Re- = configured Pain Points Greater Burden of Chronic Disease= Increased Need for Healthcare Services= Growing Opportunity for Healthcare and Related Industries Innovation
  7. 7. What Does This New Healthcare World Look Like?More emphasis on diagnosis, monitoring, Tighter cost constraints, decliningpreventative care = reimbursement, more expensive tools = INCREASED COLLABORATIONBETTER FINANCIAL MANAGEMENTP4P, more public scrutiny, evidence- Greater info flows to support training,based medicine = supply chain, patient educationTRACK AND DOCUMENT OUTCOMESCOMMUNICATIONS AND CONTENT
  8. 8. Connected Health Ecosystem Video Diagnostic Home and DiseaseConsultation Management Monitoring Remote Doctor/Specialist Activity MonitoringServices Remote Monitoring Diabetes Management Distance Wellness ProgramsLearning/Simulation Remote Cardiac ECG Retail Telehealth PERS TeleImagingIHCIN Medication Management TelemedicinemHealth Electronic Health ProfessionalRecords (EHR)Apps Health Information Wellness AppsExchange (HIE)General Fitness Apps Patient PortalsHealthcare IT (CIS and Texting Hosted Cloudnon-CIS) InformationalInfrastructure ServicesSource: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
  9. 9. Telehealth Will be Enabled with Various DevicesTelehealth Video Monitors TV as Access Device Smartphones & Tablets Act as home hub for plug-in In place in nearly 100% Widespread use amongof various devices, support of households clinicians and consumerstwo-way communications High penetration and Easy to deploy and diffuse Difficult to deploy and comfort with use by new applications andprovision at large scaleelderly populationsolutions Will be displaced by New capabilities with Addition of mobilityconsumer devicesmotion sensingincreases value of appsSource: Frost & Sullivan.
  10. 10. The Mobile Health Market cuts across from day to daylife to acute care Fitness monitors Activity monitors
  11. 11. Future Trends
  12. 12. Moving Forward . . .MarketOpportunities
  13. 13. Mobile health continues to extend the reachability ofhealthcare platforms
  14. 14. Advancements in mobile phone technologies are enablingprospects for improved healthcare delivery
  15. 15. . . . and Will Include The Entire Continuum of Care Workplace Wellness:Fitness, Rejuvenation,Healthy Villages Nutritional, Fitness, and Beauty Centers Preventive Wellness Medical Wellness: Retirements HomesSpa, Nutritional, Rejuvenation, Rehabilitation Hospitality Wellness: Spa, Fitness Assisted Lifestyle Villages & Townships HealthInstitutionalManagement CommunityPrimary Care Health Centers: Centre Day CarePreventive, Nutritional, Alternative IllnessHome Care Hospitals:Acute & Chronic Care Mobile Clinics Age Sphere: Lifelong Continuum from womb to tomb
  16. 16. Moving Closer to Home...........100% Healthy, IndependentLivingHealthy, Independent LivingCommunity ClinicCommunity ClinicHOMEChronic DiseaseChronic Disease CARE ManagementManagement Doctor s OfficeDoctors Office Quality of lifeAssisted LivingAssisted Living RESIDENTIAL Specialty ClinicSpecialty Clinic CARESkilled NursingSkilled Nursing FacilityFacilityCommunityACUTECommunity Hospital Hospital CARE ICU ICU 0% $1 $10 $100$1,000 $10,000Cost of care per day
  17. 17. To a Patient Centric Engagement ModelStrongest center of influenceCollaborationFAMILIES on behavior changewith payersand providersDirect toto drive CONSUMERconsumertechnology VENDORSINFO and applications,innovation. APPS advice, qualityAll devicesratings, etc.connectremotely New era of Emphasis on collaboration, EMPLOYERSPROVIDERS wellnesscommunication, programs andengagement incentivesData and information for PAYERS shared decision-making,Direct patient engagement Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
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  19. 19. Thank YouFrost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, partners with clients to accelerate their growth. The companys TEAM Research, Growth Consulting and Growth Team Membership empower clients to create a growth-focused culture that generates, evaluates and implements effective growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan employs over 45 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies, emerging businesses and the investment community from 40 offices on six continents. For more information about Frost & Sullivans Growth Partnerships, visit http://www.frost.comRhenu BhullerVice President, Healthcare www.frost.comPractice, Asia Pacificrbhuller@frost.comDonna Jeremiah Jessie LohDirector ManagerCorporate Communications Corporate CommunicationsFrost & Sullivan Asia PacificFrost & Sullivan Asia pacific+61 (02) 8247 8927 65 6890