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Post on 26-May-2015



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  • 1. Last week I gave you one of the biggest secrets to achieving a flat stomach. So, hows it going? Have you started eating breakfast regularly? Have you noticed any changes? I know from experience, that my clients feel more alert and focused for the day compared to not eating breakfast that makes them more sluggish, unproductive and miserable. So my next big tip of the week is.Always deadlift and squat!! These are my favorite exercises, as they will make you stronger and more defined. They target all major muscle groups especially your buttocks (gluts), stomach (abdominals) and thighs. Try super-setting both exercises together, that means performing both exercises back to back with no recovery, 3 sets of 12 reps. You can incorporate these exercises into any fitness routine and I guarantee you will see results in a short period of time. Now remember your not going to see changes overnight but as you integrate these exercises into your routine they will give you a good platform to start from. I hope this weeks blog has been useful and please share it with others, feel free to get connected with me on. FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle +PintrestAdam Strong is a Personal Trainer, Athlete, Author and Transformation Coach. His company Xclusive Corporate Fitness specialises in combating burnout and depression using positive motivation, corrective exercise and nutritional strategies. He has

2. creating a 12-step programme for city executives that are stressed, exhausted and overworked. Adam Strong +44 (0) 7738-276169