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  • 1. Frisbee WhizBy Owen Williams

2. Which Frisbee Will Travel TheFarthestI will be testing different types of frisbees to seewhich will go the farthest.My types will be the Ultimate Frisbee, TheXtreme Air and the foam frisbee. Which will gofarthest?The independent variable is the frisbees and thedependent varible is the distance traveled.Some of the controlled variables are standing inthe same spot, same person throwing, samethrowing style, no interferences. 3. Ultimate FrisbeeThe best weight is apparently 175g and the bestsize is 10.75 in. across. The actual weight wasreally 173.6g and the real size was 10.8 in.across. 4. Xtreme AirThe weight of the Xtreme Air was 79.6g and thesize was 11.5 in. across.The Xtreme Air was a little beat up so that couldbe a factor. 5. The Foam FrisbeeThe foam frisbee has a weight of 20.1g and awidth of 8.8 in. 6. MaterialsFoam FrisbeeXtreme AirUltimate FrisbeeTrundle wheel 7. HypothesisIf the weight of the frisbee relates to how far thefrisbee traveles, then the Ultimate Frisbee will gofarthest because it is the heaviest. 8. Procedures1st: Throw the frisbee from the starting point.2nd: Measure the distance it travelled using thetrundle wheel.3rd: Record the data.4th: Repeat steps 1-3 4 more times.Repeat Steps 1-4 with other frisbees 9. Testing 10. ResultsFrisbees Trail 1 Trail 2 Trail 3 Trail 4 Trail 5 Average (m) (m) (m) (m) (m) (m)Xtreme28.2 39.1295 465539.6AirFoam89 11.77.9 10.49.4FrisbeeUltmate 28.8 3436.622.533.131Frisbee 11. Series 1 40 35 30Distance (m) 25 20Xtreme Air 15Foam Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee 1050Xtreme AirFoamUltimate FrisbeeFrisbee Frisbees 12. ConclusionIf the amount of weight relates to the distance thefrisbee travels, then the Ultimate Frisbee will gofarthest. My hypothesis was not supported, theXtreme Air went the farthest. I think that the distancedepended upon width. The Xtreme Air was wider thanthe Ultimate by .7in. I think that this is enough to gainabout 8.6 meters. The foam frisbee was 8.8in in widthand it did terribly compared to the others. Anotherfactor may be that the Xtreme Air did not have a lip.So instead of plowing though the air, it cut though theair. Another factor could be that the hole in the middleallows it to fly through downdrafts. The hole in themiddle lets the downdrafts flow through the it insteadof being forced down. 13. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!!