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Describes the work of the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem


  • 1.The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem
    • Supporting schools, hospitals, clinics, and programs of the
  • Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Building Presence, Building Peace 2.

  • Salaam
  • Welcome
  • The American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem invite you to explore the work of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Jerusalem.
  • We hope that you and your parish will join us in building partnerships with our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

3. Diocese in Jerusalem

  • The Episcopal Church is a small part of a tiny Christian presence with just 32 clergy and one bishop, the Right Reverend Suheil Dawani.
  • Though small in number its ministry is remarkable
  • and greatly admired across the religious and social divide.
          • Principally through schools, hospitals and churches its presence in the Holy Land has given hope to many and has been a faithful witness to the love of God in Christ.

4. Christians in the Holy Land

  • The percentage of Christians in the Holy Land has dropped significantly in the past 60 years:
  • 50% in 1947
  • 5% in 1999
  • Under 2% in 2008

5. Loss of Land 1946 to 2005 6. Where the Diocese Works Galilee Gaza Ramallah, West Bank Jordan Beirut, Lebanon West Bank Nablus, West Bank 7. Maps of program areas Church as a mobilizing force Lebanon 8. Schools Supported by the Diocese 9. The Arab Evangelical School in Ramallah Building blocks of peace Tolerance and respect 10. The Episcopal Technological & Vocational Training CenterRamallah, West Bank A multipurpose center, teaching expertise in different fields of education 11. Theodor Schneller School in Marka, Jordan Breaking the Cycle of bitterness and disappointment for third Generation refugees by providing a stable and loving environment and an education that leads to employment 12.

  • In a conservative Muslimkingdomthis schoolempowers girls to choose a life at home, in businessor in public life

The Ahliyyah School for Girls in Amman, Jordan 13. Holy Land Institute for the Deaf in Salt, Jordan

  • Ending the isolation of physical and
  • mental handicap, championing community-based solutions

14. St. Georges School,Jerusalem Achieving good aims andimproving life as a whole . 15. Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children,East Jerusalem 16. Parish Life

  • In difficult circumstances the parishes join with other Christian denominations in their localities to support young people, children, the elderly, women and those in need of spiritual and physical solace. 17. Women's Empowerment October 2007- The First Arab AnglicanWomens Convention of the Diocese of Jerusalem 18. Working with young people in the parishes

  • Giving teenagers a safe space to express their frustrations
  • Helping them to seize their part in the peace process and claim a future in their homeland .

19. Summer Camps

  • InterfaithSummer Camps
  • Kids4Peace
  • Sunday School Summer Camps 20. St. Peters Retirement HomeBir Zeit, West Bank Facility is Currently Under Construction 21. Health Care Facilities 22. Penman Clinic Zebabdeh, West Bank Offering medical care to eleven neighboring villages 23. St Lukes Hospital - Nablus Assisting those in need since 24. Ahli Arab Hospital - Gaza

  • Caring for the Sick and Injured
  • Offering a safe place for refuge and recovery
  • All are welcome for treatment

25. These are the faces of Christs people of Palestine; listen to them. 26. Consider how God is calling you to build a presence with ourPalestinian brothers & sisters 27. Join us! Support the American Friends of theEpiscopal Diocese of Jerusalem. 28.

  • How can you support
  • the work of AFEDJ?
  • Talk about this story of the Palestinian Church with friends within and beyond your parish community.
  • Learn more about what you have seen by logging or the AFEDJ website:www.american [email_address] .
  • Connect with a AFEDJ missioner; invite him/her to speak at your outreach committee meeting, to your deanery gathering, with your congregation.

29. Additional Ways to supportthe work of AFEDJ

  • Create ways to raise money to support a parishes, a special project, or the institution of your choice.
  • Foster relationships with children in a parish, a hospital or school in the Diocese of Jerusalem.
  • Consider making your own pilgrimage to the Holy Land.It is an experience that will change your life.
  • Pray for the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem regularly and include the diocese and its work in your parish prayers.
  • .


  • For further ideas for your parish, to arrange partnerships, for questions, contact Anne Lynn, Director of AFEDJ at 203-655-3575 or[email_address]

31. Salaam Peace! To make your contribution: AFEDJ P.O. Box 2040,Orange, California 92859