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  • Thursday, March 18, 2010: For Priorys own RoboRebels, six weeks of designing, building, programming, testing, and repairing a robot culminated in the moment they stepped into the Chaifetz Arena. As the team began to unpack their robot from shipping, assemble their pit, and frantically work to ensure everything met regulations, this reporter can only imagine the sense of accomplishment most felt in making it even this far. Replacing the trickle of trained but unreliable labor from the girls of Visitation with a flood of junior-schoolers, the former VIPERs of team 1329 worked in two-hour shifts to complete the robot, many devoting almost all of their free

    time as the competition approached. The added manpower a l lowed fo r the construction of a prototype robot as well, which meant twice the work. However, it also meant that the team had more time to refine the programming and crucial aspects of the robots hardware. When it was time to compete, the RoboRebels familiarity with their prototype caused them to swap out its parts with those of the original robot. Just as teams from as far away as Ohio, Minnesota, and Florida were doing, 1329 spent their Thursday fine tuning their robot to pass inspection and testing their equipment. A dedicated pit crew was ins t rumenta l in p repar ing for the competition, and it would continue to prove its worth well into Friday and Saturday. Although it wound up taking most of the day to receive the clear for the robot to

    compete, it was a far cry from the horrors of last year, and much better than many of the other teams, one of whom drilled holes in their robot all through Thursday to remove the eight pounds of excess weight. Unlike their drill-happy adversaries, Priorys own managed to test most of their equipment and respond to the more serious issues. However, previous competitions had shown this was no guarantee that the robot would run smoothly, and the next day the RoboRobels received several brutal reminders. While infinitely better than last year, technical difficulties plagued the team all throughout the prelims on Friday. Two matches were lost because of radio problems, Plexiglas shattered, and the drive chain snapped in the high contact, high s t r e s s

    The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School since 1960Volume 40, Issue 22

    The Record Friday, March 26, 2010

    Zach Weiss, 11Staff Writer

    Robotics 2nd at Regionals, Sets Record

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  • 1. Six Flags If you like lots of fun this is the place for you to be. It opens Friday, April 2, although the water park doesnt open for a while. My favorite ride at Six Flags is one of the originals, The Batman and I suggest you try it if you like a rush.

    2. The Galaxy Theater Watching movies is an option year round and is a l w a y s f u n . T h e G a l a x y i n t h e Chesterfield Valley is my favorite because of the Mega Screen it has.

    3. The Botanical Gardens This 79 acre garden in South City is the perfect location to enjoy the outdoor weather in Saint Louis. The 100+ year old trees, the newly budding flowers and the dozens of fountains make it the best place to enjoy nature without having to drive out of Saint Louis.

    4. Bushwhackers Paintballing is a much loved thing among young teenage boys. This paintball park has six different fields to play on and is open all year round.

    5. Forest Park what more could you ask for? A beautiful park where you can ride your bike, play soccer, baseball, football, and Frisbee, and have a picnic. This is a fun place to go with family and friends and is a good place to go in the spring.

    Friday, March 26, 2010Volume 40, Issue 22

    Entertainment/OpinionsThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

    The Record StaffEditor in Chief:

    Patrick R. Mulvihill, 10

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    Chad E. Huber, 10

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    Sean J. Lamb, 10

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    Quinn Underriner, 10Opinions Editor:

    Kevin Hess, 11Sports Editor:

    David Taiclet, 11

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    Mrs. Barbara K. Sams

    In this issue...

    Patrick Mulvihill, 10

    Sean Lamb, 10

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    Zach Weiss, 11

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    Trevor Jin, 12

    Austin Hakim, 15

    Aris Sevastianos, 15

    The Record is the official student publication of Saint Louis Priory School in St. Louis, Missouri. It is produced by student editors/staff members. Its purpose is threefold: to inform students of events in the community; to encourage discussion of local, national, and international issues; and to serve as a training ground for budding journalists, photographers, and graphic designers. The Record accepts contributions from all members o f the Pr iory community , including students, faculty, and alumni. The Record will not publish content considered legally unprotected speech, including but not limited to: libel, copyright infringement, unwarranted invasion of privacy, or material disruption of the educational process. Student editors apply professional standards to the production of the newspaper and are solely responsible for all content, both explicit and implicit. Letters to the Editors are always appreciated. Feedback not intended for publication is also welcome.

    The Record Disclaimer

    This movie was both fascinating and mind-boggling. Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner are set on a case a s F e d e r a l M a r s h a l l s t o investigate a mysterious break out of a prisoner on an island made just for the criminally insane. Unfortunately for him, the workers on the island are all suspicious and to top it off a hurricane blows in, preventing an early exit. This is one of the few movies I have seen in awhile where you literally have no idea what is going on (in a good way)

    as Martin Scorsese puts you in the view of a man just trying to get along. It kept me guessing the whole way even to the end, and was well worth the ride. It is surprisingly unlike what the trailer shows, and not a generic horror movie at all. Its smart, smarter than all of us and looks can be deceiving. It

    doesnt have millions of dollars worth of animation, or blue aliens, or 3-D, thank goodness. Instead of feeling like youre just a member of the audience, you will feel a part in the movie. A bond between you and the main character and his depressing struggle with whats real and what is imaginary is formed easily. See this movie. It is the best 2010 has given, and will be well worth the money. 4/5 Stars.

    Shutter Island Review

    Austin Hakim, 15Staff Writer

    Saint Louiss Top 5 Places to go in the Spring

    Trevor Jin, 12Entertainment Writer

  • The Indian military has come up with the new non-toxic weapon against terrorism: the thumb-sized "bhut jolokia," or "ghost chili." They plan to use this chili to make tear gas-like hand grenades to immobilize suspects. This chili has more than 1,000,000 Scoville units, which is the scientific measurement of a chili's spiciness. Tabasco sauce ranges from 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville units, while jalapeno peppers measure anywhere from 2,500 to 8,000. This means that the ghost chili is more than 100 times hotter than a jalapeno. The Indian military plans to use these gas grenades to choke people out of hiding. However, the Indian government is also planning of making an aerosol spray made from the ghost chili to be used by women against attackers so Indian men beware!

    Friday, March 12, 2010Volume 40, Issue 22

    Editorials, Weekly UpdateThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

    Weekly Calendar

    Wednesday, 3/31/2010

    Easter Break begins with last class

    Thursday, 3/18/2010


    Friday, 3/26/2010

    Saturday, 3/27/2010

    Monday, 3/29/2010

    Tuesday, 3/30/2010

    7:15-9:00pm Form V Mock College Admission Program

    Weekly Lunches3/12 - 3/19

    Friday, 3/12Pancake Bar

    Monday, 3/15

    Chicken and DumplingsTuesday, 3/16

    Hot Dog with Chili

    Wednesday, 3/17 Mostaciolli

    Thursday, 3/18



    Chili Weapons:The Weapons of the Future...

    Kevin Hess, 10Staff Writer

    As the spring term starts, I hear collective groaning among diehard sports fans. The same sad words echo throughout the halls, There are no good spring sports to cheer for, they say. This, however, is a false statement. Although I grant that tennis and track are not much to cheer about, the Spirit Club has high aspirations for this baseball season. Ideas are circulating about a day at the beach game. This would include swimsuits, obnoxious amounts of sunscreen, and kiddie pools. Other ideas include the classic toga day and dress like a pirate day. More to come on these themed games, but for now stay on the watch for more information and please go out and support your baseball Rebels.

    LOST ITEMAlex Haueisen (Form III) lost his Assignment

    Notebook and it is very important that he finds it. Inside the front cover it says Property of Me

    so if you find it please contact Alex.

    Spirit ClubBaseball: A Priory Pastime

    What Grinds My Gears

    Mike Haueisen, 10Editorials Editor

    Prom is coming up. We all know this. This is your official reminder from the love doctors: ask your date sooner as opposed to later. April 1st makes an excellent deadline. You can do this in a number of simple ways. If you are not romantically involved, a simple message on her car (car markers, post-it notes) should suffice. If you want to make a statement to this lovely lady, however, go above and beyond. Flowers, cakes, body paint, sky-writing, anything fun and memorable should be attempted. Im out, keep lovin.

    Billy Brohan and Benny Broski

    Love Experts

    Patrick Mulvihill, 10Editor in Chief

    The Love DenAsk your date to Prom. Now

    What Grinds My Gears

    You know what grinds my gears? When Mikey Haueisen doesnt turn in an article.

  • PuzzlesThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

    Friday, March 26, 2010Volume 40, Issue 22

    Crossword PuzzleACROSS1. Crystal-lined stone6. Offensively malodorous10. Drift14. Colorado resort15. Coastal raptor16. Notion17. Not now18. Earl Grey and orange pekoe19. Speaker's platform20. Promising22. They come from hens23. Atlantic food fish24. Ancient ascetic26. Giggles30. Precipitous32. Backside33. Small35. Malicious burning39. Fragrance41. Tear42. Depart43. III44. False god46. Once again47. Increase49. Bovine mammaries

    51. Gather on the surface, chemically54. African antelope55. Rodents56. Betrothal63. Decorative case64. Defeat disastrously65. Not at any time66. Canvas dwelling67. Indolent68. Nigerian monetary unit69. Jittery70. Cobras71. A mixture of 2 or more metals

    DOWN1. Celebration2. Jacob's brother3. Chooses4. Profound5. Make wealthy6. Malodorous7. Chocolate cookie8. A Central American sloth9. Tenant10. Throughout far and wide11. Maxim

    12. Pretend13. Piece of armor for a thigh 21. Price25. Secure against leakage26. Not first27. Part of a foot28. ___-friendly29. Unselfishness30. Malicious31. Erratum34. Colored part of an eye36. Rational37. Not under38. Current event information40. Rip 45. Breathing organ48. European peninsula50. Chaperone51. Mountain crest52. Old hat53. Bitten54. Movable fence barriers57. Gestures of acceptance58. Swallow59. Breakfast or supper60. Wickedness61. A Roman emperor62. In a cafeteria, what food is served on

    Sudokus Word SearchWORDBANK



































    - Winston Churchill

  • The Priory Rebels Baseball team started their 2010 season off right with a victory over Herculaneum by means of a come-from-behind win in the bottom of the 7th inning. Senior Brendan McDermott started on the mound and threw four great innings. After one, the Rebels were down by 2 and came back to take the lead. The lead changed hands several times during the game and was a nail biter. After four, senior Jay Wortham came in to close the game with an outstanding performance of five strikeouts, three of which were in one inning. With solid defense and fantastic pitching from both seniors, the Black Cats were unable to generate any offense, which gave the Rebels their chance. Going into the bottom of the 7th inning, Herky led 7-5. After lead off hits by James Kopfensteiner and Luke Simpson, Nick Thompson laid down a perfect bunt down the third base line to advance the runners. Next batter, John Notter hit a single into the left-center gap, scoring two to tie the game. With the game on the line, the Rebels counted on sophomore Carter Gage to deliver, and deliver he did. Carter, with a walk-off single, buckled down under the pressure and came through for his teammates. This exciting win finally buries the hatchet with Herky, and has given the Rebels their proof that their hard work and determination is beginning to pay off. However, we must not get complacent here. There is a long season ahead and we must keep our composure. Next varsity game will be this Friday 4:15pm at Priory. The fans were great last gameLets keep it up!

    Rank Country Points Key Players

    1 Spain 1642 Iker Casillas (Goalie); Pepe Reina (Goalie); Fernado Torres (Forward)

    2 Brazil 1594 Julio Cesar (Goalie); Kaka (Midfielder); Robinho (Forward)

    3 Netherlands 1324 Edwin van der Sar (Goalie); Dirk Kuyt (Forward); Robin van Persie (Forward)

    4 Italy 1226 Gianluigi Buffon (Goalie); Andrea Pirlo (Midfielder); Fabio Grosso (Defender)

    5 Germany 1208 Lukas Podolski (Forward); Bastian Schweinsteiger (Midfielder); Rene Adler (Goalie)

    6 Portugal 1201 Christiano Ronaldo (Forward); Deco (Midfielder); Pepe (Defender)

    7 France 1171 Patrice Evra (Defender); Thierry Henry (Forward); Florent Malouda (Midfielder)

    8 England 1109 Wayne Rooney (Forward); Frank Lampard (Midfielder); Steven Gerrard (Midfielder)

    9 Argentina 1087 Lionel Messi (Forward); Carlos Tevez (Forward); Javier Mascherano (Midfielder)

    10 Greece 1074 Theofanis Gekas (Forward); Loukas Vyntra (Defender); Avraam Papadopoulous (Defender)

    Honorable MentionCroatia: Modric (Tottenham) and Srna (Shaktar Donessk) should lead the team this year, ranked #11, they look to pull off some upsets this World Cup United States: With an upset over #1 Spain and a close 3-2 loss to #2 Brazil, the U.S., led by Landon Donovan (Everton), look to win against all odds...Cote DIvoire: Didier Drogba (Chelsea) and Solomon Kalou (Chelsea) should score some goals paired up top, making the Ivory Coast a tough team to defend.

    Friday, March 26, 2010Volume 40, Issue 22

    SportsThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

    FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer RankingsAris Sevastianos compiles a preview of the best teams and players in the world...

    Gages Walk-Off Stuns BlackCats

    Sophomores single in his...