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Spring Sports PreviewsThe RecordSpring Break EditionJohn Notter, 10Sports WriterAfter a long frustrating 09 season, the Rebels look to put up a fight on the diamond this year. The team will look to returning seniors Jay Wortham, B r e n d a n M c D e r m o t t , J a m e s Kopfensteiner, Brian Hercules, Doug Hall, John Notter, and Luke Simpson to lead by example. With the loss of Charlie Friedman behind the plate, Ricky Hennessey and Bobby Heitz in the outfield, and Alex Haas in the starting rotation, the team has plenty of spots that must be filled. While the graduates will be dearly missed, the rising juniors and select sophomores look promising with Nick Thompson, Francis Cassidy, Nate Watson, and Andy Schwartz taking the field. Thompson has worked hard on his fielding and hitting and will be a solid anchor at Varsity Baseball Looking PromisingTalented Underclassmen look to aid teams successThe Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School since 1960Volume 40, Issue 21 Friday, March 12, 2010Matt Keating, 11Sports WriterNew Tennis coach brings change to teamCoach Kurt Miller sets bar high for Varsity TennisChad Huber, 10Layout EditorTrack and Field looks for a strong seasonTrack returns many varsity athletesWhen you think Priory tennis what first comes to mind? Roger Federer? Rafa N a d a l ? P e r h a p s e v e n C h a r l i e Rosebrough or Josh Hartke, who were too talented to even make the team? That was Priory tennis of the past. This year only two words should come to mind. Kurt Miller. This year, Priory Tennis has an entirely different look. New coach Kurt Miller is a very talented instructor who has taught national level players in the past and really has a great knowledge of the game of tennis. He brings to the table a hardcore mentality and believes in pushups and footwork drills, he even brings his boom-box so we can have a more motivated practice. Hopefully this new attitude will influence the very young varsity team. Priory Tennis graduated The Rebels are really looking forward to showing what they have on the track (and field) this year returning many seasoned veterans across the board. The three main categories of track are listed below with their outlooks. Long Distance After many injuries last year in the long distance squad, they are looking to recover with great strides. In the 800m run there are three great runners looking to dominate the field - Doug Brooking, Niall Caparon, and Kevin Hess. All of them ran under 2:10 last year, even with many injuries so they are certainly hoping to improve and run under the 2:05 marks. The 4x800m relay is also looking hopeful as Chad Huber and Kyle Hill look to fill the fourth (Continued on page 7) (Continued on page 7) (Continued on page 7)Advertising is the corporate brainwashing that makes the world go round. The capitalistic, mind washing, anti-people, anti minority, anti-multicultural, anti- well just insert your words here (or talk to Charlie). Yet it still manages to be amusing so it can't all be bad, right? Thus this week's column is a celebration of all the great ads of our lifetime, the ads that truly warmed our hearts and brought mirth to our lives. Small correction, it would be about those ads if I was not a hard-hearted cynic who only lives to mock the world around me. However, before I begin I have to address some complaints I have been getting about my editorial tone and its unfortunate side effects of seeming arrogant and always right. Well guess what guys, I am an editorial columnist, I am always right.1: Head On: Head On, hit your forehead, Head On, hit your forehead. It is just so ludicrously irritating you have to sit back and wonder how the heck the company came up with it. The worst part is that Head On is essentially wax, with only one part in a billion being active ingredients. It is absolutely useless, and its ads cause more migraines that the medicine can ever solve.2: Go Daddy: These commercials are not so much irritating as just plain stupid. They rely on the fact that most men are attracted to women. That's pretty much it. The worst thing is is that they don't even try to be funny, they are formulaic and repetitive. They are just 30 seconds of stupid lead in, after which you have to go online to see the rest. Plus, Go Daddy is not even that great of a web host, the only reason they have boomed is due to the fools who think that because attractive women use this website, so should you.3: Budweiser Clydesdales: These are supposed to be heartwarming family fun, stories about love, friendship, and compassion. From the same company that brought the two models fighting in concrete over whether Bud Light or regular was better. Argh. We don't watch tv to see tripe like this, we watch tv to see bloodshed, wild parties, and people who believe being a professional diginity loser is a valid career (sorry to break it you guys, it isn't, and believe me I know about losing my dignity). Save the heartwarming for flashback scenes.4: Geico Money Stack: This is one of the dumbest commercials I have ever seen, it is something that measures several mega-toads on the unfunny scale. It is just a stupid stack of money with googly eyes. That's it, they don't try anything new, just a bloody stack of money. The money you could be saving with Geico. Or spending on gasoline and maps to the advertising agency which made this idiotic spot.5: Hardee's Thickburger: I am going to be b r i e f , t h e w o m e n f e a t u r e d i n t h o s e commercials in states of relative undress do not eat burgers like that. In fact, I sincerely doubt they eat at all.Arbitrarily Judgementalitastic: The five best advertisements on TV...Alexandre Todorov, 10Weekly Editorial WriterFriday, March 12, 2010Volume 40, Issue 21EditorialsThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory SchoolThe Record StaffEditor in Chief: Patrick R. Mulvihill, 10Layout Editor: Chad E. Huber, 10Content Editor: Sean J. Lamb, 10Editorials Editor: Mike Haueisen, 10Entertainment Editor: Quinn Underriner, 10Opinions Editor: Kevin Hess, 11Sports Editor: David Taiclet, 11Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Barbara K. SamsIn this issue... Patrick Mulvihill, 10 Chad Huber, 10 Sean Lamb, 10 Alex Todorov, 10 John Notter, 10 Dan Ohmes, 10 Matt Keating, 11 Peter Jochens, 11 Fr. Ralph Wright, OSBThe Record is the official student publication of Saint Louis Priory School in St. Louis, Missouri. It is produced by student editors/staff members. Its purpose is threefold: to inform students of events in the community; to encourage discussion of local, national, and international issues; and to serve as a training ground for budding journalists, photographers, and graphic designers. The Record accepts contributions from all members o f the Pr iory community , including students, faculty, and alumni. The Record will not publish content considered legally unprotected speech, including but not limited to: libel, copyright infringement, unwarranted invasion of privacy, or material disruption of the educational process. Student editors apply professional standards to the production of the newspaper and are solely responsible for all content, both explicit and implicit. Letters to the Editors are always appreciated. Feedback not intended for publication is also welcome.The Record DisclaimerDid you notice, Flunk, said Deaconess Dawn (Glory to her friends) excitedly one morning as she was enjoying a coffee and cinnamon roll with him at the Bread Company in Creve Coeur, Did you notice how President Obama quoted the Golden Rule in his Nobel Peace prize address last December in Oslo? What did he say? asked Flunk beginning to show real interest as he unravelled part of his roll, broke it off and dipped it into his coffee. ..the one rule that lies at the heart of every major religion is that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us said Dawn. If you remember that the Geneva convention insisted that this includes the child in the womb then you have here a radical Pro-Life statement! Youre right, Glory, but how easily statements like that get overlooked by the media. They e d i t Father Ralph Wright, O.S.B.Pro-Life ClubFlunks U-Pod Congress(Continued on top of next page)them away before the text hits the web and you have to google Whole Text if you want to get at the full speech and the unspun message. You know, went on Flunk that reminds me of something one of the Priory students wrote the other day and which has been brewing in my mind ever since someone showed it to me. I think it might be the focus of our next congress. Spit it out, Flunk, said Dawn encouragingly, Weve not had a good congress since the ERIN project at Cairo, Egypt two years ago brought all those solar operated desalination plants to the north african coast. Well, to paraphrase what the student wrote when asked how he would go about restoring legal protection in our country to our unborn kids, he wrote: When 3D color ultrasound cameras are available cheap and every home has one, the problem will take care of itself! Wow!, said Gloria, clearly beginning to bubble with excitement. So whats your take on this? Well, G, (Flunk called her G when he was thinking fast to save time and space.) Im all for calling a world congress in Seattle, bringing the various -pod gurus together to set up think tanks on this challenge. Seattle? asked Dawn O yes of course, Microsoft HQ. Go on. Well call it continued Flunk, the U-pod congress. Well bill it as a kind of moon-race-challenge and well see if these brilliant non-robotic minds can hatch a U-pod. What on earth is a U-pod? asked Dawn fearing that the flying monk had finally lost it. Its the Ultra-pod, G, replied Flunk mischievously. Itll be a kind of cell-phone/blackberry and 3D-ultrasound camera all built into one. The owner will be able to take ultrasound pictures as simply as taking snapshots at a party. But what on earth would he or she want ultra-sound pictures for? asked the deaconness patiently. Dont you see, G? With her UPod a woman once pregnant will be able to watch from square one her child growing in her womb. Each day she will be able to monitor its growth watch its progress and begin to bond with her baby as a person. That sounds interesting but how will that help to re-introduce legal protection to her child? Seems to me it will make her even more able to snuff it out, have it aborted in the earliest stages of its existence. Well, of course, replied Flunk, slowing down and selecting his words with care. To begin with people will certainly have the opportunity to do that. But dont forget a woman does not realize that she has conceived until she misses her period. By that time her child will already be almost four weeks old measuring his or her life from conception. But, putting this aside ...this reminds me. Way back in the 80s a very eloquent woman, wife of a pediatrician in Boston who had been tragically killed in an automobile accident, his widow, told a group of Priory students that the biggest difference between a born and an unborn child was charm. She said that if a mother had a window in her womb and could watch her child developing chances are she would be charmed by the child and would decide to care for it and bring it to term. The U-pod will be her window in the womb. Wow, said Dawn youve certainly got something brewing there, Flunk! Lets get weaving on the SEATTLE U-POD CONGRESS With that they both downed the remainder of their coffee and left The Bread Company.Friday, March 12, 2010Volume 40, Issue 21Editorials, Weekly UpdateThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory SchoolWeekly CalendarWednesday, 3/17/2010NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKThursday, 3/18/2010NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKFriday, 3/12/2010SPRING BREAK BEGINS WITH LAST CLASSESSaturday, 3/13/2010 Monday, 3/15/2010NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKTuesday, 3/16/2010NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKWeekly Lunches3/12 - 3/19Friday, 3/12NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKMonday, 3/15NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKTuesday, 3/16NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKWednesday, 3/17 NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKThursday, 3/18NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKFriday, 3/19NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAKFlunk/U-Pod Congress(Continued from previous page)Facebook, the ever-popular social networking site for high school and college aged kids since its creation in 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerburg, has been under scrutiny by both parents and students in recent years in regards to its security and privacy settings. The students want to make sure that nobody, including parents and school administrators, are 'catching them' in what they would refer to as normal social interactions with friends. Parents want their kids safe on the site and not have any MySpace or CraigsList horror stories occur to their teens. This article will outline the basic premise of Facebook's privacy policy and highlight a number of options that you may never knew existed in Facebook's Privacy Settings. I am not here to give advice - only to provide facts (and straighten out some serious and false misconceptions) and information about the service so both parents and students can make educated decisions about using Facebook.Facebook Security Myths I am increasingly surprised by the number of students who still think there is a magic password that Facebook gives to parents and school administrators. There is not a secret password that allows access to your account. There is only one password that can access your Facebook account and it is the one that you assigned when signing up for the service. Also, another big topic on the misconception list is networks. If you are a part of the Saint Louis Priory School Network, it does not mean that school administrators can see y o u r F a c e b o o k p r o f i l e . P r i o r y administrators did not create the Priory network on Facebook. Employees at Facebook created these networks to enable early users of Facebook to find their friends more easily. And back when Facebook was invite only - you needed to have a confirmation from somebody that was on the inside of a network. What you can do nowAlthough it may seem like your profile is completely safe - it does not mean that your profile is completely safe. In the past six months, Facebook has pushed for users to make their profiles 'Open to the Public' or in other words - anybody, anywhere can see the full content of your profile. There have been many complaints over these policy changes but Facebook takes t h e s t a n c e t h a t their users sti l l have control over their profiles if they wish. However, I highly recommend you check your settings so you know.TechnologyThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory SchoolFriday, March 12, 2010Volume 40, Issue 21Facebook and Security: What you need to knowChad Huber, 10Layout EditorThe most popular social networking site in the world has controversy regarding its new security policiesThe settings for your Profile Information. Here is where you can set the visibility of each detail of your profile. It is possible to set different people to see only certain things (college admissions representatives can be blocked from seeing your photo albums).The single most controversial privacy concern - your search setting. Can you be found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing if you name is searched? As you can see, I unchecked the Allow for my settings.Most of us have seen the new commercial about all the different ways men greet each other. The point and go, head nod, and forearm grab are all classic ways of greeting or departing. But true friends go farther than this. The best way for friends to greet is with a hug. A real hug. You may know this as a bear hug or a man hug. It shows youre close to the person but not too comfortable, which would include a cheek kiss (and lets be reasonable, no real American does that). This leads me to my main point. I think we as a student body take for granted the attitude we take towards each other. The average high school student doesnt hug his bros. They probably pound it or give each other the high to low five, which are solid by themselves, dont get me wrong. My point is that I am proud of the guys at Priory who risk the cliche ultra-manly, testosterone induced anti-touching mentality to show their friends they care for them. We arent afraid to show off a couple of PDAs to our friends in and outside of Priory. We are comfortable with the usually ignored manlove (bromance, if you will) that is present in each relationship with our friends, and for that, I am proud of our less than flattering reputation around the Saint Louis area. I want to thank all of you for your generosity with your manlove over the years. And Ill admit, the cuddling is weird...iTunes Top 101. Imma Be Me Black Eyed Peas2. Need You Now Lady Antebellum3. Hey, Soul Sister Train4. In My Head Jason Derulo5. TiK ToK Ke$ha6. Baby (ft. Ludacris) Justin Bieber7. BedRock Young Money & Lloyd8. Blah Blah Blah Ke$ha9. We Are the World 25 for Haiti Artists for Haiti10. Bad Romance Lady GaGaFriday, March 12, 2010Volume 40, Issue 21Opinions and EntertainmentThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory SchoolSean Lamb, 10Entertainment WriterHugging it out...Top 10Spring Break Songs1. Island in the Sun Weezer2. Im on a Boat The Lonely Island3. Margaritaville Jimmy Buffet4. Song 2 Blur5. In the Summertime Mungo Jerry6. A-Punk Vampire Weekend7. The Final Countdown Europe8. Tequila Sunrise The Eagles9. Up, Up, and Away Kid Cudi10. Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel- The Editors Heavy Rain , one of the f i rs t interactive drama games Ive seen, was released by Quantic Dream last week after many long years of design. Now for those of you who do not know what an interactive drama is, it is a game that revolves singularly around a story line where the actions of the character are crucial to the outcome of the story. Quantic Dream has attempted games like this in the past, but the genre has never truly caught on. H e a v y R a i n i s t h e culmination of all Quantics attempts into what can only be called a true masterpiece. The story of this game is centered on four unrelated characters all with different motives for discovering the identity of the mysterious Origami Killer, a serial killer who drowns his victims after kidnapping them. The game progresses going through different scenarios for each of the characters, which all have different ways of playing out according to the choices you make. These choices are made by completing button sequences or motion controls that are indicated on the screen. The sequences are similar to that of Darksiders or God of War, but only the simplest of ways. The reason for this game being a PS3 exclusive is for several reasons. The SIXAXIS motion of the PS3 controllers is crucial to the nature of this game in a multitude of scenarios. Also, the graphics engine of Heavy Rain is stunning, making the PS3 the best choice for this game. The plot of the game itself is astounding; a story that could have easily been an award-winning film, but luckily for us, this film is one that we control. The tiniest action or mistake can have an irreparable effect on the ending of the story, whether it be making the character have a shot of whiskey, or turning your back even for a moment. Another unique feature of this game is that you can never get a game over, if a character dies, the story will simply alter and continue on despite this, making multiple playthroughs a must. The only downside I can see is that the game starts out a little slow, but nevertheless, it is crucial to play attention at all times less you miss an action sequence of a important detail. If you own a PS3, this is not a game to miss. Even if you are skeptical, rent it and I guarantee you will be on the edge of your seats until the end of this psychological thrill ride.5/5 Stars.Dan Ohmes, 10Entertainment WriterHeavy Rain Review PuzzlesThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory SchoolFriday, March 12, 2010Volume 40, Issue 21Crossword PuzzleACROSS1. Anagram of "Sail"5. Exchange9. Gorge14. Agitated state15. Duo16. Eagle's nest17. Head18. Cancel19. Sometimes it's "pennies from heaven"20. Embolden22. Garbage23. Requires24. Storehouse26. Tease29. Ladened33. Helped38. A call for more39. Not fat40. Faint42. Sharpen43. In great numbers45. Worn to shreds47. Stellar48. Deli loaf49. Presents52. First Greek letter57. A woman of refinement60. Morally justified63. Without company64. A Central American sloth65. A friendly nation66. Street urchin67. Phone68. Rice beer69. Construct70. Slay71. At one time (archaic)DOWN1. Colorado resort2. Silly3. Willowy4. Horse5. Egg on6. Desire7. Helped8. Lying facedown9. Animation10. Intense sorrow11. Operatic solo12. Transgressions13. Net21. Inquires25. A full supply27. Anagram of "Stifle"28. Morning moisture30. A swinging barrier to a room31. Sea eagle32. Accomplishment33. Seaweed34. The Caribbean and Adriatic, for example35. Sodium chloride36. Mineral-based37. A very small circular shape41. Paddle44. Attire46. Nipple50. In England, it's a lorry51. A peninsula in northeastern Egypt53. Rent54. A type of bear55. Abandoned ships56. Heretofore (2 words)57. Magician58. Winged59. A hemispherical roof61. Effrontery62. Body of a shipSudokus Word SearchWORDBANKHARDEASYbecomeblendcapturecarryclimbcovertdescenddrove elapseencounterenterfugitivehasteninsultlens nitsplainplunderrefineremnantrotateroteruse scamperseersporespreadstagstampedestretch tracetransporttraverseuproarvastwickerCryptogram- Victor Hugoposition (with Doug, Niall, and Kevin taking the first three spots). In the mile race (1600m) there could be serious contenders with Doug Brooking and Chad Huber both looking to run well under 5:00 minutes. The two mile race (3200m) has great runners with senior Cross Country captains Jon Van Breusegen and Nick Hedlesky looking to break the 11:00 minute marks (a 5:30 per mile pace). Sprinters / Jumpers Priory sprinters are looking to be at the top of the ABC League with hard work and determination. Extra 100s run by Charlie Peterson and Khaliq Snow after practice are just one example of the teams hard work ethic. Charlie Roseborough and Nick DOrazio, long distance converts, are looking to shake things up for the jumping squad. All while Clayton Dahm, Henry Cordova, and Josh Hartke will be leading the team for the hurdles. ThrowersVeterans such as juniors Matt Dowling , Colin Linkul, and senior Dan Reitz will be the force behind the throwing team this coming year headed up by Coach Combs, who looks to lead the Rebels to the top of the ABC League.five varsity players from last years great team. On the bright-side, standout Peter McLaughlin, who sat out all last season because of a wrist injury, is now back in action. Peter, who will play at the teams number two spot, has provided the leadership, talent, and dedication to help each and every player within the program strive to do their best. Freshmen Daanish Jamaluddin and Patrick Lindmark hope to help the s q u a d i n t h e i r v a r s i t y d e b u t s . Sophomores Spencer King and Jack Schmerold bring a bit of experience to the team after very rigorous offseasons. Charlie Moore and Richard Mazuski also bring a lot to the table in their natural abilities in the sport. Senior Matt Menendez looks to provide some leadership of his own, with four years of Priory tennis already under his belt. Matt Keating is looking very promising, playing as Priorys number one spot for the time being. All in all the 2010 varsity tennis squad is looking forward to another successful season. We open up on Wednesday the 24th against SLUH at Forest Park.Friday, March 12, 2010Volume 40, Issue 21SportsThe Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory Schoolthird base. Sophomore Nate Watson, who has a cannon for an arm will help senior Doug Hall in the outfield, as well as help the Priory offense as a very consistent hitter. Francis Cassidy, with some rather large shoes to fill, is looking to be a very promising catcher, as well as another power addition to the offensive side of the game. Junior Andy Schwartz has also w o r k e d h a r d i n t h e o f f s e a s o n , developing into our go-to left-handed pitcher. However, Andy isnt the only member of the pitching staff who has worked hard in the off-season. Seniors Jay Wortham and Brendan McDermott have been throwing all winter long with their instructors. The starting rotation of pitchers looks to be a tough crowd to face this year. Accompanied by their fearless leaders Mr. Ham, Mr. Muench, and Mr. Wortham, a determined group of seniors, and talented underclassmen, the Priory Rebels baseball team looks for redemption in the 2010 season. The team will take to the newly renovated field in the coming weeks. So for all of you baseball fans, theres good news: the Varsity Baseball teams games start the first week back from spring break March 22-26. Come out, enjoy the nice spring weather, and cheer the Rebels on to a great 10 season!Baseball(Continued from front page)Track(Continued from front page)Tennis(Continued from front page) For the past four seasons, the Jeromans have been unarguably the most consistent high school Ultimate team in the Saint Louis area. With two Spirit awards and three consecutive state second place f inishes, the Jeromans are setting their eyes on a state championship at the start of the season. With only four losses in the past three years, three of which came from the unarguably #1 ranked Desmet (and the fourth from Rockhurst, which no longer has a team), the Jeromans enter the season with high hopes. After losing 13 seniors from last year, the Jeromans bring a wide array of new talent to the field, returning a few players as well. Patrick Mulvihill, Matt Rhodes, Kyle Hill, and Vince Jones all hope to lead the team at the handling positions. Newcomer Chad Huber hopes to fill in as a handler as well. In the field, Mike Puettmann, Eric Anderson, and Charlie P e t e r s o n h o p e t o l e a d t h r o u g h experience, skill, and athleticism. Nick DOrazio, Clayton Petti, and Danny Croghan will also be crucial to the Jeromans defense. Sean Lamb, Seve Esperrago, and Matt Joness athleticism will also be huge factors in the Jeromans success this year as these newcomers pick up the sport. Overall the Rebels hope to vie for the #1 spot this year after three years of disappointing #2 finishes. Come out to see Priorys most successful sport play this season starting March 21st. Its spring term, the days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger, and the golfers after a year of blood, sweat and tears are ready to get the season underway. The golfers have high hopes for this season, returning 7 of 8 Varsity players, and 2 of the 3 State Qualifiers, Steven Theisen and Mason Masdog Meiners. Also returning are seniors Tony and Joe Hayes, who will be hosting the 2nd annual Bob and Dan Cup, named after the infamous duo of Dan Noyes and Bobby Jones, Peter Jochens and Clayton Petti, who both went to districts last year but missed the cut, Colin Kopsky, who played at the A B C l e a g u e tournament last year and helped the Rebels to f i r s t p l a c e , N a t h a n Forshaw, who h a s b e e n looking like a pro at the range, a n d M a t t Finneran, who contended in several varsity matches last year. The golf team also gained a n e w m e m b e r , J e f f P l e s c i a w h o previously played for DeSmet but transferred to Priory to try and get the scouts to notice him on the powerhouse that is Priory Golf. The Rebel team did not go unscathed, however, losing State qualifier Bobby Jones, and my personal favorite Scott Grzeskowiak, who claims to have a full ride scholarship to UMSL and is now playing J.V. golf at CBC, and t h e T a i c l e t brothers. Seve Esparrago also thought he was too cool to golf and left the team without looking back. The season kicks off the Thursday following spring break against Lutheran North at Norwood. The roster is by no means set yet, and several spots are up for grabs. Expect to see the names above along with Jack OBrien, Reid LaVenture, Nick Russon and Clay Swanger in contention for one of the 8 spots. The team has several exciting matches against SLUH, DeSmet, Westminster and MICDS that we cannot hope to win without a big fan turnout. Lawn chairs are provided, by myself, for anyone who actually shows up.THE RECORD - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School 500 S. Mason Road, Creve Coeur, MO 63141 314.434.3690 ext. 221 therecord@priory.orgEditor in Chief: Patrick R. Mulvihill, 10 Layout Editor: Chad E. Huber, 10 Content Editor: Sean J. Lamb, 10 Moderator: Barbara K. SamsThe RecordThe Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory SchoolFriday, March 12, 2010Volume 40, Issue 21Patrick Mulvihill, 10Editor in ChiefPeter Jochens, 11Sports WriterGolf team brings back experience and talentUltimate looks to state as season begins to unfoldJeromans back with their eyes on the prizeUltimate looks to state as season begins to unfold