French bulldog puppies and their requirements

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<ul><li><p>French Bulldog Puppies and their Requirements </p><p>Before bringing your French bulldog puppy in your home you have to really be prepared for it. Check out whether you have placed every amenity for their comfort and relaxation. As little frenchie is going to be a long term attainment, you have to take care of everything which they may require. Keep ready their basic or day to day belongings as they are going to use it from the day one they have come to your home.<br /><br /></p></li><li><p>Some basic amenities which they will be requiring in their everyday life is <br /> A bed where they are going to spend most of their time by sleeping.<br /> A pillow to rest themselves comfortably.<br /> A cater which is meant only for them as it is place where they are going to be trained on how to live their day to day life.<br /> A separate bowl or vessel for them, to intake their foodstuff.<br /> A bowl or vessel to drink water from it.<br /><br />These are some basic belongings which they are going to use in their day to day life. There are some other belongings which they are going to use indirectly. These other belongings are used by us for their purpose (i.e.) for their well being. Such other belongings are <br /><br /></p></li><li><p> A soft brush or comb which will be required by the owner to brush up the coat of French bulldog puppies. This brushing up of coat is required so as to keep them free from fleas and other insects which occupy place in their coat and hairs.<br /> A soap or shampoo which is specifically designed for this breed will be required when you are going to give them a bath. <br /> A nail cutter will be required to trim their nails and remove dust from it. <br /> A scrapper will be required to take out dust from their pads.<br /> A cotton bud will be used to clean their inner ears and eyes too.<br /><br />These are some of the requirements which will be required during their grooming activity. To keep your French bulldog puppies healthy it is essential to groom them up once in every two months.<br /><br />There are some other requirements which will be needed for your French bulldog puppies. They are </p></li><li><p> Soft toys to keep them occupied.<br /> A neck-collar which will display the name of your frenchie pup, your contact address and other details which is important.<br /> To train them up in your commands you will require an object so that they can concentrate. With the help of a ball, or a flying disc throw it and ask them to bring back to you.<br /><br />Apart from this have a visit to vet for a complete check-up of your French bulldog puppy and immunize them with necessary vaccination. Take them for a daily walk when the temperature is not so high. Having all this amenities in hand it is of sure that you and your French bulldog puppies are going to live a healthy and happy life.</p></li></ul>