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  • Freedom, Revolutionaries and Everything


  • Its members wore green uniforms (meant as a symbol of renewal, and the origin of the occasional reference to them as the Greenshirts), and greeted each other using the Roman salute. The main symbol used by the _____ ______was a triple cross (a variant of the triple parted and fretted one), standing for prison bars (as a badge of martyrdom), and sometimes referred to as the "Archangel Michael Cross". Id this movement.

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  • The Iron Guard


  • X was born to Gabriel X and Cleofas Salazar in the small central state of Morelos, in the village of Anenecuilco (modern-day Ayala municipality). He was the ninth out of ten children. He had to care for his family because his father died when X was 17. He was of mestizo ancestry. At that time, ------------- was ruled by a dictatorship under Porfirio Daz, who had seized power in 1876. The social system of the time was a sort of proto-capitalist feudal system, with large landed estates (haciendas) controlling more and more of the land and squeezing out the independent communities of Native Americans and mestizos, who were then subsequently forced into debt slavery (peonaje) on the haciendas. Daz ran local elections to pacify the people and run a government that they could argue was self-imposed. Under Daz, close confidantes and associates were given offices in districts throughout --------. These offices became the enforcers of "land reforms" that actually concentrated the haciendas into fewer hands. Marlon Brando has portrayed him in a movie. X?

7. 8. Emiliano Zapata 9.

  • Saadi Yacef was one of the leaders of X's National Liberation Front (FLN) during his country's War of Independence.
  • He started his working life as an apprentice baker. In 1945 he joined a nationalist party which the occupying authorities soon outlawed, after which it was reconstituted as the MTLD. From 1947 to 1949 Yacef served in the MTLD's paramilitary wing, the Organisation Secrete. Yacef joined the FLN at the start of the War in 1954. By May 1956 he was the FLN's military chief of the Autonomous Zone, making him one of the leaders on the X side. He was captured on September 24, 1957 and eventually sentenced to death. General Paul Aussaresses claims that while in custody, he provided them with the location of Ali la Pointe, another leading FLN commander. He was ultimately pardoned.
  • While in prison, Yacef wrote his memoir of the battle, which was published in 1962. After the War, Yacef helped produce a film based on his memoirs. Yacef himself played a character modeled on his own experiences in the battle. Put X and name the film, directed by Gillo Pontecorvo.

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  • X was a remarkable man who contributed to the progress of science in many ways, by his systematic methods and also by his remarkable insights into many areas of his field. He contributed to the development of a theory of chemical bonding and also showed that diamond was in fact a form of carbon. He also contributed to biology when he showed that the respiration of animals converted oxygen to carbon dioxide in the same way as burning. Sadly, he lived in a France which was a dangerous place. Despite being a liberal, he was involved in the taxation system and so was branded an enemy of the Republic and was executed at the guillotine in May 1794 by French revolutionaries.

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  • Lavoisier


  • The Warsaw Pact was an organization of communist states in Central and Eastern Europe. It was established on 14 May 1955 in Warsaw, Poland. Members of the Warsaw Pact pledged to defend each other if one or more of the members were attacked. The treaty also stated that relations among the signatories were based on mutual non-interference in internal affairs and respect for national sovereignty and independence.
  • This phrase was coined on 25 October 1989 by Foreign Ministry spokesman Gennadi Gerasimov. He appeared on the popular U.S. television program Good Morning America to discuss a speech made two days earlier by Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze. The latter had said that the Soviets recognized the freedom of choice of all countries, specifically including the other Warsaw Pact states. Gerasimov told the interviewer that, "We now have the X. He has a song, I Did It __ ___. So every country decides on its own which road to take."
  • The X has been seen as Moscow giving permission to its allies to decide their own futures. In fact, it was a retrospective policy, as Soviet allies had already acquired much greater freedom of action. A month before Gerasimov's statement, Poland had acquired its first non-communist government since the 1940s. The government of Hungary had opened its border with Austria in August 1989, dismantling the Iron Curtain on its border. And the list goes on. Id X.

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  • The Sinatra Doctrine

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  • Under the headline "At X" runs the red Y banner and the dateJune 4, 1989of the poll. It was a simple but effective gimmick that, at the time, was misunderstood by the Communists. They, in fact, tried to ridicule the freedom movement in this country as an invention of the "Wild" West, especially the U.S. But the poster had the opposite impact: Cowboys in Western clothes had become a powerful symbol for our countrymen. Cowboys fight for justice, fight against evil, and fight for freedom, both physical and spiritual. Y trounced the Communists in that election, paving the way for a democratic government. It is always so touching when people bring this poster up to me to autograph it. They have cherished it for so many years and it has become the emblem of the battle that we all fought together.

22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Omar Mukhtar 27.