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  • 1. Free Online Tools for NGOs
    Improve Communication & Collaboration with Microsoft Online Tools
    Presented by Cuong
    Technology Evangelist
    Microsoft Confidential.

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Microsoft Confidential.
Who I am?
I am Cuong, technology evangelist of Microsoft Vietnam.
14 years in IT and software development, joined Microsoft since 2007.
From 1996 to 1999, I work in some IT Projects for NGO:
Web site of GTZ Online
Web site of EU Malaria Control for Indochina
Anti drug trafficking internal databaseGTZ ChiangMai, Thailand.
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Microsoft Confidential.
QUIZ !!!
You work for a NGO project. You have limited resource (human and budget). How could you leverage IT to run your project better?
- Call for donor and sponsorship.- Call for volunteers.- Target audience.
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Microsoft Confidential.
Food for thoughts
Your NGOs mision: to enhance adolescences awareness on STDs prevention and birth control;
Target group: female students in universities/colleges/vocational schools.
Donors: int organisations & individuals.
Staff: Project staff and peer educators.
5. By the end of this session, you will

  • Be aware of free online tools from Microsoft and how they could help you in your nonprofit work.

6. Understand how online tools can complement your work with existing, offline software. 7. Know how to set up an account to access and work with online tools.