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  • Free From Fear Review

    The Free from Fear product is a collection of about 10 audio programs and a video that

    have been designed to help you live a less fearful life. If you are able to imagine what you

    would do with your life if you were free from fear then this product has been designed with

    the intention of helping you make that dream a reality. The product has been designed to

    make you feel good. When you are feeling good it is a result of your brain producing

    chemicals that give you this sense of well being. Feeling good about yourself and life in

    general will have huge benefits for your health.

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    The Free from Fear program contains many audio programs that use a technology called

    Brainwave Entrainment. These are simply sounds and music recorded at specific

    frequencies that will relax your mind into a state where it produces these feel good

    chemicals such as serotonin. The result of listening to these recordings is an experience

    of emotional well being and a deep sense of peace. As well as brainwave entrainment you

    will get to experience a variety of techniques including NLP, hypnosis, affirmations,

    meditation, sound healing and many more

    When you are in an anxious or fearful state it is very hard for your brain to produce these

    chemicals. However with the aid of these brainwave entrainment recordings you can

    support your brain function by stimulating the production of these happiness hormones.

    Once you are in this happier state you will be less prone to feelings of anxiety and fear.

    You will also find that negative thinking and unwanted thoughts will diminish or even


    With regular use you improved brain functioning will lead to a healthier immune system

    and you will find it much easier to cope with stressful situations. Once you begin to

    experience life without the fear you will be able to accomplish things you were previously

    too afraid to try.

    If you suffer from a severe panic or anxiety disorder then I would recommend that you

    work on your problem from a much deeper level. Products such as Panic Away and The

    Linden Method are very successful at helping people to overcome panic attacks and

    anxiety. For those of us who suffer from fear and worry and who could do with more

    confidence then I can highly recommend Free from Fear.

    Most of us suffer from some fear or another whether its about our health, relationships,

    work or finances. Free from Fear is a great tool for helping you reach a more positive state

    of mind where we are more able to deal with our fears. But for anybody who is really

    overwhelmed by their fears and who experiences severe anxiety or panic attacks then you

    are probably better off with Panic Away or The Linden Method.

  • The strength of Free From Fear is for overcoming fears that stand in the way of our

    success like overcoming the nerves you feel about speaking in public, the fear of flying,

    being in crowds etc. It really does provide a great motivational push that will inspire you to

    get you where you want to be with your life.

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