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  • 1. Fraud Management- Risk Consulting ServicesRiskpro India Ventures (P) LimitedNew Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore1

2. Who is Riskpro Why us? ABOUT USMISSION Riskpro is an organisation of member firmsaround India devoted to client service Provide integrated risk managementexcellence. Member firms offer wide range consulting services to mid-large sizedof services in the field of risk management.corporate /financial institutions in India Currently it has offices in three major cities Be the preferred service provider forMumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and alliances complete Governance, Risk and Compliancein other cities.(GRC) solutions. Managed by experienced professionals withexperiences spanning various industries. VALUE PROPOSITIONDIFFERENTIATORS You get quality advisory, normally deliveredby large consulting firms, at fee levelsRisk Management is our main focuscharged by independent & small firmsOver 200 years of cumulative experience High quality deliverablesHybrid Delivery model Multi-skilled & multi-disciplined organisation.Ability to take on large and complex projects Timely completion of any taskdue to delivery capabilities Affordable alternative to large firms We Hold hands, not shake hands.2 3. Riskpros Network PresenceNew DelhiAgraAhmedabad Kolkata MumbaiPune Hyderabad BangaloreSalem 3 4. Fraud Risk Management- Context Setting Business different Effective risk management elements have risks is a collective effort at a associated which needs to organizational level to be identified and action reduce potential threats plan put in place to mitigate and protect bottom lines of and reduce potential loss business occurrence 4 5. Fraud Occurrence - Conditions Financial Pressures Personal Habits (Gambling, Drug, Alcohol) Work-related Factors (Overworked, Underpaid, Not Promoted) Achieve Financial Results (Bonus, Compensation) Insufficient Working Capital, High Debt Level, Credit Difficulties Pressures Fraud Triangle Opportunities$ Rationalization Poor Internal Controls I am only borrowing the money and will pay it back Low Fraud Awareness Nobody will get hurt Treat Fraudster With Leniency The organization treats me unfairly and owes me Rapid Turnover of Employee Its for a good purpose Use of Many Banks Its only temporary, until operations improve Weak Subordinate Personnel Absence of Mandatory Vacations5 6. Fraud Risk Diagnostics ProcessIdentify Key Agree on Expectations and Fraud andDeliverables Integrity Risks Source Fraud andAssess Fraud and Integrity RiskIntegrity Risks Evaluate and Improve Fraud andMeasure Fraud andIntegrity Risk Controls Integrity RisksProvide ChangeEvaluate ExistingManagementReject, Transfer and Fraud and Integrity Retain RisksRisk Controls Communicate Results Design ImprovedExceedFraud and Integrity Risk Controls Build ImprovedFraud Risk Diagnostic Process is designed to :Controls Into ClientProcesses - Prevent/Deter/Detect/Investigate Fraud Risk - Reduce Fraud Risk to an acceptable level - Improve your Bottom Line 6 7. Fraud Risk - Business Services Spectrum Fraud Risk Services Business FraudBusiness Fraud Business Fraud Investigation ServiceRisk Management Hot Line System Fraud Investigation Service Fraud Risk Diagnostic Whistleblower Service Anti-Money Laundering Fraud Risk Prevention Service Intellectual Property Service Ethics & Anti-Fraud Program Corporate Intelligence7 8. Our ForensicsServices - Process OverviewForensic & Fraud Investigation Life Cycle ServicesBusinessLegal andFraudFraud Risk BackgroundLitigation Corporate InvestigationManagementEthics & RegulatoryVerification SupportIntelligence ComplianceIntegrityAssessment Investigation Analysis ReportingCyber CrimeIT Risk Past Records IT EvidenceVital Vendor Diagnostic Verification CollectionInformationMonitoring SarbanesInvestigation Oxley & ResponseCollection OrganizationalEducationBusinesscomplianceCulturerelated to Vendor/Third Verification InterruptionParty ProgramAssessment Forensics Claims Business Analysis &Employment Vendor/3rd Clause 49 DealersPartySEBI Reporting Internal IT Verification Control & RiskIPR DisputesAssessment compliance FranchiseesAnalysis Forensics &ReferenceVerification DistributorsCode ofInvestigation FCPA(ForeiSecurity & Joint Venture ConductProcess Suppliersgn Corrupt Privacy ProgramPartnership Design/& Service Practice CriminalDisputesIT GovernanceAct) actImplementatiProviders Data LossVerification (COSO/COBIT) onUSA 1973 Prevention Organization Design & to be acquired Implementation AccountingAddress Complex Case Anti-Fraudor mergedKYC - FraudVerificationManagementMeasurementProcallBanksInvestigationTraining & Education8 9. Fraud Management- Risk Consulting Components Loss Prevention Risk IntelligenceBusiness Ethics BackgroundAnti-CorruptionWhistle BlowingScreeningFraud Risk Vendor Screening Forensics Services Management Investigative Internal Risk Controls Litigation ServicesAccounting 9 10. Loss PreventionIndustry AlignmentEmployee BehaviorBankingAutomotiveFinancial Services TelecomInsurance Customer Service Real Estate InfrastructureEmployee Theft WastePharma/ RetailBio-techPoor safety practices EnergySecurities Bad accounting procedures 10 11. Risk Intelligence Industry AlignmentGeopoliticalBanking Financial Services Automotive Surveys InsuranceTelecom Risk Profiling Real Estate Infrastructure Criminal SuspectPharma/Retail Profiling Bio-tech Investigations EnergySecurities11 12. Business Ethics Industry AlignmentBankingDue DiligenceFinancial Services AutomotiveTelecom Insurance Corporate SocialResponsibilityReal Estate Infrastructure Ethical Assurance Pharma/Retail Bio-techEthical InvestingBusiness Ethics EnergySecurities Training12 13. Anti-CorruptionIndustry AlignmentAnti-Corruption Compliance & BankingInvestigationsAutomotiveFinancial Services TelecomInsurance Policy & Procedure Design & Review Real Estate InfrastructureInvestigative Due Diligence & RiskAssessment Investigate Allegations of CorruptionPharma/ RetailBio-tech Compliance with Accounting & Internal Controls EnergySecurities International Presence & Capability 13 14. Whistle BlowingIndustry AlignmentManagement information sourceBankingAutomotiveFinancial Services TelecomProactive approach Establishing , enablingInsurance timely action Reduction in crime perpetrated against the corporation Real Estate Infrastructure Improved Labor relationsPharma/ Loss recovery due to theft, fraud & crimesRetailBio-techAwareness Culture creation EnergySecuritiesCaller Information Advisory 14 15. Background ScreeningIndustry Alignment Banking Employee screening Financial ServicesAutomotive TelecomInsurance Senior executivescreening Real Estate InfrastructurePeriodic employeescreeningPharma/ RetailBio-techSubstance abuse testingInternational background EnergySecuritiesscreening 15 16. Vendor ScreeningIndustry Alignment Family & Business history of promotersBankingAutomotiveFinancial Services TelecomFinancial Strength of Promoters or theInsurance Vendor Regulatory Compliance History Real Estate Infrastructure Criminal Records verificationPharma/Market ReputationRetailBio-techReference Checks with other Clients EnergySecurities Vendor Due Diligence 16 17. Forensics Services Industry AlignmentBanking Automotive Disputes supportFinancial ServicesTelecom Insurance Forensic accountingReal Estate Infrastructure & Analysis Pharma/Investigations Bio-techRetail Technology Solutions EnergySecurities17 18. Fraud Risk Management Industry AlignmentBanking Operational Reviews Automotive Financial ServicesTelecom Insurance Investigative servicesReal Estate Infrastructure Project Management Training & AwarenessPharma/Retail Bio-tech Data AnalysisEnergySecuritiesInterim Management18 19. Internal Risk ControlsIndustry Alignment Internal Audit strategic sourcing BankingAutomotiveFinancial Services TelecomInsurance Enterprise Risk Management Regulatory compliances (SOX)Real Estate Infrastructure Contract compliancePharma/Corporate Governance RetailBio-tech Continued Monitoring EnergySecurities Integrated Assurance 19 20. Litigation ServicesIndustry Alignment Banking Bankruptcy LitigationAutomotiveFinancial Services TelecomInsuranceCommercial Litigation Real Estate Infrastructure Intellectual Property Insurance Claims Pharma/ RetailBio-tech GAAP related support EnergySecuritiesComputer Forensics 20 21. Investigative Accounting Industry Alignment Effective controls for fraud BankingdetectionAutomotive Financial ServicesTelecom Insurance Financial fraud and embezzlementReal Estate InfrastructureDetermination of economicdamagesFinancial modeling Pharma/Retail Bio-tech Determination of change in net worthEnergySecurities Insurance claims fraud21 22. Fraud Risk - Analysis & ManagementRisk AnalysisRisk Risk Risk Assessment ManagementMonitoringProcess Identification Control It LevelShare or ActivityMeasurement Transfer ItLevel Diversify or PrioritizationEntity Level Avoid It22 23. Our Approach Protects you from any Monetary orReputation damage Ensures that the Code of Conduct is Report understood, followed and not violated Resolve Enables you to identify risks / control gaps Investigate Helps you identify any undisclosedproduction Analyze Risk MitigationRiskpro Process Improvement & ReengineeringEnd to End Solutions Improved Corporate & IT GovernanceIntegrated Financial Evaluate & Classify Third Party Risk Solutions Monitor and verify security controls Reasonably priced qualitycontracted to business vendorsservices Mitigation of vendor service delivery riskHigh Quality Deliverables with experiencedprofessionals 23 24. Our Risk Consulting - Value Proposition Based on our understanding of your requirements, we have customized a package of our solution offerings to meet your needs. To detect and prevent fraudOur Solution For you andevaluate Code Of Benefits To You Con