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  • 1. SELF INTRODUCTION NAME: Farhan BATCH: L1 Course: AHTM Year: 2014 Place: Bangalore Assessor Name: Uma khanna
  • 3. Contains Introduction Unit:1/LO 1: (Personality Development) Unit:1/LO 2: (Time Management) Unit:1/LO 3: (Leadership) Unit:1/LO 4: (Interpersonal Relationship) Unit:3/LO 1: (Field Activity) Unit:3 /LO 2: (Moral Values) Conclusion
  • 4. INTRODUCTION Personality Development is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others. Or Personality is generally defined as the deeply ingrained and relatively enduring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. In fact, when one refers to personality, it generally implies to all what is unique about an individual, the characteristics that makes one stand out in a crowd.
  • 5. Acknowledgement Iam very grateful for the strong support and guidance provided to me by my personality development teacher ( Mrs. Uma Khanna ) who helped me for good personality skills and also helped me in preparing this project. Iam very thankful to her for the same
  • 6. Merit Task Unit 1: LO 1 (M1) Q. Observe well assimilated personality in the movie by giving examples from the movie? Definition: Assimilation is the capacity of individual to absorb inputs into ones personality. Assimilation means:
  • 7. oAbsorb oRetain oMark Part of whole oTo mix oTo include oBecome one with others
  • 8. The well Assimilated personality in the movie Harpreet Singh Rocket Singh o He played a good assimilated role in the movie. o The common is a man in formal. o Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir kapoor) is a Graduate with a passing mark (Approx 39%) who with difficulty becomes a salesman at a well known computer company, At Your Services (AYS). o So, he begins his own company by selling computers at a cheaper rate than AYS from within the company.
  • 9. oHe started his business with strong thought that I am Successful oHe said that I always knew I was going to be Rich. I dont think I eve doubted it for a minute.
  • 10. Unit 1: LO 1 (M2) Q. What are the negative & positive conditioning you observed in the movie. This movie is excellent for showing how to get out of very difficult situations. Expresses positively & negatively in a man. Negatively it express in his lower consciousness as ego.
  • 11. Negative conditioning: o The character Mr Sunil Puri in the movie he was very arrogant. o He dominated everyone with his attitude. o He never thought about the skills. o He was just focused on the sales, profit & targets. o How ever, the MD (Sunil puri) was unable to maintain the rocket sales commitment of its cold & greedy personality
  • 12. Positive conditioning: o Take things that are essential for company success (conditioning). o The first & the foremost point was never show attitude. o The members working in Rocket sales were patience and stick to the principle values of life. o To be honest, humble, dedicated, sincere etc..
  • 13. Unit 1: LO1 (M3) Q. Which character in the movie you saw needs improvement in his or her personality & how can you develop the same. I think Mr Sunil Puri the MD BOSS of AYS needs to Improve in his personality.
  • 14. One can develop his/her personality by: o Inspiring o Knows when to follow o Open minded (friendly) o Self discipline o Sets an example o Supportive o Team player
  • 15. Distinction Task Unit 1: LO 1 (D1) Q. Which factors you observed in the movies which you think is responsible for development of ones personality. Definition: Personality development is the individuals development cult. So as to create a strong positive impression about self with targeted group or in general in the long run. He talks about punctuality.
  • 16. I think the factors which is responsible for development of ones personality are: o Proper time management o Rationality o Better leadership qualites o Goal oriented person o Good motivator o Good organizer & planner
  • 17. Factors which help in developing ones personality are: o Politeness o Good relationship with others o Kindness o Caring o Honesty o Adaptable o Humorous o Friendly o Inspiring
  • 18. Unit 1: LO 1 (D2) Q. Which character in the movie do you think you resemble or whom you would you want to be like. Justify by giving example from the movie. State the changes you would have to bring about in your self to be that. I would resemble (be like) Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor)
  • 19. o A graduate with a passing mark, (Approx 39%) who with difficulty becomes a salesman at a well-known computer company, At Your Services (AYS). o Based on these values, he begins his own company by selling computers at a cheaper rate than AYS from within the company. o In the film he executed suddenly during a phone call lead to buy computer. As if he was fully established. o Then gradually with words and action he developed his business.
  • 20. o Rocket Singh acquires a loyal dedicated & hardworking team who work day & night to build the company. o By making the receptionist, the chai-walla, the corrupt salesman and the lazy computer technician his partners of Rocket sales corporation, he ignited the passion to have worthiness. o Ultimately, resulted into responsible & dedicated teammates.
  • 21. o By the strength of focus on customer services, integrity & transparency in pricing & a genuine approach to sales, the Rocket Singh corporation fast overtakes the business of AYS. o The hefty bribes offered by AYS fails in front of the superior service offered by Rocket sales. o He was also ready to sale his scooter at one point of time.
  • 22. To become like Harpreet Singh Bedi (Rocket singh) This are the changes I have to bring in my self: o Be patience and stick to the principle values of life. o To be humble & dedicated. o Developing co-operative spirit & responsibility increase power. o Fear, suspicious behavior & shyness should be abolished completely to get into any of the industry.
  • 23. oBe focus on services. oDelighted & satisfy your customers. oDo not become paralyzed because of risk. oA friendly win-win situation need to be created for all parties.
  • 24. Unit 1: LO 1 (D3) Q. Make a positive action plan for continuous enhancement in your personality. 1) External personality:
  • 25. 2) Internal personality:
  • 26. Helpful nature: Anger management: Volunteering: Being polite:
  • 27. Being honest: always speak the truth, even if it is bitter Communication skills:
  • 28. Merit Task Unit 1: LO 2 (M1) Q. Talk about the goal achieving skills you observed from the movie. The goal achieving skills which I observed from the movie are:o Discipline : Discipline means teamwork & teamwork means discipline. I would say that discipline in the heart & soul of the organisation.
  • 29. o Planning: The Rocket Singh always has planning strategies as how to develop his business. o Motivate: Money doesn't motivate everybody equally. You cant convince people with money only. You need to be persuade, converse, negotiate & engage. o Aptitude: To be a great salesperson, you need to have right aptitude.. An aptitude of empathy, an aptitude to see beyond the obvious.
  • 30. o Job satisfaction: Every employee has good qualities of rising in career. While the chai-wala becomes a computer assembler. A