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    Taste of Farragut keeps growing

    Photo submitted

    While visiting The Cove at Concord Park off Northshore Drive in Knox County, the Rev.Lawrence and Ruth Keesor paused as they walked around the waterway when the Rev. Keesordecided to put some money in a feeder for the ducks and geese. As he put the money in thefeed dispenser a large white duck and goose patiently stood next to him with their headsraised high prepared for their treat. It so happened that Ruth Keesor was watching with a cam-era and took this snapshot. When the Farragut Commons couple returned home they wereamazed at the expressions and response of the goose and the duck.

    Duck dynasty Farragut turns outfor Picnic on Pike TAMMY CHEEKtcheek@farragutpress.com

    A great event is how mem-bers of the Farragut communitydescribed the fourth annualPicnic on the Pike, which tookplace Sunday afternoon, Sept.29, on the farragutpress lawn offKingston Pike.

    Its great, its wonderful andits free. You cant beat that,said Lisa Haddad of Farragut.

    Live music from local bands,The Chillbillies and BackTalk,drew locals and some out-of-towners to Sundays Picnic,which began with the celebra-tion of the Towns 30th anniver-sary in 2010.

    Chelsey Riemann, public rela-tions coordinator for the town ofFarragut, coordinating sponsorof Picnic on the Pike, estimatedthere were about 300 to 400 peo-ple who attended the eventthroughout the day.

    Riemann said she thought theevent was a success. She said theTowns staff only heard positivefeedback from the people whoattended and felt everyoneenjoyed a nice afternoon out-

    doors, listening to some greatmusic.

    People were encouraged tobring chairs and their lunch tothe event, which was also spon-sored by farragutpress and Dougand Brenda Horne. Additionally,those who attended could pur-chase lunch items from Savoryand Sweet food truck.

    Its going great, Riemannsaid Sunday. Were thrilledabout the crowd. The bands arewonderful, and we couldnt haveasked for more perfect weather.

    Its a great event, Townadministrator David Smoak said.We have a great time. Greatmusic and hanging out, talkingto folks, is always a great time.

    I love it, said Lisa McMahanof Farragut. She brought herPekinese, Chesney. We comeevery year, and its an event I canbring him. I love animal-friendlyevents.

    This is really nice, said LoraMollen of Greenback. This isthe first time weve been to it.

    We were going to the grocerystore, but we came here,

    ROBBY ODANIELrodaniel@farragutpress.comThe 5th Annual Taste of

    Farragut, presented by TDSTelecom, provided food, drinkand the opportunity for commu-nity socializing amid perfectweather Friday, Sept. 27.

    More than 30 vendors offeredsamples of food and drink, whichattendees could try, at the event,which took place in the oldKroger parking lot off Kingston

    Pike across from Farragut HighSchool.

    David Purvis, FarragutBusiness Alliance treasurer,spoke on the variety of vendors.

    Weve got a greater varietythis year because there was a bigeffort to try to get more engage-ment from some of the restau-rants, and theyre starting tounderstand the value of partici-pating in an event like this andthe quality of the event, Purvissaid. Everybody seems really

    pleased and very tickled with thefood and the offerings, so werejust fortunate to have some ofthe restaurants that we have inFarragut.

    Allison Sousa, executive direc-tor of the Farragut BusinessAlliance, said it was a greatturnout.

    We do not have final numbers[attendance and money] yetbecause we have not receivedfinal credit card figures [usuallytakes 2-3 business days to

    process], Sousa said via e-mailMonday, Sept. 30. Based onbracelets used and ticket booksdistributed, we estimate atten-dance at roughly 1,200-1,300 peo-ple.

    She said there were 42 boothsfor food and drink at the event,though some vendors used multi-ple booths.

    Perfect weather, fabulousvendors, the vendors really juststepped it up this year, andtheyre just not only providing

    food but really well-presentedfood, Sousa said at the event.

    The food presented at theevent represented a wide variety.

    Weve got everything fromhandmade pasta to gourmet foodto sandwiches and pizza, shesaid. Weve got wings. Weve gotdude food. Weve got chick food.Weve got international. ... Justyou name it, its here.

    Cara Plummer mentioned

    See TASTE on Page 2A

    See PICNIC on Page 5A

    ROBBY ODANIELrodaniel@farragutpress.comTennessee Supreme Court

    Chief Justice Gary Wade willkeynote Farragut BusinessAlliance/town of FarragutTennessee Judicial Update com-munity forum luncheon at noon,Thursday, Oct. 10, at Fox DenCountry Club.

    [Wade] is going to give a judi-cial update for the state ofTennessee as well as speak aboutcommunity involvement, DavidPurvis, FBA treasurer and for-mer FBA president, said.

    Hes going to give us like aState of the Union of the judicialsystem in Tennessee, Purvisadded. Hell speak to the keyissues that are affecting the

    state of the judicial system inTennessee.

    One topic he will speak on iscommunity involvements im-pact, said Allison Sousa, FBAexecutive director.

    As co-founder and chairmanemeritus of Friends of the GreatSmoky Mountains National Park,he will be sharing the communi-ty process undertaken to get itstarted and the ongoing impactand legacy of this far-reachingorganization, Sousa said via e-mail.

    Sousa added, We were fortu-nate that David Purvis was amember of the Leadership Knox-ville class last year and duringthe program, met some folks whohave really made a difference inEast Tennessee. Chief Justice

    Wade was one of the guests thatspoke to community involvementin a way that really resonatedwith David, in that he felt it par-alleled what Farragut is trying toaccomplish planning for thefuture, engaging the communityin the process, etc.

    Farragut Business Alliancetargets one community forumper quarter for next year, Purvissaid.

    Were trying to create forumsnot just for the business commu-nity but for the residents as well,with pertinent issues that affectall of us, he said.

    Tickets are $30 and availableon the FBA website, www.far-ragutbusiness.com.

    Deadline to purchase ticketsis noon, Monday, Oct. 7.

    Wade to keynote Judicial Update luncheon

    TAMMY CHEEKtcheek@farragutpress.comA number of residents turned

    out at a workshop Thursday,Sept. 26, to speak to theFarragut Board of Mayor andAldermen about the Towns cur-rent ban on guns in its four parks.

    The only people you affect arethe people like me, who are themost law-abiding people you canmeet, said Doug Dutton of SouthFox Den Drive. He contended thelaw only affects law-abiding citi-zens.

    You dont control the bad guys[with the law], he said. Theyignore it.

    The issue came up several

    months ago when the Boardreceived some e-mails asking fora revisit of its current ordinance,Town administrator David Smoaksaid.

    In 1985, the Board adopted theTowns current ordinance, ban-ning firearms, he said. In 2009,the state amended its law toallow individuals with a legalhandgun carry permit to carryweapons in state, national andlocal parks. However, the amend-ment allowed local governmentsto opt out of the state law. Smoaksaid since the Town already had alaw in place, it was grandfa-thered in and did not have to opt

    Residents turn out tospeak against gun ban

    See GUNS on Page 5A


    policereports Sept. 25: Knox County SheriffsOffice was advised by a FederalBoulevard resident an unknown sus-pect got into her unlocked van andstole her wallet. Estimated loss was$36. Sept. 25: Police arrested a 35-year-old man for shoplifting at KrogerMarketplace off Brooklawn Street inFarragut. Store personnel advisedpolice the suspect removed severalitems of merchandise and hid themunder his shopping cart and in thewaistline of his pants then exited thestore without paying for the items.The merchandise had a value ofabout $130. Sept. 24: Police arrested a 28-year-old woman after she was caughtattempting to shoplift clothing fromKohls department store in Farragut.Store personnel told police the sus-pect took clothing items out the frontdoor and to her car. The suspectadmitted to taking the items with the

    intent to deprive Kohls of its mer-chandise. The suspect was taken intocustody and transported to the KnoxCounty Detention Facility. Sept. 24: A Grigsby Chapel Roadwoman reported to police anunknown person entered her FordExpedition and Ford Escape, whichwere both parked in her driveway andunlocked, and took purses, wallet andother items totaling about $1,200 invalue. Sept. 24: Police were dispatched toa Farragut Commons Drive addressfor found property. Upon returning theproperty to the victim, the victim dis-covered his Chevy Impala had beenburglarized. Among the items missingfrom the vehicle were a Lugar hand-gun and two holsters. The victimsBlackberry was removed from theconsole and found on the driversseat. Victim stated the vehicle wasleft unlocked in the driveway. Value ofthe loss is about $400.

    Sept. 23: A worker with RawlingsMechanical lodged at EconoLodgeoff Campbell Lakes Drive advisedpolice sometime during the night anunknown suspect broke into the tool-box on the read of his company truck.The victim stated there was no dam-age to the toolbox and his company isdoing work in the area and is lodgedat the motel. Missing from the truckwere two electric drills, an electricSawzall and b