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    ALAN SLOANasloan@farragutpress.comWhile one major U.S.

    company said it wouldeagerly endorse thesmooth process of estab-lishing its Farragut loca-tion, Farraguts top twoelected officials, plusother Town and businessleaders, traveled to LasVegas and Chicago lastmonth to recruit, learnand share.

    This was a conventionwhere we go visit retailersand shopping centers,developers and all thatstuff. Trying to recruitbusinesses for Farragut,

    Mayor Ralph McGill saidabout attending theInternational Council ofShopping Centers REConGlobal Convention in LasVegas, May 19-22, duringthe Board of Mayor andAldermen meeting Thurs-day evening, May 23. Andwe sowed some seeds.

    Meanwhile, We did getone new endorsement,from Costco, McGill saidduring Mayors Report.We made a courtesy visit,[to] tell them were gladtheyre in the Town. Thefellow we met with waspretty high ranked. He

    Photo submitted

    Town representatives at 2013 RECon Global Convention from left: Town administrator David Smoak, MayorRalph McGill, Town assistant administrator Gary Palmer, Farragut Business Alliance president David Purvis,Farragut Economic Development Committee member Jim Nixon, and broker Steve Goldman with GoldmanPartners Realty.

    Town leaders attend ICSC, Vegas ROBBY ODANIELrodaniel@farragutpress.com

    A group of five Town rep-resentatives went to theInternational Council ofShopping Centers REConGlobal Convention, whichtook place May 19-22, inLas Vegas.

    According to a pressrelease, The followingpeople attended on behalfof the town of Farragut:Town administrator DavidSmoak; Town assistantadministrator Gary Pal-mer; Mayor Ralph McGill;Farragut Business Alliancepresident David Purvis;and Farragut EconomicDevelopment Committeemember Jim Nixon.

    This is the fifth time theTown has been represent-ed at the convention, thepress release stated.

    We talked with develop-ers, tenant representa-tives, retailers all over thecountry, trying to promoteFarragut and get morebusiness to our Town,Smoak said.

    The convention repre-sents a rare chance, he

    added.Theres retailers

    there, he said. There arebrokers there, but everymajor retailer in the coun-try goes to this convention,and its really the big deal-making area for many ofthese retailers and devel-opers for the year. So itsnot often that you get anopportunity to have every-body under one roof andbe able to go and meetwith some of these folksthat you typically wouldntbe able to meet.

    The group met with sev-eral different people at theconvention, he said.

    We met with majorretailers, big box, smallbox and tenant reps forthose different retailers,so I think its encourag-ing, he said. Hopefully,over the next year, wellhear maybe some moregood things coming, butwith Turkey Creek being assuccessful as it has been,that really puts Farraguton the map and this areaon the map with retailers.

    See ICSC on Page 4A

    Everett Road reopens with new traffic signal ALAN SLOANasloan@farragutpress.com

    Roughly 19 months afterbreaking loose the firstsquare footage of concreteand asphalt, and aboutnine years after first beingplanned, a newly con-structed Everett Road-Kingston Pike intersectiondeemed much saferopened May 21.

    In terms of Town

    expenses, constructioncosts were considered abargain.

    Finishing ahead ofschedule by 10 days, Theprimary reason for theproject was to be able toinstall that center-turnlane [700-foot stretch] andtraffic signal in order toaccommodate a safe turn-ing movement onto EverettRoad, said Chris Jenkins,assistant Town Engineer.

    Particularly if youre com-ing eastbound. What hap-pened there, if you weremaking a left turn whileyoure headed eastboundon Kingston Pike, you wereturning out of what wasessentially the fast lane,the left-hand lane.

    We had several acci-dents that had occurredthere, he added. Yourenot expecting somebody tobe turning so much out of

    the fast lane.This will add a safety

    element to that intersec-tion, plus having the trafficsignal. And also will allowsafer turning out of EverettRoad onto Kingston Pike,both directions.

    Project included widen-ing the bridge that runsabove Little Turkey Creekto five lanes, plus five-foot

    See ROAD on Page 3A

    Alan Sloan/farragutpress

    Traffic was a bit heavy around 11 a.m., Wednesday,May 22, on the first full day of new Everett Road-Kingston Pike intersection being open to the public.

    Courtney Such/farragutpress

    The Rev. Stephen DeFur conducts service to thewest campus congregation of Cokesbury UnitedMethodist Church, held in Hardin Valley Academyauditorium, Sunday, June 2. DeFur is the new seniorpastor of Cokesbury UMC, effective June 12.

    COURTNEY SUCHcsuch@farragutpress.comThe Rev. Stephen DeFur

    is slated to be the new sen-ior pastor at CokesburyUnited Methodist Church,effective June 12, churchofficials announced.

    After the death of seniorpastor Dr. Steve Sallee,Bishop Mary VirginiaTaylor of the HolstonConference and the Rev.Nathan Malone, Knoxvilledistrict superintendent,named a new leader forthe church.

    Sallee, former seniorpastor of Cokesbury UMC,died at the age of 61 inParkwest Medical CenterThursday, May 2.

    With a team of support-

    ers behind him, though,he has now found peace,as Steves obituary, stated.

    He was a powerful man,a powerful figure, and[maintained] a powerfulposition, DeFur said.

    As he prepares to fulfillthis powerful position,DeFur is aware that he isexpected to continueSallees vision of expan-sion for the church.

    Its a big deal, becauseI get to follow in the foot-steps of my best friend. Itsa massive deal because ofour friendship, he said.

    Sallee and DeFur cameto Cokesbury at the sametime through a mutualfriend and grew to becomebest friends while workingand serving together.

    Cokesbury names new pastor

    Were in good hands.We have a high qualitystaff, and we are going to

    continue doing what weve

    Mayor, vice mayorattend conferences

    See PASTOR on Page 2A See BOMA on Page 3A

    10820 Kingston Pike, Suite 14Knoxville, TN 37934Office: 865.694.8100Cell: 865.250.3400




    Police Reports will return next week.

    policereportsFormer FHS, Vol athlete convictedBOSTON A former Farragut

    High School and Vol athlete andOrthofix, Inc., territory managerwas convicted for health care fraudand paying kickbacks May 14.

    Hunter A. Rigsby, 33, ofFarragut, pleaded guilty beforeU.S. District Judge F. DennisSaylor IV to health care fraud andpaying kickbacks.

    According to federal docu-ments, Rigsby was a territorymanager for Orthofix, a companythat sold bone growth stimulatormedical devices. Bone growthstimulators are used by patientswho have broken bones or spinalfusions that are not healing prop-erly. From 2005 through 2011,Rigsby sold Orthofix bone growthstimulators in Tennessee.

    Medicare only pays for longbone stimulators when at least 90days have elapsed without clinical-ly significant healing, and it onlycovers certain types of injuries.Rigsby was well-aware of theseguidelines, having received train-ing on these guidelines at Orthofix.

    On numerous occasions, doc-tors in Rigsbys territory orderedbone growth stimulators that didnot satisfy Medicares guidelines.

    When this occurred, Rigsbyoften forged the patients medicalrecords to make it appear asthough the claim was payableunder Medicares guidelines,when in fact Medicare should nothave paid the claim.

    Rigsby also deleted portions ofphysicians chart notes that

    described patients injuries thatwere not covered by Medicareand changed the note to make itappear as though the patients hadinjuries that were covered.

    On some occasions, Rigsby sub-mitted orders where the physi-cian had not ordered a bonegrowth stimulator at all. Rigsbyalso forged physicians signatureson prescriptions and MedicareCertificates of Medical Necessity.

    In July 2009, Orthofix firedRigsby after discovering his fraudscheme.

    Immediately thereafter, Rigsbyand Orthofix sales personneldevised a scheme to allow Rigsbyto continue to submit bonegrowth stimulator orders toOrthofix through a new front com-pany that Rigsby created.

    Rigsby took numerous steps toconceal his affiliation with thefront company so that Orthofixcompliance personnel would notdetect that he was still doing busi-ness with the company. Rigsbycontinued to submit orders forstimulators, sending the orders inthrough separate individuals.Even though Rigsby had beenfired for falsifying medicalrecords, he continued to manipu-late patient medical records andforge physicians signatures untilOrthofix finally severed its rela-tionship with him in 2011.Through his scheme, Rigsbycaused Medicare and other feder-al insurance programs to paymore than $400,000 for bone

    growth stimulators that shouldnot have been paid.

    Rigsby also paid kickbacks tohealth care professionals toinduce them to order Orthofixstimulators.

    In addition to the Rigsby sen-tence, the Orthofix investigationhas to date resulted in a numberof felony charges against employ-ees and contractors of Orthofix.

    Saylor scheduled sentencingfor Aug. 9. The statutory maxi-mum penalty on the charge ofhealth care fraud is 10 years inprison, followed by three years ofsupervised release, a fine of$250,000 or twice the loss or gainresulting from the crime,whichever is greater, forfeiture,restitution and a mandatory spe-cial assessment. The statutorym