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  • Drought data exchange PlatformActivity 1.3 Gregor Gregori, EARS/DMCSEELuka Honzak, BO-MO LTD.

    4rd IDMP CEE WorkshopBucharest, 21 & 22 April 2015

  • Activity listDrought management platform (an information architecture and an intelligent infrastructure that enables exchange of data, relevant for drought analysis, as well as continuous automated sensing, monitoring, and decision support for drought risk management operations) is considered within the IDM CEE project

  • Work chronologypreparation of draft version of Implementation guideneeded by partners in order to start preparations of their own datastarted in autumn 2013, finished in the beginning of 2014survey about existing operational products for drought monitoring in their countriessend to partners in the beginning of 2014 with draft version of Implementation guide - 7 surveys received until 2nd IDMP CEE Workshoporganization of training session during 2nd IDMP CEE Workshop in Ljubljana based on surveys and draft version of Implementation guide

  • Work chronologypreparation of final version of Implementation guide with detailed description how to prepare metadata for Drought Metadata Cataloguebased on input from training and remarks from PRGfinished in June 2014 and send to partnersintegration of data provided by partners into EDOwork with JRC stafffinished in the beginning of 2015preparation of Implementation reportfinished in the beginning of 2015

    presentations have been prepared for all IDMP CEE workshops and training has been given on second one

  • IDMP Platform EDO (JRC)Several options for selection of data exchange platform for IDMP CEE project have been studiedMain consideration was in decision to develop new services or to attach IDMP CEE project to one of the existing systemsDue to available time and resources, also after the project end, the decision to use existing platform has been made

  • EDOEDO MapViewer a web mapping service

    Drought Metadata Cataloguea web application for searching and updating the drought catalog

  • Overview of received data

    ProductBulgariaMonthly weather bulletin, Precipitation anomaly, SMI, SPICzech R.Amount of usable water in loam soils in Czech Republic, Basic water balance of grasslands in the Czech Republic, Potential evapotranspiration of grassland, comparison with the long-term average 1961 2010, Weekly amount of precipitation, measured valuesHungaryAgro-meteorological maps, Monthly integrated water balance report and forecast, WAHASTRATLithuaniaSelianinov hydrothermal coefficient (HTC)MoldovaSPIPolandSPI: Standardized Precipitation IndexRomania Agrometeorological Bulletin, Seasonal Meteorological Forecast, Soil Moisture map, SPI Index Map, Weather warningsSlovakiaForecast of forest fire risk indexSloveniaAgriculture Soil Water Balance Bulletin in SloveniaDrought Bulletin for SE EuropePrecipitation Percentiles mapStandardized Precipitation Index mapUkraineHTCSPI

  • Bulgaria

    Monthly weather bulletinPrecipitation anomalySMISPI

    Public available (

    Drought Metadata Catalogue: NO

    HU, RO please provide metadata!

    MD, UA we are not looking for data!, but metadata about your products, so please provide them.Help: Chapter 5.1, Appendix B in Implementation Guide

    Some countries could prepare more metadataSK (SPI, PDSI, available via email)PLetc.

  • HungaryAgro-meteorological mapsHungarian Meteorological Service actual precipitation, temperature anomalies, soil moisture, and surface temperature dataMonthly integrated water balance report and forecastGeneral Directorate of Water Management

    Public available (,

  • Romania

    Agrometeorological BulletinSeasonal Meteorological ForecastSoil Moisture mapSPI Index MapWeather warnings

    Public available (

  • Conclusions and outlookIn this activity we established and completed first step in interoperability26 products from 10 countries and imported them into the Drought Metadata CatalogueAlmost all countries use operational products for monitoring drought conditions; all countries have capacity to implement common set of drought indicatorsa lot of different products are used due to historical reasons => it is difficult (and, in fact, we are not sure if it is also wise) to force implementation of common indicators

  • Conclusions and outlookSignificant amount of work remains to be done.

    Logical next step would be continuation of integration of services to EDO MapViewerAt that time (besides regional DMCSEE products) only one product from Slovenia has been integrated fully into EDO MapViewer.

    Further integration should be relatively easy, since main information (including links to products) is already available. However for integration purposes additional work effort and specific expertise (GIS/IT) should be planned

  • Conclusions and outlookEDO has proved to be an appropriate platform for exchange of data, relevant for drought analysis in Europe Remaining questionsIs EDO prepared for integration of new data, specially national drought monitoring and early warning indicators from eastern and south-eastern EuropeLegal requirements for cooperation (bilateral/multilateral agreement?) Future EDO strategy