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Foursquare API + GoRated.PH by Ragde Falcis


  • 1. Case Study: GoRated.PH How and why we usedFoursquare API for GoRated.PH
  • 2. Web service to help both locals andtourists alike discover the best of thePhilippines with unbiased community ratings.
  • 3. Problem How can we populate our database with places/ venues as quickly as possible? ..with only limited resources such as domain knowledge and people.
  • 4. Solutions that we triedGoogle Places API- Only few registered places- Complicated way of adding new places- Limited PHP library (at that time)
  • 5. Solutions that we tried OpenStreetMap- More registered places than Google Places- Not so powerful and extensive API (at that time)- Slow server response (API request)
  • 6. Solutions that we triedFoursquare API- More registered places than OpenStreetMap- More activity community- Updated and Dynamic data such as check-ins, trending, photos etc..
  • 7. Another problemOur code-base is written mostly in PHP and we want to maintain it that way. Faster and lightweight.
  • 8. Foursquare Libraries
  • 9. Eden Foursquare PHP Library