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Four Six Ways to Improve Research Use. Ronald Dietel. American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting New York City - March 26, 2008. Campbell Report: R&D Funding Policies of NIE. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Four Six Ways to Improve Research UseAmerican Educational Research Association Annual Meeting New York City - March 26, 2008Ronald Dietel

  • Campbell Report: R&D Funding Policies of NIEWe understand the political pressure for dissemination of the results of R&D, but we conclude that NIE has done little to attack the problem

    We do not think that work in the field can be halted until theory catches up

    Research on knowledge-utilization could be more extensively funded as an essential basis for policy in this area.

    Roald Campbell & others, 1975

  • Education Research Could Improve Schools, But Probably WontResearch is not readily accessibleeither physically or intellectuallyto the potential users. Summaries of major studies appear in periodicals like Education Week, but the detailed results (usually written for other researchers in academic-speak) are usually available only in separate reports or in relatively low-circulation journals that dont reach those who most need to know. Ronald Wolk, Education Week, 2007

  • International Focus on Research Use-OECDUse-inspired basic researchSystematic accumulation and dissemination of knowledgeStronger research-use capacityResearch-based continuous improvement strategies

  • 1. Use-Inspired ResearchIs it useful for the intended audience? Is it credible?Is it timely?

  • 2. Increase Teacher Research Knowledge and BeliefsBelieve that research is valuableKnow where to find research Know good research from poor researchHave time to use researchKnow what to do when things dont work

  • 3. More Exemplars of Effective PracticeWhat Works ClearinghouseResearch Centers & OrganizationsR&D LabsComprehensive Centers

  • 4. Communicate in Plain LanguageSchools of EducationAERAProfessional Associations

  • Simplify WritingFor example, one indication of the move towards the ikonic mode is shown when the child turns the sensorimotor understanding that an object exists regardless of his/her perception of it to an ikonic conception of it; the sensorimotor skills of walking and grasping form the basis for the running and catching games of later childhood and early adulthood. Most importantly, these sensorimotor skills will now be available to contribute to intermodal activity as the individual moves through other modes.

  • Tables and Graphs

  • More is Messy

    Research QuestionsAre the districts formative assessments aligned to state and school district content standards?Do the district formative assessments improve learning in mathematics?What is the correlation between performance on the district assessments and performance on the state test?Formative assessments that are not aligned to standards are not useful in guiding and informing instruction, Smith and James, 1992 Analysis of mathematics content standards that had been used to design third-grade assessments, was then used to design instruction--with learning expertsRandom selection of 400 students who received different types of math instruction (ten lessons each) before taking the district mathematics assessment:Data on mathematics alignmentEvidence collected in mathematics formative assessment using different mathematics curricula and instruction Learning experts analysis of dataTriangulation of dataStudy Results

  • Less is LovelyDo the district formative assessments improve learning in mathematics?

  • 5. Research Use CenterSynthesize Existing KnowledgeLessons from Other DisciplinesResearch on Research UseSpread to others

  • 6. What AERA, IES and We Can DoPromote use-inspired basic researchMake it part of what we do Promote fundingRegular collaborative activities

  • Six Ways to Improve Research UseQuality research Increase teacher knowledgeMore exemplarsCommunicate in plain languageResearch use centerShared roles and responsibilities


    Think of movie titles or a book which are typically short, snappy, yet communicate effectively.


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