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  • International Symposium on Innovative Expert Hepatobiliary Surgery

    Jornadas Internacionais de Cirurgia

    Clinica Universitaria de Cirurgia III (FMUC)

    Prof. Doutor Francisco Castro e Sousa Coimbra, Portugal, May 29-31, 2014

    Thursday May 29th, 2014

    At the University of Coimbra Library


    Organized by Hepatobiliary Companions Presentations of Complex clinical cases concerning diagnosis and/or treatment will be discussed interactively between faculty members and attendees.

    Chairmen : - H. Bismuth (Villejuif) - F. Castro Sousa (Coimbra)

    Wtih the participation of: Dimitri ALDEN (USA), Arie ARICHE (ISRAEL), Abdelkader BELKOUCHI (MAROCCO), Marc BEMELMANS (HOLLAND), Enrique Manuel CANEPA (ARGENTINA), Joao COUTINHO (PORTUGAL), Jiahong DONG (CHINA), Rony ESHKENAZY (ISRAEL), Cirylle FERAY (FRANCE), Dominque FRANCO (FRANCE), Jean Franois GIGOT (FRANCE), Lee Gorden (USA), Ellen HAGOPIAN (USA), Ousmane KA (SENEGAL), Andreas KATZ (USA), Ral LAPOINTE (CANADA), Cristiano Lima (BRAZIL) Valerio LUCIDI (BELGIUM), Marcelo MOURA LINHARES (BRAZIL), Richard NAKACHE (ISRAEL), Raul OLEAS (ECUADOR), Juan Manuel Rico Jri (Colmbia), Antonio ROBECCHI (ITALIA), Rodolfo RUSSI (ARGENTINA), Carlos Eduardo SANTOS (BRAZIL), Sabine SARNACKI (FRANCE), Jonathan SUSMAN (USA), Oscar TRAYNOR (IRELAND).

    8:00 9:00 Registration

    9:00 10:30 Sessions I: Hepatobiliary Surgical Cases Moderators: F. Castro Sousa (Coimbra) D. Alden (New York) 11:00 13:00 Session II: Hepatic Surgical Cases Moderators: L. Chiche (Bordeaux) V. Lucidi (Brussel) 14:00 15:30 Session III: Pancreatic Surgical Cases Moderators: J. Emond (New York) O. Traynor (Dublin) 16:00 17:30 Session IV: Liver Transplant Cases Moderators: A. Ariche (Tel Aviv) R. Lapointe (Montral Clinical Cases Submission Open to All Program Attendees Attendees are encouraged to submit a clinical case for presentation and discussion. If you would like to submit a clinical case for discussion, please submit your presentation title to Henri Bismuth henri.bismuth@pbr.aphp.fr by May 3

    rd, 2014. Presentation titles may be vague, particularly if the audience

    has to discover the diagnosis, for example A difficult Liver Disease or A Strange Pancreatic Mass.

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    Submitters will prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation or show a video to introduce the clinical case, after which the floor will be open to audience discussion and possible diagnosis and/or treatment. The moderators will drive the clinical case program, giving rise to comments and leading discussions. It is our expectation that approximately 5-10 cases will be presented per session. Case discussions will be an estimated 10-15 minutes in length, but may vary based on the level of audience participation and discussion.

    International Symposium on Innovative Expert Hepatobiliary Surgery

    Jornadas Internacionais de Cirurgia

    At the Convention Center of Coimbra University Hospitals

    Friday, May 30th 2014

    Session I

    The HPB Topics Chairmen: - F. Castro Sousa (Coimbra) - J. Rebelo de Andrade ( Lisboa) - J. Falco (Braga) 08:30 H. Bismuth (Villejuif) The modalities of discovery in Liver Surgery 08:50 O. Andriani (Buenos Aires) Rational use of Clampings during Hepatectomies

    09:10 F. Caseiro Alves (Coimbra) Liver MRI: Acquest for Function Information 09:30 E. Varo (Santiago de Compostela) MARS in Hepatic Surgery 09:50 J.G Tralho (Coimbra) From Experimental Research to Clinical Applications In

    Hepatic Surgery 10:10 P.Mira (Cascais) Financial Costs of Liver Surgery

    Session II (a)

    Liver Tumors Chairmen: - L. Chiche (Bordeaux) - A. C. Saraiva (Porto) - J. Arajo Teixeira (Porto)

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    10:30 F. Castro Sousa (Coimbra) Micro Vascular Invasion and Tumor Volume as Prognostic Factors in HCC Surgical Treatment

    10:50 A. Simo (Coimbra) Sorafenib in Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Beyond 11:10 11:20 Coffee Break

    11:20 11:40 Opening Ceremony : - -

    Session II (b)

    Liver Tumors Chairmen: - L. Chiche (Bordeaux) - A. C. Saraiva (Porto) - J. Arajo Teixeira (Porto) 11:40 J. Krissat (London, UK) Revisiting treatment modalities of HCC according to viral

    origin 12:00 L. Chiche (Bordeaux) Hepatic adenomas: which classification and which treatment?

    Session III (a)

    Liver Metastases Chairmen: - G. Mentha (Geneva) - C. Costa Almeida (Coimbra) 12:20 E. Barroso (Lisbon) How to achieve precision liver surgery in the treatment of

    colorectal liver metastases. Lessons from 1200 hepatectomies 12:40 J.Costa Maia (Porto) Synchronous Colorectal Liver Metastases: Different Strategies,

    Same Results? 13:00 G. Mentha (Geneva) Liver resection for multiple superior 7 colorectal liver

    metastases 13:20 A. Cipriano (Coimbra) Pathological Evaluation of Neoadjuvant Therapy for CRLM?

    Friend or Foe? 13:40 15:00 Lunch

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    Session III (b)

    Liver Metastases Chairmen: - G. Mentha (Geneva) - C. Costa Almeida (Coimbra) - J Araujo Teixeira 15:00 R. Adam (Villejuif) How I see the future of treatment of CR Metastases 15:20 H. Alexandrino (Coimbra) Treatment of Non Colorectal Liver Metastases: Lessons

    from a Growing Experience

    Session IV

    Liver Transplantation for malignancies Chairmen: - J. Lerut (Brussel)

    - Rui Maio ( Lisboa)

    15:40 E. Furtado (Coimbra) Role of Loco Regional Adjuvant Therapy in Transplantation for

    HCC 16:00 J. Emond (Nex York) Early liver transplantation in HCC reduces survival 16:20 J. Lerut (Brussel) Liver transplantation and HCC: new insights

    16:40 K. Zieniewicz (Warsaw) De novo malignancies after liver transplantation

    17:00 18:00 Liver Transplantation for CR Metastases -Swiss Investigative Program G. Mentha (Geneva) -French Investigative Program R. Adam (Villejuif) Discussion

    19:30 Welcome Dinner

    Saturday, May 31st, 2014

    Session V

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    Liver Transplantation Chairmen: - J. Emond (New York) - Jorge Daniel (Porto) 08:30 M. Ciardullo (Buenos Aires) Liver transplantation in children with less than 10kgs 08:50 J. Gugenheim (Nice) Metabolic syndrome and liver transplantation 09:05 E. Moreno Gonzalez (Madrid) Unusual Indications of Hepatic Transplantation 09:25 I. Astarcioglu (Izmir) Early and Late Biliary Complications After Living and Deceased

    Donor Liver Transplantation (A serie of 500 LT) 09:55 L. Graa (Porto) Evaluating Multidisciplinary Meeting Performance in HBP Oncology:

    An Ongoing Quality Assurance Project 10:10 10:40 Coffee Break

    Session VI

    Pancreas Chairmen: - R. Lapointe (Montral) - Paulo Costa (Lisboa) - Gil Gonalves(Feira) 10:40 D. Sousa Silva (Porto) Our Experience with Treatment of Cystic Pancreatic Tumors 11:00 L. Fernandez Cruz (Barcelona) Surgical Differences Between Open and

    Laparoscopic Pancreatectomy 11:20 A. Kalil (Porto Alegre) Laparoscopic Surgery of the Pancreas 11:40 B. Navez (Brussel) Spleen preserving laparoscopic pancreatectomy and

    intraoperative decision making

    Session VII

    Pancreas and Biliary Chairmen: - E. Barroso (Lisboa) - Maciel Barbosa (Gaia) - Jaime Vilaa (Porto) 12:00 N. Almeida (Coimbra) Endoscopic Necrosectomy In Acute Pancreatitis 12:20 F. Oliveira Martins (Lisbon) Surgery in Severe Acute Pancreatitis 12:40 B. Costa (Coimbra) Iatrogenic Lesions of the Biliary Tract: Lessons Learned from a

    Single Center Experience

  • 6

    13:00 J.P. Pereira (Lisbon) Surgical treatment of iatrogenic lesions of the main bile duct -

    experience of the Curry Cabral centre

    13:20 H.Marques (Lisbon) The role of portal vein resection in the surgical treatment of Klatskin tumors

    13:40 15:00 Lunch

    Session VIII

    HPB Surgery: From the past to the future Chairmen: - Henri Bismuth (Villejuif) - Bicha Castelo (Lisboa) - FJ Oliveira(Coimbra) 15:00 P. Majno (Geneva) What is new in innovation?

    15:30 O. Andriani (Buenos Aires) Innovations in Hepatic Surgery: New ideas about the old

    concepts 16:00 D. Franco (Clamart) Bioengineered Liver: how it may change Liver Surgery and Liver

    Transplantation 16:30 O. Farges (Clichy) The Surgeon: Myth or reality

    17:00 Closing


    Saturday May 31st, 2014

    At the Convention Center of Coimbra University Hospitals

    9:00 Welcoming and Introduction


    CHAIRPERSONS: - Franoise Van Hove (Paris)

  • 7

    - Maria Paula Silva (Coimbra)

    9:15 The role of advanced practice nurses in the care of the hepatobiliary/transplant patient

    (To Be Defined) 9:45 M. Faury (Villejuif) Laparoscopic operative Techniques for Right Hepatectomy for

    Disease Compared to Living Donation 10:15 Liver Surgery

    Hospital Curry Cabral - CHLC 10:45 Pediatric Liver transplant

    University Hospital of Coimbra CHUC 10:45 Coffee Break 11:15 Post Operative care of patients submitted to HBP Surgery

    University Hospital of Coimbra CHUC 11:45 N. Goutte (Paris) Clinical Research and Nurse expertise for patients with Hepato


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