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An inspiration deck on sustainable clothing initiatives developed for a global retailer, featuring slow fashion, material innovations, inspiring re-use of waste and the future of clothes.


  • 1. @Designistan_org forward fashion sustainability inspiration deck 22.11.2013
  • 2. Table of content 1 2 3 4 5 6 Slow fashion Material innovation Re-use, Re-duce, Re-cycle Labels & brand initiatives Global and local Future fashion Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org
  • 3. Table of content 1 2 3 4 5 6 Slow Fashion Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.1 C&A Design challenge
  • 4. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.1 Tend to the herd Dutch textile designer Claudy Jongstra keeps her own flock of Europes oldest breed of sheep, the Drenthe Heath sheep. The Drenthe Heat sheep do not only supply wool but also contribute to landscape preservation on the Dutch moorlands. She hopes to contribute to the survival of this age-old breed.
  • 5. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.1 Edible Fashion Conceptual edible wedding dress of rhubarb and flowers by Marjolein Wintjes, de culinaire werkplaats. A project at the cutting edge of fashion and food: an edible fashion collection which was especially designed for and during Amsterdam International fashion week. The dress can be worn once, and disposed of by eating it.
  • 6. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.1 a wearers manifesto Local Wisdom is a project originated by Dr. Kate Fletcher, Reader in Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion. The project explores resourceful practices associated with using clothes. She aims to challenge the dependency of the fashion industry on increasing material output and proposes solutions through sustained attention to tending and using garments and not just creating them. The research has accumulated into a manifesto for a garment that is: easily repaired shared between people enjoying a third, fourth of fifth life surprises you each time you wear it tells the story of how it has been used worn in ways that defy the producers values worn regularly is washable Adapt existing patterns
  • 7. material innovation Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.2
  • 8. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.2 Spray the shirt The product is an instant, spray-able, non-woven fabric. After spraying the liquid, the fabric grows itself. Applications are endless: its aesthetic appeal to hip designers all over the world, to First Aid Clothing Spray for emergency situations like floods and earthquakes to Sex toys to Auto-dressing Cabins for the elderly and the disabled. Clothing will be something you buy from a supermarket shelf and when you travel, you only need to bring some extra cans. But most importantly: you will never have to wash your clothes again the ultimate disposable material in a throwaway society? The self-sprayed clothing can be recycled by tearing it to pieces and mix it with a substance that makes the fabric liquid again.
  • 9. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.2 eco-ok manolos Step away from the Birkenstock, your green shoes have gotten a major makeover by none other than Mr. Manolo Blahnik. The sole master teamed up with Marcia Patmos (formerly of Lutz & Patmos) to create his first eco-friendly footwear collection. Made entirely from discarded reptilian skins, cork and raffia, we cant think of a chiquer way to manage your carbon footprint.
  • 10. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.2 spare parts London-based British fashion designer Rachel Freire used 3,000 nipples from a U.K. tannery as a source material for her leather garments. The nipples are from European cows slaughtered for meat in veterinarian-approved and checked slaughter houses. The designer draws attention to the excessive amount of leather that goes unused and pleads for creating art from waste. If people dont have a problem with leather, they shouldnt have a problem with these designs, Rachel Freire
  • 11. re-use re-duce re-cycle Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.3
  • 12. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.3 parachuting to fame Rather than seeking inspiration from the styles and shapes of military uniforms, London based designer Christopher Raeburn (known for his collaborations with Fred Perry) takes end of line military textiles and redeploys them in beautifully crafted mens and womens outerwear. His signature style has become the parachute fabrics which form the foundation of his collections. Although Christopher makes sustainability a priority for his brand, he says that he simply sees his approach as making the most sense. He works with fabrics that he loves and saves them from sitting in a stock room for months and eventually making their way to landfill.
  • 13. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.3 diamand, gold and bottle caps The Italian label Marni used recyclable materials for its summer 2013 Jewelery Collection with pieces made from sustainable materials such as recycled plastic bottles, flowers buds, abstract petal shape leaves and geometrical boules in vibrant hues, transparent materials and black. The necklaces and bracelets are exquisitly made, and their humble origins are a playful stab at high society.
  • 14. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.3 Couture scraps Trash Couture makes evening dresses using leftover fabric from European couture houses.
  • 15. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.3 Shredded silk Designer Sylwia Rochala uses shredded mens silk shirts, delicately layered and knotted together, to create exquisite pieces in the shamani tradition.
  • 16. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.3 turning it inside out Dutch designer Elisa Van Joolen took leftover sample stocks from popular brands like Nike, Converse, Clarks, and others, and turned the materials inside out to create new shoes for her invert Footwear collection. The designer cut out the bottom of the shoes, turned the shoes inside out, and stitched on bases from cheap sandals to turn them into new sneakers.
  • 17. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.3 speed Speedos LZR Racer suits were banned from competitive swimming, leaving them with a huge unusable stock. Designers From Somewhere snatched them up and turned them into wild dresses.
  • 18. Labels & brand initiatives Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.4
  • 19. Sustainability Inspiration Deck @Designistan_org Ch.4 honesty is the best policy Belgian designer Bruno Pieters new initiative,, is called subversive, transformational and a game changer in its approach to green design and merchandising. The site carries a collection of 56 pieces for both men and women that are made from natural and ecological fabrics sourced from around Europe, including vegan items and pieces made from recycled wool and other fabrics but beyond. It is completely transparent in its manufacturing processes as well. Under the section material information you will find the description of material used, its composition, weight, yarn or piece-dyed, the origin of the raw material, who spun it, who wove